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Como posicionar a marca RedBull (Bragantino) no futebol Brasileiro

Gerar Awareness no futebol no brasileiro, posicionamento a marca ao tradicional clube Bragantino, criando um vínculo emocional e cultural direto com o torcedor, esse é o principal objetivo no RedBull Bragantino no Brasil. Explorar o mercado de mídia brasileiro com grande potencial para distribuir conteúdo esportivo, esse é o diferencial que a marca RedBull oferece em suas estratégias, com conteúdo exclusivos, criatividade e influência em relação direta ao futebol.

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Como posicionar a marca RedBull (Bragantino) no futebol Brasileiro

  1. 1. MARKETING Strategy 2020
  2. 2. SUMMARY STRATEGY Business and Marketing 2 1. Introduction • Marketing Football • Marketing Mix • Marketing Events • Opinion Leader 2. Marketing Strategy • Marketing Vision • Brand Positioned • Key Marketing Strategy • Media Strategy 3. Marketing Plan • Fan Marketing Funnel • Word of Mouth • Digital Journey Fans • Key Marketing Actions • Applications • eCommerce • Brandsite • Social Media • eSports • Fans and Stadium Digital Transformation 4. Digital Insights • Brand Relevance Bragantino
  4. 4. THE RED BULL MARKETING MIX The power of an Owned Media Strategy Generating WORD of MOUTH has always been central to our Marketing approach Oldest and best media in the world Our Marketing wheel ties the entire World of Red Bull marketing effort into cohesive plan
  5. 5. THE RED BULL MARKETING IN FOOTBALL Brazilian Football Generate WORD OF MOUTH of the football target in Brazil, using the clubs as a direct emotional and cultural link with the Fan Explore the Brazilian media market with great potential for distributing sports content Use the main differentiation that Red Bull has, exclusive content, creativity and influence with direct relation to football
  6. 6. RED BULL EVENTS: Characteristics of Innovate and Inspirational • “Red Bull Gives You Wings” should come through as relevant and credible for fans and consumers. Unique in Location and Concept • The event should be a playground to experience the brand as a participant or spectator. We will upload these values ​​for football games. Focus on Participants First • Events/Game Days are for participants first and foremost, followed by spectators and media. Events should deliver content for all to share.
  7. 7. OPINION LEADER MARKETING FOOTBALL Balance the Brand Image linked to Football • Football drives the “Body” side of the brand, culture drives the “Mind” side through creativity. Not typical a Sponsorship in Football • We don’t measure brand appearance in seconds and size. We avoid soulless banners and anything not credible or authentic. Honest Convinced Fans • Red Bull loves individuals whose personality is consistent with the Red Bull image and believes in the brand promise.
  9. 9. Be the fastest growing football business in Brazil Build, Protect and Enhance Brand Equity Develop a strategy which help (RedBull Bragantino) us to win in Brand Awareness, Brand identity and Brand Loyalty Drives efficiency through Word Of Mouth and Digital Marketing Campaigns Build a Digital Media Mix which help us to maximize our target fan conversion and loyalty. • Brand Awareness • Digital Reach (+ Extend) • Engage the fans • Branded Content • Brand Equity (Nielsen) • RB Bragantino Web Shop Sales KPIs: Conversion Rate, Ticket Average, ROI, CPA. • Campaign CPC, CPV, CPM and Engagement. • Tickets Sales • Social Media Engagement KPI’S Awareness Sales MARKETING VISION Key Priorities Strategy
  10. 10. Being different, it's not just football, it's not just a game. We are Storytellers Consumer consider my brand and my team We Fascinate and Inspire
  11. 11. MARKETING STRATEGY Project purposes Communication Public Relations Digital Marketing PaidMedia and CRM Events and Tickets Content Marketing BRAND STRATEGY Social Media eCommerce MarketPlace Development of exclusive content about the team and the institutional relationship of the brand in matchday, events, commercial relations. Better definition of Hubs and platforms for user conversion. Objective focused on Awareness of the brand, strengthening the emotional and financial relationship between fan and club. OBJECTIVE FOR WOM Integrated communication with marketing, for relationship with stakeholders (RedBull, CBF, ..), management of crises, customers, media, internal communication and government (Bragança). Strengthen communication between the club and the brand with key internal and external influencers. Digital communication strategy for the relationship with the Fan, in addition to gaining new fans and greater engagement. Automate primary communication and brand content, according to the user's profile. Improve and facilitate the fan's relationship with the club, facilitating their consumption of content and contact with the club to purchase Ticktes, Products and Services. Digital channel with greater influence in the relationship with the fan, needs more content support and generation of insights to improve the relationship. Explore the channel with a higher frequency of content and contact with fans. Brand consideration is the main objective of the channel. Development of eCommerce strategy and marketplace, to facilitate access to sales of sports equipment of the club. In addition to starting the sales strategy (Products and Service), collaborating with the conversion strategy is essential in this process. Main model to monetize, create a strategy integrated with the previous points, improve the Fan experience and increase sales conversion. Create consideration with the club and brand, in addition to increasing the conversion of ticket sales of the games. Use the best of the brand in other sports projects.
  12. 12. MEDIA STRATEGY Project purposes PUBLIC RELATIONS Media Relations Gameday News Community Relations / Events Opinion Leaders Word of mouth Crisis Communications Champion and Awards INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT PARTNERSHIPS Team Sponsorship Community and Charity-ins RedBull Sports Co-Branding SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Sportify TikTok Linkedin CONTENT & PLATFORM Internal Communications Website & eCommerce Gameday & Event Video RedBull Blog Team App INCENTIVE Sponsored Content with Community Native Advertising Contest PAID MEDIA Social Media Advertising Digital Advertising Traditional Advertising Paid Partnerships MEDIA INTEGRATION Advertorials Lead Generation Influencer Campaigns EARNED MEDIA SHARED MEDIA OWNED MEDIA PAID MEDIA Best Strategy *WOM *Word of mouth
  14. 14. NEW FAN FAN SUPPORTER, SUBSCRIBER, SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGE PUNCTUAL AND BUYER OF TICKETS AND PRODUCTS Fans Conversion Website, Subscribers, Engage Fans. Awareness Knowledge Fans Frequency Loyalty and Recurrence Conversion Fans Brand Clusters Involvement, Engage Climate. Consideration Fan engagement campaign related to the team's daily content. Support with App, Social Media, PR and Marketing Automation. Engagement of Fans in the sales of Tickets and Products (Shop) related to the cause and positioning of the brand. Brand Awareness with content related to the team, community and players. Football lovers and RedBull BrandLovers. MARKETING FUNNEL | FANS 1 2 3 We Fascinate and Inspire
  15. 15. WORD-OF-MOUTH PUSH MARKETING The Concept ADVERTISING FAN/CONSUMER PULL MARKETING WORD-OF-MOUTH FAN/CONSUMER • Transmission of a positive marketing message from person to person through conversation or a personal communication, about our teams or products. • Getting fans or consumers excited about the product and conveying this excitement to their family, friends and community. • Trying to get coverage of Red Bull match day and events in the press to encourage consumers to find out more about the team and products. • Creating interesting stories for people to talk about, present many football players stories, many communities linked with the club. CONSUME MEDIA BUY TICKETS BUY PRODUCTS
  16. 16. Brand STARTING knowledge: Football, Players Stories, Community in Bragança… Brand MEDIUM knowledge: GameDay, Results and Score, Subscribe Content… Brand DECIDED to BUY Tickets and Products: RedBull Bragantino and Brasil… • Branded Content • Rich Content • Social Media • SEM • SEO • WOM • Opinion Leader • Video • Rich Content • Social Media • SEM • SEO • Programmatic • Marketing Automation • Social Media Performance • SEM Performance • SEO eCommerce • Marketing Automation TARGET LEVEL STRATEGY Focus on generate AWARENESS about the team, driving traffic to the website or social media fanpage. Generate CONSIDERATION with rich content, customization and programmatic approach. Focus on contribute in total SALES INCREASE or Content Subscribe. OBJECTIVE ATTRACT CONVERT RELATION SALES LOYALTY TRAFFIC VISITS OPPORTUNITIES KEY GOAL is to build the most followed, engaged and digitally connected fan- base in Bragantino or RedBull, through delivering a fan audience, content driven and platform enabled strategy. PLAN 2020 KEY TARGET will be to drive reach and brand awareness among key audience targets in 2020. Social growth and engagement, digital acquisition 1st party data capture to support commercial B2C inventory (Tickets and Products. This will start once our website, app and digital services are in place. 100% 3% 0,5% Funnel TOOLS DIGITAL JOURNEY | FANS Website+Blog Store FANS STRATEGY 2019-2020
  17. 17. KEY MARKETING ACTIONS 5 Key objectives Be Relevant and authentic Surprise and Innovate Be consistent Be the story Inspire sharing Develop content that creates value in the stories of the athletes and the club. Be consistent in the constant development of content for different online and offline platforms. Utilizar o que a RedBull tem de diferencial, seus influenciadores atletas no futebol e outras categorias esportivas.Integrate communication between digital and offline channels such as public relations. Explore Matchday better, with field activities that create a different experience for the public. Example: Football Street, Motocross, BMX, Skate and so on. Criar documentaries em parceria com a RedBull Media, contato a historia de jogadores que estão começando, ou criar peneira com avaliações criativas. Facilitate the purchase of team products, through the development of a direct sales channel, either through ecommerce or marketplace with Centauro (Nike). Parceria com a cidade de Bragança Paulista, com conteúdos, trabalhos sociais, investimento em estrutura e outras parcerias. Integration with promotional POS calendar for product activation in games, communication and ecommerce. Supporter member in an innovative format, with benefits that go beyond the traditional, experience with players and club. RedBull Football Lab, para incentivar startups focadas inovação do futebol. RedBull Academy, escolinhas de futebol e eSports, com aula de inglês e acompanhamento de psicologos e nutricionistas. Criar campanha dedicada do future time feminine, com foco no tema empoderamento feminine, grande oportunidade para contar a historia das atletas. Desenvolver maior número de conteúdos video e streaming para integrar ao RedBull Media TV. Desenvolver maior número de conteúdos video e streaming para integrar ao RedBull Media TV. App development with content and ecommerce. Like Salzburg Team. Some examples…
  18. 18. APP MOBILE FIRST The Concept Team News, Player Interview, Score, Tickets and Shop…
  19. 19. eComm ONLINE SHOP The Concept Sales Online for all RedBull Products relataded to Football, Players, Games and exclusivity contents. Possibility of implementing a marketplace in partnership with Centauro, or developing fullcommerce with market players. Integrate catalog with the RedBull store in Brazil. Orgullho da equipe fica bem em você Compre Agora MASCULINO FEMININO INFANTIL ACESSÓRIOS Oferta Especial Todos ProdutosO que você está buscando?
  20. 20. WEBSITE BRAND CONTENT The Concept Marketing and Communication HUB, focus in News, Club Information, Media, Ticket and Shop You need to have a dedicated platform for team communication, a landing page as it is, it does not meet the best possibility for a digital user experience. “NÓS PODEMOS BUSCARO RESULTADO” INTREVISTACOMPOULSEAN E GULACSI NOTICIAS TIME CLUBE FÃS ESTÁDIO TICKET LOJA MÍDIA CARREIRA CONTATO NEWSLETTER TRILHANDO O MELHOR CAMINHO
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIA New era Better frequency, Greater number of content, Greater creativity, Greater interaction… We need to dedicate ourselves more to the development of content for Social Media, increase the frequency and reach of fans (new platforms like TikTok). We need to interact with the Fans, this is a crucial action to create a relationship. Total Social Media Followers: 306K
  22. 22. BRM LATAM 42Million Users 3Football Matches Per day 10Minutes per Football matches 30Minutes per day 810Minutes per month 10950Minutes per year 90Football Matches Per month 1080Football Matches Per year NUMBER OF MATCHES TIME INVESTED IN THE GAME 459 Billion Minutes Year 3.3Billion Revenue Infographic developedby Rafael Leitão USD$ eSPORTS
  23. 23. Receita no Esporte Relatório Global de Consumo de Mídia Esportiva - Kantar Media Sport e TV Sports Markets SPORT IS A MATTER OF LOVE, PASSION AND GREATNESS. IT TOUCHES OUR LIVES ON A DAILY BASIS AND CREATES AN ENGAGED FAN IN THIS MODERN TIME OF DIGITIZATION. Professional Sports Industry Bills $90 billion a year - has more than 7 billion fans worldwide It is estimated that, currently, 55% of Brazilian sports fans follow their favorite sports on cell phones and tablets. In Brazil the average time of consumption of sports media is 12 hours.
  24. 24. EMPOWER REDBULL BRAGANTINO IN THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS... Engagement with fans: We will create levels of greater closeness and engagement with fans, on the day of departure and throughout the year, connecting fans around Brazil, with the team, players and each other through fan profiles, marketing campaigns, and other diverse content. Operations and Productivity: We will develop a 360 degree view of each fan, integrated marketing campaigns, monitor business performance, improve the view of operations and team performance. Smart Venue We want to Maximize engagement and security at the stadium, including quick access to concessions, on-site socializing, interactive exhibits, augmented reality tours and unique suite experiences. Technology Stadium Matchday experience
  29. 29. Thank You Rafael Leitão (11) 97677-3969 Marketing Manager