Html5 - audio and video tags


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Staging the addition of the html5 audio and video tags

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Html5 - audio and video tags

  1. 1. Rae Allen
  2. 2.  Treat audio / video like image element Pros • Reduce dependency on players • Reduce code weight • Consistent experience within browser Cons • Not supported by all browsers • Support is inconsistent • Limited design changes
  3. 3. <img src="/reslib/201102/r721155_5730666.jpg" alt="Mike Martin“ title="Mike Martin perfoming Fireweed“/>
  4. 4. Example:<div class="player"> <div id="media_main"> <script src="" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> //create a colour object to define the colors for the player. //highlightColour is the color of the bar that follows the play head. //backgroundColour is the colour of the page behind the player. //textColour is the colour of the title and the counters. /*The replace function replaces an element on the page with the cinerama player. The parameters are: (id, source, width, height, colour object, title, autoStart) id: (required) The id of the element to be replaced, usually an image element. The image will then be pulled into the player and displayed before the video is started. source: (required) This can be a single flv or h.264 mp4 file or a media rss file containing 1 or more items. If a media rss file does contain more that one item the multiClip section is automatically embedded next to the player. width: (required) The width of the video to be displayed. height: (required) The height of the video to be displayed. Note that the player will embed slightly higher that this to allow for the controlls. colour object: A javascript object defining the colours for the player (see above). title: The beginning title displayed on the player before a movie is played. If no title is supplied the script will attempt to use the alt text of the image it is replacing. autoStart: true tells the player to start the video as soon as it loads. false tells the player to wait for the user to initiate the video by pressing play. embedSrc: true tells the player to show the embed src for the video. false hides the embed Src. */ var title = "Mike%20Martin%20-%20Fireweed"; title = unescape(title); cinerama.ratings = false; = false; cinerama.geoBlock = false; cinerama.embedSrc = true; cinerama.highlightColour = "#006CD9"; cinerama.backgroundColour = "#000000"; cinerama.textColour = "#77BBFF"; cinerama.wmode = "transparent"; // Default height and widths, overwritten by css. cinerama.embedPlayer(media_main_player,,400,224, title,false); </script> <noscript>Javascript is currently no enabled on your browser. To view this media, please enabled Javascript in your browser setttings.</noscript> <img id="media_main_player" src="" alt="loading video" title="loading video"/></div> </div>
  5. 5. Example:<video src="/reslib/201102/r721157_5730690.mp4“ poster=“/reslib/201102/r721155_5730665.jpg" width="700px" controls></video>
  6. 6.  Example: <script src="/local/includes/scripts/jquery/plugins/jquery.flash.js" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></script> <script src="/local/includes/scripts/audioplayer.js" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></script><noscript>Javascript is currently no enabled on your browser. To view this media, please enabled Javascript in your browser setttings.</noscript> <embed class="player_audio" flashvars="autoplay=false&amp;glassyplayer=true&amp;playerbgcolor=%23 2E2E2E&amp;volumeiconcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;mediaURL=http%3A%2 _5759695.mp3" pluginspage="" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="30" width="220"><a class="color3 mp3download" href=" .mp3">Download this mp3 file</a>
  7. 7. Example:<audio src=“ sbane/201102/r722932_5759695.mp3” preload controls></audio>
  8. 8. mp3 ogg wavFirefox no yes yesSafari yes no yesChrome yes yes noIE8 no no noIE9 (beta) yes no yes
  9. 9. mp4 ogg/theora webmFirefox no yes yesSafari yes no maybeChrome yes yes yesIE8 no no noIE9 (beta) yes no maybe
  10. 10. example:
  11. 11.  begin implementing some html5 tags • Device specific use • Browser specific use make html5 default mode