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Idea 2 product


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Ideation to product process

Published in: Business
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Idea 2 product

  1. 1. The Lean Way Idea to Product By R Ragavendra Prasath
  2. 2. My identity ▪ R Ragavendra Prasath ▪ ▪ Husband, Son, Friend, Student, Employee, Volunteer and Chocolate Enthusiast…!
  3. 3. Idea Generation Prioritization Customer Development Hackathon Market needs Customer requests Survey reports Design thinking approach (Customer empathy) Using Pugh Matrix or Cause & Effects Analysis Identifying the features & Revenue model Creating Hypothesis (Customer persona) Customer Dvlp. Survey MVP-1 or MMF-1 Agile S/w Dvlp (Asking Letter of Intent or Early payment) Identifying Affordable lossConsidering 1. Who we are 2. What we know 3. Whom we know MVP-2 or MMF-2 Customer Validation User feedback User feedback PMF Do things that don’t scale * Metrics may vary for each phase of the activity * * Do things that don’t scale at each stage
  4. 4. Hypothesis framework We believe that (building this feature) (for these people) will achieve (this outcome) We will know we are successful when we see (this signal from the market) Courtesy: Jeff Gothelf’s template for hypothesis-driven development
  5. 5. Do things that don’t scale ▪ Original - ▪ Infographic -
  6. 6. Disclaimer ▪ All the slides given here are for information purposes only. Not for commercial. ▪ Created for the benefit of the Agile / Users as a contribution to the society. ▪ Used under Creative Common License.