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  1. 1. wiseGEEKclear answers for common questionsFeedback About wiseGEEK LoginCategory:Environment▼What is a Hoki?AdChoicesFish RecipeFish SpeciesFish TypeFish SalmonFish Fresh FrozenFisheryFilets Hoki. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshowAdChoicesAquarium Fish LiveCooking FishBaked Cod FishFish Salt WaterEat FishSkin Eating FishFollow @wiseGEEKArticle Details
  2. 2. Written By: S.E. Smith Edited By: Bronwyn Harris Last Modified Date: 22 February 2013 Copyright Protected: 2003-2013 Conjecture CorporationFree Widgets for your Site/BlogDid You Know?About 20% of Americans dont use the Internet. more...get widgetThis Day in HistoryMarch 14 , 1942 : Penicillin was first successfully used to treat a patient. more...get widgetSubscribe to wiseGEEKLearn something new every day More Info... by email enter email adHoki is a type of fish in the hake family, found off the coasts of New Zealand and Australia. Thefish are known by a number of other names, including blue grenadiers, blue hake, whiptails,whiptail hake, and New Zealand whiting. The fish have dense white flesh that is rich in omega-3acids, making it a good dietary choice. Studies have also suggested that this type of fish is areasonably environmentally sustainable choice for consumers who are concerned about fisherymanagement.The fish tend to live in the middle depths of the water, and they feed on small crustaceans.Larger fish species as well as humans find hoki quite acceptable food, but the fish reproduce inlarge numbers, so the population stays relatively stable. They also mature very rapidly, growingto a size of up to 47 inches (120 centimeters). These factors were considered when the hokifishery was evaluated for sustainability, along with other issues like fishing techniques andaccepted practices on fishing boats.In appearance, the fish have long wedge shaped bodies that become narrower at the tail, withslim fins and a blue-green to silver color pattern. Their eyes are quite large, and the fish alsohave the classic protruding jaw associated with many hake and cod. The large eyes make the fishappear perpetually startled, and they are probably quite useful in the murky waters that the fishfavor. The scientific name for the fish is Macruronus novazelandiae.AdChoices Every Pound Lost Is A Positive Step Choose S-recipes™ For QuickWeight Loss Made Easy. Results www.s-recipes.comCara Beli Jus Mate 5 Order Produk Jus Mate 5 TULEN Dari Wakil Pengedar Sah HPMASLI Sekarang
  3. 3. www.drHPM.comPotty Train Your Dog Within 6 days, your dog will never pee and poop inside again - ever.Fast Learn more about PD and read about other peoples experiencesDiagnosis Parkinsons? www.parkinsons-voices.euHow To Lose Weight Using Herbalife Shakes And Personal Coach. Register Now...Fast New Zealand, hoki comprise the largest commercial fish species. Because of the high volumeof catch, the fishery is closely monitored to ensure that the fish are not being excessivelyexploited. Although the population appears to be stable, some concerns have been raised aboutbycatch and dumping related to the industry. By aggressively managing the fishery, the NewZealand government hopes to keep them sustainable and economically viable, though severalinternational agencies have raised concerns about hokis sustainability.This fish is typically available frozen, as it does not keep well otherwise. It can be used incooking just like hake or cod would be. The dense flesh holds up very well to saute and grilling,and it may also be baked or steamed. The flavor is mild and slightly sweet and will pair well witha wide assortment of sauces and vegetables.AdChoices Quality seafood supplier in SG. Establised since 2003.The Fish Net Leader in Acne, Scars, Pigmentation Skin Treatment. Consult doctorKL Acne & Pigment now.Clinic Jika Anda Belum Berkahwin. Suami Isteri Je. Klik Utk Info.Tolong Jangan Klik Over 250 Pet Supplies Guaranteed to Turn Heads. Promotional SaleDog Training in MY Now. www.Qoo10.myRelated VideosAdChoicesAbout FishFeed Fish MachineFish FoodFish How ToRelated wiseGEEK ArticlesWhat Is a Blue Cod?What Is Hake?What are Some Animals in New Zealand?
  4. 4. What is a Crappie?What is a Basa Fish?What is a Parrotfish?What is the Evolutionary History of Fish?AdChoices Global trading house - focus on Shrimp, Halibut, Cod, APO, RedfishFrozen seafood Here is a Prayer For You This Prayer Can Change Your Life.Jesus Loves You Quit smoking in 1 hypnotic session. Be healthy. Call 012 3300413Quit Smoking 1 Session now.KL Replace painful, slippery dentures with FixedTeeth & change yourSay Goodbye to Dentures life! www.SmileCentre.inDiscuss this Article God is not Austin, Christian or a Jew. God is non denominational. Do you think God involves himself on the petty human disputes as here on earth? Religions are a human construct -- all of themanon318949Post 60 Eat what you like. It doesnt make any difference and if you follow closely the teachings of a religion to the point of rejecting certain foods because you think it stops you from getting to heaven, then youre not living your life. Youre simply waiting to die. --Martin R. @WilliB: "Who gets to decide which God is right?" You do, actually. Its up to you to decide. but the preceding step is probably something along the lines of why should you care if there is a God or not. The answer to that question is the same as if you sought to answer: "Where did we come from and why?" The Big Bang theory is progressing further and further but too many scientistsanon144200 avoid asking why it happened, and instead focus on how.Post 58 We can trace back the big bang phenomenon as far as we can possibly imagine however it still doesnt answer why. If I said "God did it" most peoples first response is who made God then? Perfectly logical if you ignore God to be a being that has always existed. So wheres the middle of infinity? People will bring up reasons to why they should not believe/do not have to believe
  5. 5. in a God such as "if God is such a loving God, why would he let xyz happen?" I have never met a person who has asked this and sought out to answer it for themselves. they only ask it to convince themselves in poor deductive logic that they need not believe in any God. I cant convince you that my God is the right God for the same reason that I cant describe what red looks like to person who has never seen it before. We are all after the same thing really: the truth about where we came from, why and where we are going. Essentially you only have two choices; to believe in something, or believe in nothing (Nihilism). Whoever does or does not eat kosher is not immortal or is not spared from aging oranon132165 ailments so if you like something, eat it. but just do it in limits and you will die aPost 57 peaceful death.Related FisheryTopics Filets @anon44805: Do you think the Hindu gods agree with your statement that cows areWilliB "made of steak"?Post 56 Who gets to decide which God is right? Wow I just came to find out what Hoki was. I never knew people did or didnt eatanon115686 skin or scale fish for religious reasons or otherwise. As a vegetarian I dont eat anyPost 55 of the things mentioned here - Im so not used to be the uncomplicated one!anon105862 @anon44812: here is your information from? Common tuna and salmon both havePost 54 scales. There is a particular tuna called the dogtooth tuna which has no scales. AdChoices Smoked Fish Fillet Fish Fish Omega 3 Batter Fried Fish Fishing Red Fishanon96777 God does not make you do what he wants. people are grown and are able to makePost 52 their on decisions, so leave God out of it. To anon69728 who thinks he understands the atheists thought process, you are completely wrong. Unlike religious people, our beliefs are truly our own and not influenced by others the way yours are. You are completely brainwashed by a cult belief system with no basis in fact and you believe it simply because your parents,anon87327 siblings and neighbors are all sheep and believe it, too.Post 50 Secondly, your argument that atheists are stupid because all we have to do is be religious all our lives and hedge our bets just in case were wrong, then in heaven we can say "whew, glad i covered my butt on that one!" How silly! Why dont you
  6. 6. believe unicorns created the universe then just in case? Then when we die and the unicorn superbeings pierce you with their mighty horns because you didnt believe I will laugh and say I told you so. So get busy believing and following all the possible crazy crap out there that people believe because you never know and youve got to cover all the possibilities just in case. Have a fun life. Thank you for the information i have been looking for other names for a few of myanon82442 favorite fruits and vegetables since i moved from NZ to USA and had recentlyPost 49 added hoki to the list since most of the time its my favorite fish to fry.Related FiletsTopics Fisheryanon76977 I have always known that half the population were below average intelligence, butPost 48 Im astonished at the number of ignorant, religiously oriented comments here.anon70345 Hoki has no scales because it resides in the sunless depths of the Pacific.Post 47 AdChoices Go Fish Fish Keep Cooking Recipe Fish Sandwich Tuna Recipe Recipes There is more "nastiness" done in the name of religion than eating (goddess forbid)anon69752 a "skin" fish. Those worried about kosher should keep in mind all thePost 46 slaughterhouse mistreatment of animals, yes even in a kosher slaughterhouse. Eat the damn fish and be happy you have food.Related FisheryTopics Filets Religion needs to die! Eat whatever you want. Just keep in mind the unhealthy aspects of what youre eating, such as tuna with the high levels of mercury.anon69734Post 45 Personally, if you are religious, if a book written decades after this guy named Jesus died makes you have to choose what foods to eat, you are all full of crap! someone said..."Listening to this about bible, kosher, skin, scales etc. is another reason to be an atheist!" Interesting how many atheists base their beliefs on someone they never met. They never met any of the people who claim something is true/not true according toanon69728 God/the Bible and base their whole non-belief system on a fallible human.Post 44 Christians base their belief system on an infallible God. (And some christians are very fallible and that is why we need a savior who died on the cross to pay for our sins!) And if there is not a God, nor heaven/hell and we all go to the same nothingness
  7. 7. when we die, then what does it matter what you believe while alive? Hitler and an innocent child dying at birth all go to the same nothingness. An atheist cannot even say I told you so if he is right, but, if there is a God and heaven and hell, then the Christian can say "I told ya so!", though not happily as it will be too late for the atheist after death. Hoki might be kosher. If it is like Mahi, then it is. Mature Mahi have no scales,anon69647 however, they do when young. Rabbinical sources have therefore declared thatPost 43 Mahi is kosher. AdChoices Australia Fish High Recipe Dried Fish My Fish Fish Fry Hoki is Kosher. the full list of kosher fish can be found at the Kashrut authority from Australia.anon69536Post 41 Hoki is Kosher. For a moment I started feeling guilty, because we consume a lot in this household especially for gefilte fish. Cheers Raoulanon69102 Of course Hoki is not kosher.Post 40 Yes! God is interested in what we eat as well as what we drink or anything that we do. 1Corinthians 10:31 says we should do it all for the glory of God.anon67728 The Bible is specific as to what is we should eatPost 37 (fins and scales). It hasnt changed. Peters vision in Acts 10 was referring to people not food. To the Atheist: Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings do not change God nor His laws.Related FisheryTopics Filetsanon66561 Glad to see everyone is so passionate about their diets!Post 36 good riddance on whether the hoki fish can or cannot be eaten. so the saying goes, you are what you eat. take for example catfish or shrimp who do not have fins and scales but are bottom dwelling.anon66419 i for one do not want to eat something that sits in mud (catfish) and eats poop,Post 35 leftovers, and who knows what else (shrimp). if you think you can eat whatever you want and dont go by whether a fish as fins and scales and a animal has a cloven hoof and chews cud, then why not just eat people. people obviously dont have fins/scales and dont have a cloven hoof/chew cud. and no, i am not a cannibal.anon66404 Hoki is not kosher!Post 34 AdChoices
  8. 8. Food Recipe Easy Lunch Recipe Fishing Charter Shark Recipe Seafood Catfish Bait Recipeanon66260 Hoki is the fish McDonalds uses in their fish sandwiches!Post 33anon58283 i love fillet o fish so keep using that hoki!Post 30 Hoki have scales for a while but lose them as they get older. So unless you actually see the fish caught during the period it does have the scales then Id say youanon55974 probably better count it as a fish without scales just to feel assured.Post 29 Since most people never see the fish caught, theres no way of knowing whether it had already lost its scales or not before it was caught.Related FisheryTopics Filetsanon46426 Listening to this about bible, kosher, skin, scales etc. is another reason to be anPost 27 atheist!kfish Hoki is *not* kosher.Post 24anon44977 Is it a kosher fish or not? please say yes or no.Post 23Related FiletsTopics Fisheryanon44965 This is all so stupid. We all have *way* too much time on our hands.Post 22 In the New Covenant of grace, the Bible is far more concerned with how much we eat than what we eat. Physical appetites are an analogy of our ability to controlanon44939 ourselves. If we are unable to control our eating habits, we are probably also unablePost 21 to control other habits such as those of the mind (lust, covetousness, unrighteous hatred/anger) and unable to keep our mouths from gossip or strife. We are not to let our appetites control us; rather, we are to control them. AdChoices Fish Mercury Fish List Sustainable Cod Fillet Recipe Course Fish Management Fish Human Hoki is Hake and must (Like almost all fish ) be inspected for black parasite infection. Other than that they are checked two times before they are available Yesanon44896 they are a scaley skin fish but this means they are better eatin. I help process thePost 20 McDonalds fish along with millions of pounds of Hoki(Hake/ Whiting) for America in Washinton. They even smell good before they are cooked. HAHRelated FiletsTopics Fishery
  9. 9. Scale fish is safer than skin fish because the skin fish was created to be a scavenger to clean the ocean. God is the creator and He knows whats the best for us. If you are the creator of a machine that can be fueled by gasoline, is it okay if others put aanon44841 diesel or different kind of fuel in it? if its fuel is gasoline then put gasoline, if itsPost 19 fuel is diesel then put diesel. God give us the scale fish not the skin fish. not everything you can eat is food, you can eat rat killer bait but it can cause you to poisoned. Well, I am glad to have learned that Hoki reproduce in large numbers *and* mature quickly. If a fishing moratorium were placed on this species, it would be short lived. Unfortunately while the population regenerated (exponentially, mind you) mass fishing for less regenerative species would be required.anon44822 With regard to you devout/orthodox religious souls, let me say that while IPost 18 commend your personal devotion, please refrain from using this forum as a tool to propagate your personal opinion, and yes religion is a personal opinion/belief. I hold my own beliefs, and will not look down on others because they dont *act* according to my *opinion*.anon44817 Is there something wrong with me if I think "skin fish" sounds like a euphemism forPost 16 something else?Related FisheryTopics Filets i think that all you who are worried about skin fish or scale fish -- a fish is a fish. look-- i live in southern louisiana and we eat both skin and scale. we eat red fishanon44812 that is a scale fish and we eat cat fish that is a skin fish. this is to all of yall who eatPost 15 tuna --that is a skin fish -- or salmon or even ling -- they are all skin fish. so yall need to not worry. you wont get hurt if you eat a skin fish because 90 percent of the fish you eat in restaurants is skin fish. If God didnt want us to eat cows, He wouldnt have made them out of steak. If Godanon44805 didnt want us to eat hoki, He wouldnt have made them out of McDonalds Filet-O-Post 14 Fish! No one questions the wisdom of a parent when they tell their children to not touch the hot stove yet we love to doubt the validity of God telling us that somethings are harmful to us and we would be better off going without. There are poisonous mushrooms that look similar to good ones yet the difference is life and death. "Garbage in-garbage out" is universally acknowledged fact in regards to computers, and "you are what you eat" is widely recognized as worthwhile wisdom foranon44795 humans. Scavengers are the earths wastebasket and sewer processing plants. I dontPost 12 eat out of my sewer nor do I eat the animals that eat that stuff either. Cows have like four stomachs while chickens have a gizzard. Some animals have healthier menus and are healthier on the menu while the animals that God has declared "clean" to eat invariably have biological features that aid in their being better for us. God loves us and wants us to be happy; oddly enough He somehow thinks that wed be happier if we were healthier. What do you think?Related FisheryTopics Filets
  10. 10. anon44794 Does the fish have scales?Post 11anon44789 This is the fish McDonalds uses! Yummy!Post 10 with respect to anon40377s post, research shows fish with fins and scales are generally safer for humans to eat; scavengers, etc. - not so safe. Many individualsanon44784 make dietary decisions based on health and other factors - not because theyrePost 9 bound by anything; its all about choice; and btw, taste is a matter of preference whether kosher or not.Related FiletsTopics Fishery The scaled or scaleless thing is strictly a religious thing imposed on people belivinganon44778 in a certain religious faith. their loss. What is funny is all your McDonalds filet ofPost 8 fish sandwiches are made with hoki fish, so how many of these religious types have eaten them? A skin fish should not be eaten because the Lord said so. Thats all I have, but its the most important (to me). He made us so Hes the expert. Their meat must be notanon44772 be able to process any toxic substances it eats. Like a chicken can eat almostPost 7 anything and will filter it out before it hits the meat, a pig will eat a rat and three hours later you can have it as ribs on your plate.anon44771 Is this fish kosher or not?Post 6Related FisheryTopics Filets Regarding the "skin fish" thing, Im guessing anon11975 is concerned whether oranon40377 not the fish is kosher. If it comes from the water and has fins and scales its kosher,Post 5 but if it doesnt have fins and scales its not. Luckily for those of us not bound by kosher restrictions, non-kosher can still be tasty. I had smoked Hoki today for lunch.anon38563 It was delicious. I was so intrigued that I Googled Hoki and ended up here.Post 4 Why shouldnt skinned fish be eaten? I too am intrigued by the posting. You say it is the same as a Blue Grenadier, but the shop where I bought BG lastanon36506 week had a different looking fillet in the next tray, called Hoki. The Hoki wasPost 3 thinner and had smaller "leaves" than the Blue G.Related FiletsTopics Fisheryanon25712 Why shouldnt skin fish should be eaten?Post 2 It is very important to many that what a fish looks like should be stated. In otheranon11975 words, "is it a skin fish?" or does it have scales? (very important to those of us whoPost 1 do not eat skin fish) I believe "HOKI" is a skin fish and thus should not be eaten, but it is not clearly stated whether it is or not. Thank you.Post your comments
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