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Virtual environment


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How to choose suitable virtual environment for your organization

Published in: Technology
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Virtual environment

  1. 1. Virtual Environment A preliminary analysis and feasibility study Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  2. 2. Leading Virtual Technology providers VMWare Virtualized or remote desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform and support end users with access to all of their desktops and applications through a single unified workspace. Citrix Providing a complete, flexible solution that delivers Windows applications and desktops to any user on any device while keeping valuable information locked down in the datacenter. Microsoft Run Windows desktops and applications anywhere, scale quickly to meet changing business needs and safeguard your sensitive corporate resources with Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization solution. Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  3. 3. Virtual Solution Highlights Flexibility Ease of maintenance increase security Reduced costs Reduce power consumption Improving performance Improve Operation Efficiency Improve Endpoint Data protection Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  4. 4. What we required….? Cost effective solution Performance improvement Dedicated Desktop environment User Friendliness Resources sharing Minimal power consumption Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  5. 5. Choose right combination Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  6. 6. VMware ESX Server VMWare VDI Citrix Desktop Virtualization VMWare & Citrix Combination 10.20.XX Cisco and Citrix virtualization MS Hyper V Virtualization Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  7. 7. VMware ESX Server 10.20.XX
  8. 8. VMware ESX Server Licence VMWare VDI 10.13.XX VMWare & Citrix Combination 10.20.XX MS Hyper V VMware View Manager- Session broker. Virtual manager Citrix VD Citrix VDI-in-a-Box Appliance Hosted shared desktops (XenApp) Host and Guest OS licence Host and Guest OS licence VMware On server infra Citrix on client side Host server with OS licence One host licence free with every data center licence Can host unlimited guest OS Guest OS licence Host server with OS licence App - Virtualization Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  9. 9. Redundancy Design - MS -Virtualization OS - W-Data center OS - W-Data center Guest 1 Windows XP Guest 2 Windows 7 Guest 3 Linux Hyper-V OS - W-Data center Guest 4 IOS Guest 5 Windows 10 Clustered Hyper-V Compiled by Ragesh Nair
  10. 10. VDI Build your future on Virtualization Compiled by Ragesh Nair