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Improvement kata


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My experimentation with Kata

Published in: Business
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Improvement kata

  1. 1. My experimentation with Improvement Kata Improvement Kata By R Ragavendra Prasath
  2. 2. Improvement Kata - Basics Courtesy: Mike Rother & Toyota Kata
  3. 3. Awesome Courtesy: Freepik / Vectors market at NextNow 1. Not meeting the SLAs (or) 2. Ticket closure takes long duration i.e. 25 days 1. Start granular estimation 2. Know your skills 3. All in one ticket • Reduce the aging from 25 to 15 days • Meeting the SLA Obstacles Metrics 1. Domain / product knowledge with a person 2. Testing team availability 1. No of improvements / initiatives taken 2. Outcome of each initiative 3. Reduction in aging for the new tickets
  4. 4. Disclaimer ▪ All the slides given here are for information purposes only. Not for commercial. ▪ Created for the benefit of the Agile / Users as a contribution to the society. ▪ Used under Creative Common License and Flaticon Basic License ▪ Inspiration from Henrik Kniberg – Lean & Agile slides ▪ Inspiration from Mike Rother – Toyota Kata esp. Improvement Kata