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Overview of digital asset management - What to expect in DAM/MAM
Some insights, trends.

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Mam overview

  1. 1. Focus: ContextDigital content managementDigital content distribution and consumptionIntegration areasWeb 2.0 enablementOff focus:Media compression/de-compression techniquesEncoder/Decoder algorithms (Codecs)Container formats Slide 1
  2. 2. Digital mediaBased on perception, digital media can be:  Video content  Audio content  Images (photos)  Documents
  3. 3. Digital asset ingestion Create Collect Purchase•Media editing•Workflow for ingesting the content into repository
  4. 4. Digital asset management MetadataFaster Digital contentsearch Access repository patterns Reporting and Content Statistics Organization•Intelligent search•Mine the usage patterns•Thumbnail creation•Resource sharing and collaboration
  5. 5. Digital asset rights management Restrictions management Copyright protection Conditional Access •Authorized access •Encrypted content distribution •Player dependency
  6. 6. Digital content distributionStreaming Web Peer-Peer Server Server Distribution•Stream can be encrypted•Download and play•Client bandwidth detection•Peer-Peer can reduce burden on server
  7. 7. Digital content consumption Desktop player Mobile media Web player player•Capability to play streamed media•Server connectivity to play streamed media•Capability to play downloaded media•Capability to understand digital restrictions applied onmedia•Handset support to play media (streamed anddownloaded)
  8. 8. Digital content flow – Big picture Digital assetContent acquisition Distribution Consumption management Content Media server Repository Web Asset Video player Online Management Near line and Web APIs Security/ (Video, Music, Photos) Offline Encryption (DRM Digital content Framework) Mobile Mobile Non-DRM Adapter Video player repository Non DRM Web server (Prog. download) Content metadata Rights Widgets Management/ CAS Video player Server Web services (Web server) Various sources BSS and CRM integration services Content distribution networks Syndication
  9. 9. Blocks Web browserContent Ingestion Content management STB (Assets, Restrictions) Content delivery Slide 9
  10. 10. Media streaming  Progressive download  Download and play  Streaming Some terminology:  Broadcast  Unicast  Multicast
  11. 11. Some names Media servers FMS/FMIS on Flash player and Flash Lite 3.0  OpenIPMP  Red5  Helix  WMS  WowZa MS  VLC DRMS  FMRS  Ugly betty  Windows DRM  Helix DRM
  12. 12. Video player features that can go to DAM  Personal video recording  EPG  Playlist management  Subtitle repository  Connectivity across DAMs in different regions  Ad management  Pre-roll, Post-roll, In-stream management  Ad overlays  Timeline management
  13. 13. Web 2.0 enablement Collaboration Trackback Communication Feed generation Image hotspots Usercontribution Notifying Feed aggregation Video hotspots Community Web Rating Bookmarking DrivenAccessible Posting Voting Content syndication Forwarding Player syndication Information Creativity Sharing Sharing User Collective participation intelligence
  14. 14. Content distribution networks 10 Gbit/s network backbone and 100 Gbit/s central server capacity Vs Edge10 servers are moved to 10 strategic edge Server locations Origin Edge Server Server Edge Server
  15. 15. Trends  Social networking (Web 2.0)  Mobile consumption (Flash Lite 3)  Cloud services (WowZa MS) News and Media enterprise (Upload breaking news content)  Targeted Ads  Targeted content  User generated content  Player syndication  Content syndication  Playlist syndication