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Gml december


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Gml december

  1. 1. My Dear Rotarians, Christmas Greetings to all the Rotarians. Another 30 days! And the year 2012 is gone. Nowis the time for all the Rotarians in the district to evaluate themselves of the goals that have been set andwhat had been achieved. Should we not strive to be on the tracks and rectify any shortcomings ? Letus fulfill our commitment and financial obligations to the Rotary Foundation. We should realize theimportance of setting goals not only in Rotary, but in our vocation also. Goals that are high butachievable! Accepting a challenge helps us to find out what we are capable of. The month of December is celebrated as Rotary Family Month. Being a Rotarian means notneglecting our family. It is ‘FAMILY FIRST’ always. Fulfilling the needs of our family should be thefirst priority. Unless you keep your family happy you cannot be happy in Rotary. Think of making allyour family members become Rotarians. This will help us to conduct more activities. Remember thata ‘peaceful family is a peaceful community’. November month saw me continuing my official Club visits. And what joy and satisfactionand a sense of achievements after seeing the various activities the clubs in our district are doing.Nellore and Bellary Revenue Zones have been completed during the month of November. Myappreciation to all Rotarians for their active participation in Rotary. Special Thanks for Rotarians andRotary Clubs who have promised to donate to the Rotary Foundation. I would like to see that eachand every Rotarian and Rotary Club participate in giving to the Rotary Foundation, irrespective ofthe amount. I also attended The Rotary Institute ‘NAMASTHE HYDERABAD’ during the course of themonth. Rotary Institute as a platform current, incoming and past R.I. Officers are updated with R.I.and Rotary Foundation programs and policies. It is a forum for Rotary Leaders to make commentsand recommendations to the B.O.D. It is a wonderful learning experience and fellowship for current,past and future Governors. Remember, Institutes are informational meetings with no administrativeauthority. The countdown has begun for this year’s mega program namely, the 29th district Conference‘VISHWA SHANTHI’ at Tirupathi on the 2nd & 3rd February 2013. Letters have already been sent toall the Presidents, Secretaries and District officers and the response for the registrations is ‘EXCEL-LENT’.M.V.N. Prabhu, Dist. Governor Secretariat : RI District 3160, 4/96, Nehru Road, PRODDATUR - 516 360. Kadapa Dt. A.P. Mobile : +91 9059642777, e-mail :
  2. 2. Dear fellow Rotarians, The year 2012 is nearly gone, and we have reached the midpoint of this Rotary year. It is time to take stock of the goals we have set for ourselves,and the progress we have made toward them. Are we on track to achieve what we set out to accomplish? I am a great believer in the importance of settinggoals that are high but realistic. A worthwhile goal should be within your reach but still require you to stretch. Opening yourself to a new challenge helpsyou find out what you are really capable of – which may well be more than you think.On 1 July, we will embark on our newest challenge as an organization: the full rollout of the Future Vision Plan, the new grant model for our RotaryFoundation. We in Rotary have set for ourselves a simple and vital goal: to do the most good we can with all the resources we have. To do this, we willbe working to reduce overhead; to improve accountability, transparency, and local control; and to focus our service more intensely in the areas wherewe know we can have the most impact. With Future Vision, we will implement a simplified grant structure that will encourage Rotarians to serve in oursix areas of focus: peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basiceducation and literacy, and economic and community development. These are areas in which Rotarians around the world have already been working formany years, and in which we have experience and a track record of project sustainability.Sustainability will be a major focus under Future Vision, as we shift our emphasis to long-term, high-impact projects. Simply put, a sustainable projectis one that will continue to benefit the world even after Rotary funding ends. The ultimate example of a sustainable project, of course, is polio eradication:When polio is gone, the good that we have done will continue forever, centuries after the last polio vaccine is given. And the lessons we have learned fromPolioPlus are universal. A truly sustainable project requires an emphasis on planning and cooperation, a long-term perspective, and an approach thatconsiders community members as partners in our service, not passive recipients.Embracing Future Vision means embracing a more ambitious view of Rotary – one in which we work to address major issues in a serious, lasting way.It is a new way of thinking about our service, and an approach that I believe will lead to a Foundation more capable than ever of Doing Good in the World.Dear Rotary Leaders,Greetings!As I pen my thoughts for December, I suddenly realised that the first half of the Rotary year is nearing its end. Time seems to just fly past! I spent many long hours with the Hyderabad Institute Organising Committee and hope that all of you that were there, enjoyed the experience. Ifyou did – the credit goes to PDG Ravi Vadlamani and his Organising Committee. They worked tirelessly to ensure that you received value for your moneyand effort to come all the way for NAMESTE HYDERABAD. The October Board Meeting took place in the 3rd week of October and several decisions were debated at length particularly those pertaining tothe 2013 Council on Legislation. This time 75% of the delegates to the council are first time attendees and we look forward to some significant proposalsthat will take our organisation forward. I do hope that the seminar for the COL delegates has prepared you well in understanding the complexities at thecouncil and sharpened your ability to make crisp and clear presentations to the delegates.November has seen several districts select their DGNs for 2015-16 under the DGN selection pilot and have had their share of bumps and hiccups inimplementing the pilot. December will see most of the remaining districts through the process. Let me assure you, this was expected and I am certainthat the second year of the pilot with several suggestions for modification that has been received will be a smoother ride! I once again seek yourcooperation and understanding.While all of us give so much of our time to Rotary we need to spend time with our families as well, and very aptly December has been emphasised as“Family Month”- It is a vacation time for many who choose to spend their New Year Eve in faraway exotic resorts or some like me who stay at home withthe family. Whatever you choose have a wonderful holiday and unwind with your family and friends.Happy Holidays! Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.- Swami Vivekananda
  3. 3. Childrens Day Celebration by RC Guntakal Conducted free orthopedic Camp 250 Patients were Tree Plantation by RC Kadapa Central examined and given free medicine by RC Tadipatri6 Sewing Machines were distributed at Navjeevana Distribution of Prizes to winners in Essay Competition Childrens Day Celebrated at Saraswathi ShishuSchool to poor deaf and Dump Girls by Rc Nandyal on Childrens Day by RC Jammalamadugu Mandir School at Kurnool by RC Kurnool New CityDonation of ceiling Fans toAided Jr. College by Childrens Day Celebration conducted by RC Nandyal Book and Pens distributed to poor students by RC Bethamcherla Mid Town RC HiriyurPresident D.K. Viswanathan and D.G. Rtn. MVN DG M.V.N. Prabhu visited Rotary Club of Koppal Falicitation Programme Conducted byPrabhu honouring PHF M.Hanumantha Rao by on 18 Nov 2012 RC Davanagere, Vidyanagar Rc Sandur Blood Donation Camp Conducted by Donated LCD 32” TV to Rotary Bhavan Orthopeadic Camp on 18th Nov 2012 by RC Holalkere RCChitradurga Wind Mill City Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders,and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. .- Swami Vivekananda
  4. 4. PDG Shambulingappa Inaugurating membership National Flag Rally Conducted on 14th Nov Distribution of Play Material for Primary school orientation meet by RC Chitradurga Fort Children’s Day by RCGuntakal Children by Rc RayachotyChildren’s Day celebrations at Gandhiji Elementary Felicitation Programme conducted by Best Enterpreneur by RC Cotton City Raichur School by RC Navanandi Nandyal RC Chitradurga FREE IOL CAMP CONDUCTED by RC AIDS awareness program on World AIDS day in Scholorship Given to Meritorious Student on Dharmavaram Mid Town assosiation with Health Department by RC Humnabad Governors Official Visit by RC Nellore DG MVN Prabhu OFFICIAL VISIT to Eye Camp at Mogalluru Village on 04-11-2012 Amount is donated to an orphan home Viswa Sullurpet by RC Sullurpet by RC Nellore Janani Bala sadan, Rajupalem Village, by Rc NelloreFree Eye Camp Conducted by RC Proddatur Free Health Camp Conducted by RC Proddatur Free Eye Camp Conducted by RC ProddaturNeither money pays, nor name, lead bynor learning;people over the can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties..- Swami Vivekananda You don’t nor fame, hitting it is CHARACTER that head … That’s assault, not Leadership
  5. 5. Why is Rotary Changing its Grant Model ? Howard long, a Rotary public image coordinator and a past district governor, talked about the benefits of The Rotary Foundation’s new grantmodel, which was launched in July 2010. The new grant model has many advantages. District grants enable clubs to use Rotary Foundation funds to directly serve their communityhowever they see fit, in line with the Foundation’s mission. Global grants help Rotary clubs and districts partner with one another on large serviceprojects, while packaged grants provide opportunities for Rotarians to work with the Foundation’s strategic partners.In addition, the new grant model offers;Simplified processes : Rotarians will be able to apply for, obtain, view the progress of, and complete transactions for their grants online - all strongaspects of the grant model’s efficiency.More collaboration : Districts and clubs are encouraged to share their expertise and work together on critical issues. For example, a pilot project bydistricts 9940 (New Zealand) and 9550 (parts of Australia and Timor-Leste) will improve the quality of life for people in Timor- Leste who face lifethreatening illnesses.Better stewardship : A memorandum of understanding for grant projects confirms that the right procedures and reporting processes are in place toensure that best practices are followed.Increased contributions: Donors who can see the return on their investment are inspired to make more contributions. For example, District 9940 (NewZealand) has experienced a 40 percent increase in Rotary Foundation giving since it began participating in the Future Vision pilot.Greater impact : Rotarians can find opportunities for sustainable international projects Centered on the areas of focus. For example, a club can use a global grant to send a vocational training team to provide health care training to acommunity in another IP country, and enable a team of health care workers from the recipient club to travel to the sending club for further training.The Rotary Foundation’s new Future Vision grant model is currently being tested in a pilot and will become available to all districts in July 2013. Rotary Foundation Givings EREY QUESTION: What are the specifics of the Every Rotarian Every Year program and the Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member program? EXPLANATION: Under the EREY programme, every Rotarian is expected to contribute at least $100 annually to the Rotary Foundation. A sustaining member is one who commits to contributing at least $100 to the Foundation annually. Clarifying that further, in order to qualify for EREY your club must first achieve a per capita of at least $100. You can do that easily if for example you have 20 members and 2 of them contribute $1,000 each to become PHFs. So at $2,000/20 members, you have already achieved the per capita requirement of $100. But does not entitle you yet to become an EREY club. In an EREY club, all members must be contributing and the per capita should atleast be $100 (Which has already been achieved in this case). The 18 other members must contribute as well and it can even be less than $100 as long as they contribute and achieve the per capita requirement.THE PRESIDENTIAL CITATION RECOGNIZES ROTARY CLUBS Procedure Clubs are asked to complete the following form to assess their accomplishments this year. In order to qualify for a citation, clubs must meet thePresidential Challenge and complete one required activity, along with at least three additional activities, in each of the thre e categories listed. Unlessotherwise specified, all activities must be undertaken and completed between 1 July and 31 March of the 2012-13 Rotary year. Clubs should completethe form and send it to the district governor no later than 31 March.2012-13 Presidential Citation for Rotaract Clubs Clubs that meet the Presidential Challenge and carry out at least four of the eight activities listed in the menu below will qu alify for the 2012-13Presidential Citation. All activities must be undertaken and completed between 1 July 2012 and 31 March 2013. The sponsor Rotary club president shouldreview and sign the completed form to certify the Rotaract club’s achievement, then send it to the district governor. The district governor must receiveit no later than 31 March 2013.Meet at least twice each month.Ensure that each club member is assigned a specific role, either as a club leader or as a member of a committee or project team. • Participate in at leastone local project that serves the community. • Collaborate with a Rotaract club in another country on an international service effort. • Participate in aproject or fundraiser to support one of Rotary’s areas of focus • 3 Use social networking to increase awareness of Rotary and Rotaract among youngadults in the community. • Participate in professional development activities that enhance club members’ ability to compete in the job market. •Organize a discussion or workshop on ethical business practices and professional standards that involves Rotarians, Rotaractors, young professionals,and business leaders as speakers, facilitators, and attendees. Purity, patience, and perseverance are the three essentials to success, and above all- love. .- Swami Vivekananda
  6. 6. In the Place of existing President, New President for year 2012-13 for Rotary club Challakere is elected Name : Rtn. R. Thippeswamy DOB : 10-08-1976 Spouse : Smt. Saroja DOM : 18th March Address : C/o. Dr. L.S. Veeresh, Basaveshwara Clinic, A.G. Road, Challakere Mobile : 09900897918, 08496043159 CORRIGENDUM IN DIRECTORY 2012-13New Address ofRtn. G.B. Siddappa, Zonal T.B. Control Co-ordinatorAddress :D.No. 5676/12,Sunanda, 1st Main, 1st CrossVinayaka Extension, DAVANERE - 577005. Ph. 09448924634FROM THE DESK OF THE VICE-CHAIRMANDear Leaders of leaders dedicated to Peace thru service, Iam Glad to inform you that the Govt. of India has decided to conduct the next NIDs for Pulse Polio Immunization on20th January and 24th February, 2013; Please don’t take this as one more Pulse Polio programme. This is the time for you to get prepared for the big Polio event of the year. You arefortunate to be playing the END GAME OF POLIO ERADICATION. With no Polio case in India for over 22 months, the countdown has started for declaringIndia Polio Free. It is important for us to ensure that immunization activities, advocacy initiatives, spreading awareness and partnership with stakeholders are reinforced in the coming days. NIDs in January and February that cover almost 175 Million children across the entire length and breadth ofthe country must be successful to make a positive start for Keeping India Polio free through 2013-14.‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’ Did you say complacency is threatening the programme? The fact that we are up against a very tenacious, malicious and lethal virus that has re-emerged often with a vengeance after nearing its end doesn’t let us afford laxity or complacence. We can’t let our guards down until and unless Polio iscompletely eradicated. Therefore we must carry on with more vigour, strength and perseverance. Simply put, we have to be on our guard as long as thePolio virus exists anywhere in the world. [Our neighbour Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria have them in plenty] The virus will try and find new pasturesfor then-survival and they will strike at will if we don’t protect the vulnerable, particularly those with poor immunity.‘It is not over until it is over everywhere.’ All power is within you; you can do anything and everything. .- Swami Vivekananda
  7. 7. Eradicating a disease is very hard to do—so hard that it’s only been done once in the history of the world. But the world is coming together with thefinancial resources, the political commitment, and the innovation necessary to do something absolutely extraordinary, to protect every child everywherefrom this preventable disease. When we succeed, the disease will be gone, but the lessons we learned from this fight will remain. We will be able to buildon them to vaccinate more children aganist more diseases and save millions more lives, to mobilize more countries to donate to global health, and toinspire more heads of state to put development at the top of their list of priorities. And you are creating History by eradicating a disease for the second time.In this context, now is the time to remind Rotarians in India THE DELHI COMMITMENT: made during polio summit 2012, New Delhi.We Rotarians in India Commit• To vigorously pursue our incessant efforts hand in hand with governments and other organizations towards eradication of Polio and seek the help of one and all to reach out to every child of the prescribed age to get Polio drops and to achieve the benchmark of a certified Polio free world.• To strengthen the routine immunization so that every childjborn receives thexequired doses of Polio Vaccine at regular intervals.• To engage in the service of humanity with all resources at our command to ensure a Polio free world.• To support the Rotarians of the Polio endemic countries to seek Polio free status for their respective countries.• To continue our collaboration with renewed spirit with the governments and our partners agencies to redeem our pledge to the children of the world to give them a Polio free world. “Delhi Commitment” is not just a piece of paper; it is an honour that we have to keep. I look forward to every Rotarian to carry forward the “DelhiCommitment” to its logical conclusion of a POLIO FREE WORLD.The critical issues are well defined:• Fighting complacency/fatigue in the wake of zero cases and removing the perception that the threat of virus is no more.• Achieving 100% Immunization coverage with focus on improving the coverage in high-risk communities and migratory populations.• Strengthening Routine Immunization coverage• Bridging the funding gap through contributions from every potential source Routine Immunization of all children is the FIRST AND THE BASIC pillar of Polio Eradication strategy. The Government of India has declared Year2012-2013 as ‘Year of Intensification of Routine Immunization in India’ Rotary should initiate aggressively the; advocacy “on Routine ImmunizationsimiTarToTdlio eradication, at alrpoTiticaT’ levels -National, State & District. I believe measures to scale up the Routine Immunization levels in Polio-freeSouthern India could help in building strong and healthy immune system in children to fight diseases like Polio, diarrhoea and others. ‘Pulse Polio First’ is the message for those two ‘Polio Sundays’. The Polio Sundays provide the best opportunity to keep our promise of reaching twodrops of Oral Polio Vaccine [OPV] to every child. And if the current status continues, these could be the penultimate rounds of Pulse Polio Immunizationin the country. And it is all the more important that every Rotary family plays the END GAME with greater zeal and enthusiasm. Polio eradication is theonly programme that every Club is mandated to carry out. And it is the only programme every Rotarian is mandated to carry out. Reaching the last childwith two drops of polio vaccine is the ultimate goal of entire Rotary fraternity. Together we will begin a new chapter in 2013. As Rotary leaders, you mustlay the foundations now. Get your Clubs and your Rotarians buckle up for the task that lay ahead in achieving this goal. Entire Rotary parivar must bemotivated to participate in the programme. Keep Polio in front of Rotarians until they are mad at you. I am hopeful you will take the momentum forwardin your Clubs and get Rotarians involved 100% in the campaign. “Never, never, never give up”. Because we never gave up, countless children are alive today, healthy, walking and thriving, all over the world. Andbecause we never gave up, India is now polio-free. And because we never will give up — no matter what — we will eradicate polio. PolioPlus is bothRotary’s greatest achievement, and the best argument yet that we can achieve a more peaceful world through service. Because no one could ever saythat we are eradicating polio alone. We are doing it through cooperation, through trust, through partnerships around the world — building connections andbridges among individuals and organizations, no matter how diverse their backgrounds and goals — all of them united in the goal of a world free of polio.India National Polio Plus Society will be supplying every Club with a package of publicity materials for NIDs. Use them effectively to create socialawareness and to motivate parents to get the children immunised.Remember the goal of Polio-free India is there for us to seize and I am with you standing, in spirit and in person to achieve the same. Please feel free tocontact me anytime 24x7 on Polio related issues. I am just one phone call away. With Best Wishes for Happy and Polio Free 2013-14.Yours in Rotary To be good and to do good- that is the whole of religion. .- Swami Vivekananda
  8. 8. Zone Assistant Member - No. of Attendence Name of the ClubName. Governor ship Meetings in % Rtn. M.V. Nethaji 1. SIMHAPURI 1. Gudur 50 Subba Reddy 2. Gudur West 27 3. Kavali 30 4. Nellore 70 04 51% 5. Nellore South 24 6. Sullurpet 22 04 80% 1. Jammalamadugu 30 2. PINAKINI Rtn. Bepuri 2. Proddatur 51 04 75% Ahmed Zakeer 3. Proddatur Mid Town 27 04 75% 4. Kadapa Central 30 04 64% 5. Rayachoty 25 04 6. Kadapa 10 1. Adoni 26 2. Allagadda Shatabdi 22 3. THUNGABHADRA Rtn. Gunda Gopal 3. Banaganapalle 10 4. Bethamcherla 21 04 97% 5. Dhone 28 04 98% 6. Kallur 12 7. Koilakuntla 26 8. Kurnool New City 26 04 74% 9. Nandyal 118 04 10. Nandyal Mid Town 30 11. Navanandi 26 04 98% 1. Anantapur 44 04 65% 4. SATYA SAI Rtn. Dr. A.G. Venu Gopal 2. Anantapur Central 15 Reddy 3. Dharmavaram MT 49 04 95% 4. Guntakal 37 05 79% 5. Hindupur 38 6. Tadipatri 36 04 85% 1. Bellary 28 5. VIJAYANAGARA Rtn. N.M. Agnihotri 2. Bellary Cantonment 44 3. Sandur 58 04 68% 4. Gangavathi Central 5. Hospet 23 116 CLUB ACTIVITIES 6. Koppal 21 04 7. Kanahosahalli 15 Report for GML 8. Hagaribomanahalli 27 9. Vijaya Nagar Steel City 27 Send your club activities and photographs for 1. Chitradurga Windmill City 26 05 77% publication in GML by 5th of succeeding month to 6. CHINMULADRI Lakshman 2. Challakere 18 04 70% Rtn. A.R. 3. Chitradurga 43 Rtn. PHF CA Sadhu Gopala Krishna, 4. Chitradurga Fort 36 05 56% 9/396, Holmespet, PRODDATUR - 516360. Kadapa Dt. 5. Hiriyur 41 04 82% 6. Holalkere 25 04 83% Mobile No. 09440073085, e-mail: 1. Davangere 64 Naked Truths 7. DEVANAGARA Rtn. B.E. 2. Davangere Mid Town 36 Swamy Ranga 3. Davangere South 39 4. Davangere Vidyanagar 66 04 73% 1. Coming together is a beginning 5. Chickjajur 18 Starting together is a progress 1. Basavakalyan 16 2. Bidar 48 04 82% working together is a success Rtn. Vinay Kumar Shah 3. Bidar Fort 28 05 64% 8. NRUPATHUNGA 4. Bidar New Century 34 2. The six most important words ‘I admit I made a mistake’ 5. Gulbarga 74 The five most important words ‘You did a good job’ 6. Gulbarga Mid Town 42 7. Gulbarga North 62 04 76% The four most important words ‘ What is your opinion?’ 8. Balki Fort 20 The three most important words ‘ If you please’ 9. Humnabad Town 31 10. Raichur 34 The two most important words ‘ Thank you ‘ 11. Raichur Central 20 The least important word is ‘I’ 12. Raichur Cotton City 18 04 78% Print @ Sudheer Graphics, Proddatur. 92473 19899