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Biziil. Think globally. Act locally


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We are a marketing agency that believes in a non-frontier business world. We think small and medium-sized business should be able to sell anywhere, so people can have access to the best products and services at fair prices.
We help you increase your revenue by having a professional team of specialist that will market and customer support your sales in Brazil.

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Biziil. Think globally. Act locally

  2. 2. We are a marketing agency that believes in a non-frontier business world. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  3. 3. Why we do it? Right Now: Trying to make possible for Brazilians to buy the best and cheaper products, because outrageous cost of living in Brazil. In the Future: create teams in different countries with expertise in that country specifically THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  4. 4. The Problem • Small and Medium business trying to sell globally without thinking locally • Or only selling locally, because of not enough capital (or they think don’t have enough capital) THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  5. 5. To Start: We Think Brazil has a Growing Market • 193.7 million inhabitants (over 100 million in middle class)* • 7th largest economy in the world • One of the Bric’s (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the fastest growing economies • The second largest internet active users • The second largest number of facebook users • 94.2 million internet users • 53 million online consumers • E-commerce market size: 12.95 billion dollars (2013) • World Cup 2014 • Olimpic Games 2016 THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  6. 6. Some Business Already Sell Online to Brazil • • • • Gap THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  7. 7. But they are doing it wrong. Only 5%* of Brazilian population speaks English. They are missing 180 million people. Source: British Council THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  8. 8. Even with the population not speaking English, buying from outside the country is increasing. As all worldwide commerces are THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  9. 9. In terms of buying from outside Brazil, we think we are at the introduction phase of product lifecycle W are e here THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  10. 10. W are e here 180 million people THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  11. 11. What we do We help business sell their products and services in Brazil by having a professional team of specialist that will market and customer support their sales in Brazil. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  12. 12. Acting locally will help you INCREASE your REVENUE and SAVING you thousands of dollars by having a team of professionals that is worth $ 7,650.00* monthly. *Compared to similar services in U.S. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  13. 13. Services • • • • Social Media Specialist (Facebook/ Twitter) PR Specialist (News/ Blog) Google Adwords Specialist Customer Support Representative with Brazilian telephone number and chat • Designer on demand • Translator on demand THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  14. 14. Our Position in The Market Local Presence One or Two Services Social Media Agency PR Agency Google Adwords Specialist Global Presence Biziil Variety Of Services THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  15. 15. Customers After publishing this post about, we had over 100 thousand visitors and 10 thousand shares. Primo became interested in selling their product in Brazil, so we translated their website to Portuguese and now we will start doing a PR campaign. We are only one month old and they are our first customer. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  16. 16. Team Our team will be formed mainly by freelancers. They will work with each client separate, that way we can grow faster and cheaper. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  17. 17. Team RAFAEL NEAIME - Founder and CEO   Rafael  is  a  serial  entrepreneur.  After international  experience  living  in  Canada  and  USA, he  built  two  ecommerce's  in  Brazil,  later  on  publishing  an  eBook  about how to create ecommerce's. He also had others  business  related  to  marketing  and  digital  signage.  His  goal  is  to  supply  people  with  the  best  products  and  services in the World. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  18. 18. Team MARINA BRAZAN - Social Media Specialist Marina Brazan is a Corporative Communication specialist. Her passion is building and organizing communication departments at companies that haven’t set it as an important part of its business plan yet. Marina also has big experience developing brands on social media, with successful cases in Brazil’s constantly growing online market. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT
  19. 19. Team CLARISSA SAYUMI - Journalist Clarissa breaths Corporate Communication. Worked since college in multinational companies having experience in both external and internal communication. As a heavy blog user, what inspire her is being able to speak with different audiences, making any topic interesting e comprehensive. Has worked with big brands releases and events with the press, publishing many stories on important Brazilian media outlets. THINK GLOBALLY. ACT