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SIPAL Aerospace Showcase


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SIPAL’s Engineering Division specializes in work package management for the aerospace sector and providing on-site consulting services.

Our specialist staff provide design and support services for complex flight control systems for aircraft ranging from advanced defense aircraft to military and civil transportation aircraft, mission systems aircraft and UAV’s.

SIPAL has taken part in all the Italian air force programs of the last thirty years and, thanks to the professionalism of its human resources, has played key roles in many international programs, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the PANAVIA Tornado, the multirole Piaggio MPA patrol aircraft, and the European experimental Neuron UCAV.

In the Aerospace Engineering sector SIPAL is among the undisputed leaders with a range of activities that includes design, Aerospace Ground Equipment support, Logistics Support, Production Support and Training services.

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SIPAL Aerospace Showcase

  2. 2. Airframe Engineering The Sipal S.p.A. Engineering department is specialized in managing and designing complex Work Packages for the Aerospace sector and in supplying onsite consultancy service. The specialized staff, deal with preliminary design, detailed design, process and product optimization, product support and certification support throughout all steps to final assembly and certification. All activities include project management, design and stress analysis development. Sipal brings more than 20 years of experience to some of the most extensive programs for many of the largest, most sophisticated airplanes ever built. The Aerospace Engineering Department is staffed by more than 90 engineering and technical personnel. This team is dedicated to providing advanced technologies and solutions to meet customers’ current and future needs. Sipal has a key role in the most advanced international military and civil aircraft programs.
  3. 3. Design Activities DESIGN Airframe design System integration System design Door design STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Linear static Non-linear static Modal analysis Buckling analysis Fatigue Damage tolerance
  4. 4. Boeing INDUSTRIA 787 Dreamliner 787 Composite fuselage Sections 44 and 46: ELETTRONICA& DIFESA System Integration and Installation Composite and Titanium Fuselage Frame design Composite and Titanium Door Surround design AEROSPAZIALE & DIFESA Composite Floor Beam design Composite ECS Ducts design Weight optimization Design improvement Process improvement Liaison Final Assembly Line engineering support AUTOMOTIVE SICUREZZA INFORMATICA Composite Horizontal Stabilizer Section 30: System Integration and Installation Composite monolithic box design INFRASTRUTTURE Design improvement Process improvement Liaison TRASPORTI
  5. 5. Bombardier C-Series Composite Flaps: Composite Inboard Flap design Composite Outboard Flap design Process improvement Weight optimization Bird Strike Qualification test support and correlation Composite Main Landing Gear Door: AUTOMOTIVE Composite Door Panel design Design improvement SICUREZZA INFORMATICA Process improvement Weight optimization I Composite Spoiler: Composite Multi function Spoiler design Composite Ground Spoiler design T
  6. 6. Alenia Aermacchi M346 Master E &D Wing Box: Wing Box design , System integration , System installation Wiring Harness installation , Weight optimization Qualification test support and correlation Composite Armament Pylon: Preliminary Pylon design Wing modification and integration Fuselage: Composite /Metallic front fuselage design Wiring Harness installation TRASPORTI
  7. 7. PIAGGIO PIAGGIO P1XX & DIFESA Wing Box: Metallic Wing Box design , Composite Movable Parts Design Fuselage: Front Fuselage and Cockpit design Floor grid design , Door Surround design , Frame Design Nose Landing Gear installation Engine Pylon: Preliminary Pylon design study , Pylon design Power Plant: APU installation , Engine Installation Fuel System integration and design Interior Design: Cockpit , Passenger Compartment , Ergonomic Study Lining , Water and Waste , Lavatory and Galley P180 MPA Wing Box: New Metallic wing box Fuselage: Center Fuselage Main Landing Gear Installation Sistem: Fuel System Integration and Installation Avionic System Integration and Installation Wiring Harness Design and Installation FCS: Flight Control System
  8. 8. Alenia Aermacchi SKY-X Airframe: Metallic Fuselage design Composite Nacelle design System integration System installation Control Surface and Mechanism design Flight controls design Power generation and distributions system design Engine Installation SKY-Y Airframe: Metallic Fuselage design Composite Nacelle design System integration System installation Control Surface and Mechanism design Flight controls design Power generation and distributions system design Landing Gear installation Engine Installation TRASPORTI
  9. 9. Technical Publications Sipal S.p.A. has a specialized ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) department for integrating typical ILS skills and activities to support aerospace systems of all types and complexity during their entire lifecycles. SIPAL specialized engineers work in close contact with customers to define and develop complex system support solutions, targeted at ensuring constant effectiveness and top-notch performance. With a highly specialized technical staff, the SIPAL ILS Department supplies effective solutions for all your Logistic Support issues: Document Engineering & Training: writing of documents and technical manuals, supply of classroom training and OJT courses Logistic Studies: RAMT Analysis, Safety Analysis, FMEA/FMECA, LSA ILS Software Tools: IETP/IETM, Databases, Publishing/Viewing systems Technical Services: technical translations, technical graphics, DTP.
  10. 10. Technical Publications Activities Operating Manuals Maintenance and Repair Manuals IPL/ IPC ( Illustrated Part List/ Illustrated Part Catalogue) AGE and Equipment Maintenance Manual IETP/ IETM ( Interactive Electronical Technical Pubblication/ Interactive Electronical Technical Manual) .
  11. 11. Alenia Aermacchi INDUSTRIA PANAVIA - TORNADO Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Spare Parts Catalogue Operating Manual: Mass, Loading and Balance Manual AEROSPAZIALE & DIFESA Aircraft Maintenance Manual : Maintenance Manual (all systems) IETM / IETP: Tornado IETP-P with plug-in web oriented Airworthiness activities EUROFIGHTER - TYPHOON Illustrated Parts Catalogue: S2000M IPL and relative illustrations AUTOMOTIVE Operating Manuals: Flight Manual, Performance Data Manual, Mass and Balance Manual, Check list Manual INFORMATICA Aircraft Maintenance Manual (using S1000D Rules): General Vehicle Manual, Job Guide Manual, General System Manual, Wiring Manual, Schematic Diagram Manual, Air Battle Damage Repair Manual, Structural Repair Manual IPL/IPC AGE and Equipment (Selex Galileo, Lital, Microtecnica, Sicamb, Alenia Aermacchi, MPG) IETM / IETP: IETP for AMI (Alenia Aeronautica) National Publication Base Management (Alenia Aeronautica) TRASPORTI Airworthiness activities
  12. 12. Alenia Aermacchi M339 Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Spare Parts Catalogue Operating Manual: Flight Manual, Performance Data EROSPAZIALE Aircraft Maintenance Manual : Maintenance Manual (complete set of Manuals) IFESA F260 Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Spare Parts Catalogue Operating Manual: Flight Manual, Performance Data AUTOMOTIVE Aircraft Maintenance Manual : Maintenance Manual (complete set of Manuals) AMX Illustrated Parts Catalogue:Spare Parts Catalogue Aircraft Maintenance Manual :Maintenance Manual IETM / IETP: AMX IETP-P with plug-in web oriented (Alenia Aeronautica) TRASPORTI
  13. 13. Alenia Aermacchi ATR E Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Spare Parts Catalogue Operating Manual: Flight Manual, Performance Data & DIFESA Aircraft Maintenance Manual : Maintenance Manual (complete set of Manuals) C-27J Spartan IETM / IETP: Light IETP Job Guide Manual for HAF version AUTOMOTIVE Airworthiness activities I TRASPORTI
  14. 14. AgustaWestland EH101MMI E Aircraft Maintenance Manual : Data Module AEROSPAZIALE & DIFESA AB412 AUTOMOTIVE Overhaul and structural repair manuals INFORMATICA Aircraft Maintenance Manual Illustrated Parts Catalogue TRASPORTI
  15. 15. The Sipal Story Certifications SIPAL was born in 1978 from the idea of a small group of dreamers, all electronic engineers. Through the initial years, the founder members committed themselves personally in order to create a real and proper “forge of engineering”, which found its natural outlet in the aerospace sector. SIPAL began offering a full range of Integrated Logistics Support services to the leading players in the Aerospace and Defence sectors and soon acquired all the security authorisations necessary to operate at the highest levels of secrecy. The end of the ‘eighties marked a turning point in the story of the company. Sipal intended to react against the crisis in the aerospace sector and, thanks to its entry into a great Italian group, the FININC Group, managed to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity for growth, which led the company to expand into the automotive sector. SIPAL thus became a major provider to many leading companies in the world of automobiles as well. Shareholdings S-India Engineering Service Pvt Ltd Mumbai 416 Arcadia Hiranandani Estate 00607 Thane Mumbai T +91 2225307212 In those same years, to meet the need for security and safeguarding of the technical and industrial data handled by Companies operating in the Defence sector, a group of SIPAL engineers and designers patented a number of products specifically developed to protect confidential information against potential interception. That marked the birth of the SIPAL Security Sector. The mid-nineties once again saw the Company engaged in the search for new markets and new activities, and a growing desire not only to provide systems support, but systems design services as well, which led to a significant leap in terms of quality: the inauguration of the Design Sector, which began the ascent that in little short of a decade would render SIPAL capable of designing plant, structures and equipment both for the aerospace and for the automotive sectors. Consorzio Stabile SIS Scpa Over the years, SIPAL grew in terms of turnover and resources, and expanded geographically opening new offices and increasing its power to penetrate the Italian market. Via Invorio 24/a 10146 Torino Italia T +39 011 7176222 Nevertheless, the atmosphere of enthusiasm and commitment you could feel in the early days when SIPAL was young is still present in SIPAL today, a company with more than 250 highly professional employees, truly capable of providing global engineering services. SIPAL today is a dynamic company, with roots sunk deep in the past but projected toward the future thanks to its capacity to change with the times, and fully aware that its strength and ability to take on the challenges of every new day comes only from the total commitment of all the people involved in it. Transalp Aviation Srl Via Invorio 24/a 10146 Torino Italia T +39 011 7176222
  16. 16. The offices Torino Via Invorio, 24/A T +39 0117176321 +39 0117176323 F +39 0117793807 +39 011726766 Piacenza Via Caorsana, 79 T +39 0523543292 F +39 0523543372 N. 1447 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Reg. No. 9292-N UNI EN 9100:2009 Roma Via Affile, 102 T +39 0641293020 F +39 0641294962 Napoli Via E. Gianturco, 23 T +39 081201890 F +39 0815539438 Livorno Via Grotta delle Fate, 41 T +39 0586581372 F +39 0586959748 Grottaglie (TA) Corso Europa, 3 T +39 0995667251 F +39 0995665325 Cagliari Via San Tommaso d’Aquino, 16 T +39 070513917 F +39 070513175 Direction and coordination by FININC Spa with registered offices in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 94 - 10121 Turin comm