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Redefine Your Lessons with iPad Authoring Tools


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Explore two iPad apps and how they can help redefine your lessons to include creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

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Redefine Your Lessons with iPad Authoring Tools

  1. 1. Redefine Your Lessons with iPad Authoring Tools Rae Fearing @raefearing eLearning Strategies Symposium 2013
  2. 2. My Pinterest board for the SAMR Model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura
  3. 3. SAMR in Action SAMR: Puentedura, R. R., Ph.D., SAMR model. Follow Dr. Puentedura on Twitter
  4. 4. Using the 4C’s to Teach Above the Line Incorporate 3 of the 4 C’s creativity+critical thinking+collaboration critical thinking+collaboration+communication creativity+collaboration critical thinking+communication Redefinition Modification Augmentation Substitution might only reach on your way to see an example next...
  5. 5. Example of the 4C Rule Activity 4C’s represented SAMR Level 1st graders take pictures of flowers, embed them in note taking app and write about them Creativity, Collaboration Substitution - tech acts a tool substitute, replacing old flower poster lesson 1st graders embed native flower pics in Educreations app, record themselves describing the flower and post to class wiki with collaborators from another 1st grade class in Brazil Creativity, Collaboration, Communication Redefinition - tech allows for creation of new tasks
  6. 6. Checking for Understanding What SAMR level is this lesson? Students track pigeon sightings around the school using a bird watching app, then input this data into a graphing app to track variations in population over the school year. Example from “The iPad in Practice: Design Flows and Ladders for the Classroom” Ruben R. Puentedura, Ph.D.
  7. 7. Thinglink A free app that makes images come alive SAMR Level: Modification or Redefinition-you can modify and significantly redesign tasks. Students are not just writing about an image, they are adding media links, text comments and interacting with others through “tags” or commenting
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Annotating Teachers can annotate primary source documents and make them interactive. Direct students to readings, videos, and resources. On thinglink-->Battle Hymn of the Republic
  10. 10. Close Reading
  11. 11. Create a Classroom Channel You can set up students accounts - no email needed! Class Channel Tutorial
  12. 12. What is going to happen next?
  13. 13. Teacher Feedback Lauren Teather @laurenteather “I use thinglink to share exemplar work with my students. I highlight different portions of the work and explain what is excellent about that part.”
  14. 14. Re-defining the Lab Report camera - take images and video of stages of science experiment pic collage - create collage of images thinglink - use collage and add text, links & video explaining the experiment (hypothesis, conclusions) blogger - post thinglink image and compare results with other classrooms in the world creativity + critical thinking + communication + collaboration = Redefinition of a lab report
  15. 15. Skills for careers Tools like these are used in advertising and news reporting via euronews media
  16. 16. Campaign ends December 31, 2013. The ThingLink Premium Account will be valid until December 31, 2014. Educators receive a ThingLink Premium Account FREE To get this free upgrade to ThingLink Premium Account: 1. Create a ThingLink Free Account (preferably using their school/university emails) here 2. Register a ThingLink Educator Account (for free) here www.thinglink. com/action/register?teacher=1. 3. Send an email to with the email title: "ThingLink Education Campaign #Premium". The email content should include their full name, their school/institution name and address, and the link to their ThingLink Account.
  17. 17. Book Creator An app that lets you create beautiful books on the iPad. Free and paid versions available. Available through the app store VPP SAMR Level: Augmentation, Modification or Redefinition Students can create dynamic books, collaborate on a global scale and become published authors. 5 Free at end of my presentation!
  18. 18. Create a book with text, drawings, images, video, and sound. You can print the book, email it, view it in iBooks or other apps.
  19. 19. So easy, even kindergarteners can do it Do you need to teach kids to use Book Creator? Probably not. Kids teaching kids with Book Creator. @KristiMeeuwse Let’s check out Book Creator and Pete the Cat by one of Kristi’s students.
  20. 20. Sharing your books Viewing books on non apple devices From an email From Book Creator
  21. 21. If they teach it, they will remember ● Get students sharing their knowledge ● Present books in class ● Encourage student voice and video (app smash!) ● Collaboratively author with classes from around the globe (a task never before conceivable - redefinition of a lesson)
  22. 22. Equation Book Project
  23. 23. Faraway Friends Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson @IngviOmarsson Carolyn Skibba @skibtech
  24. 24. How could you use Book Creator? Share an idea including the SAMR level and win a prize!
  25. 25. Thank you! Rae Fearing @raefearing Today’s presentation: