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Gaudeamus - The academic network for publishing in journals (for editors)


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Gaudeamus ( is an online community of scholars (professor, researchers and journals’ editors). It was founded to provide a tool for academics to help them to get their research published in journals, enabling them to network with editors and to share what they have learned and discovered about publishing.

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Gaudeamus - The academic network for publishing in journals (for editors)

  1. 1. the academic network for publishing in journals for EDITORS
  2. 2. start improving your life as journal editor o to find content o to network with academics o to broadcast your journal
  3. 3. for EDITORS gaudeamus impr oves your life as jour nal editor o to find specialized content / papers from the ample international database of scholars and academics o to create a global community of rigorous researchers and professors interested to publish in your journal o to facilitate the task of finding good and responsive reviewers from all over the academic world
  4. 4. for EDITORS gaudeamus empow er s jour nals o to promote your journal worldwide within researchers and professors with the same specialized field and interest o to communicate information to your focused international journal community o to broadcast congresses and events within the community
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