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Rise of Automation Brings Battle of the Bots - Radware 2015 - 2016 Global Application & Network Security Report Infographic


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Burst Attacks, APDoS, dynamic IP assaults….2015 saw defenses succumb to automated and sophisticated cyber-attacks, making it increasingly difficult to choreograph responses manually. This represents a clear and emerging threat that demands advanced detection and mitigation.

Radware’s “2015 – 2016 Global Application and Network Security Report” reveals attack trends and offers predictions as the rise of cyber botted-defense approaches.

Key Highlights
• Bet on Bots – understand how to fight automation with automation
• Show Me the Money – Why ransoms became one of the biggest motives for cyber-attacks and what an encrypted email provider did to stop a ransom attack
• Taking a Detour – How attackers bypass IP-based defense systems
• Ring of Fire – Industries most likely to face cyber-attacks in 2016
• Learn from the Leaders – Steps one of the world’s largest airlines took to stop bots from tying up inventory

Visit: to download the full report.

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Rise of Automation Brings Battle of the Bots - Radware 2015 - 2016 Global Application & Network Security Report Infographic

  1. 1. 2015 Change from 2014 Energy & Utility Retail Government Health FinancialGaming Education ISPHosting Mobile H IGH LIKELIHOOD MEDIUM LIKELIHOOD LOW LIKELIHOOD THE NEED FOR AUTOMATION Attacks are becoming completely automated and more sophisticated, making it difficult to defend against them manually. New techniques like Burst Attacks and Advanced Persistent Denial of Service (APDoS), demand advanced detection and mitigation. WHAT TO EXPECT Bet on Bots and Automation. Fight automated threats with automation technology. Cover Blind Spots. Attackers deploy multi-vector attack; if just one goes undetected, the attack is a success. Plan Mitigation in Lockstep with Risk Level. Prepare for increased industry risk and be mindful to how hacktivists operate and select targets. Understanding fuels preparation to defend your network. © 2016 Radware, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Radware and all other Radware product and service names are registered trademarks of Radware in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks and names are the property of their respective owners. w w w . r a d w a r e . c o m About the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Radware’s ERT is a group of dedicated security consultants who are available around the clock. As literal “first responders” to cyber-attacks, Radware’s ERT members gained extensive experience by successfully dealing with some of the industry’s most notable hacking episodes, providing the knowledge and expertise to mitigate the kind of attack a business’s security team may never have handled. DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT 2015 saw defenses succumb to new threats as the ability to choreograph responses in real-time diminished. The Global Application and Network Security Report reveals 2015 attack trends and offers predictions for 2016 as the rise of cyber botted defense approaches. PROBLEM MULTI-VENDOR AND MANUAL Most organizations rely on a collection of solutions that need manual intervention. Ninety-one percent of respondents are using multiple solutions and 82% indicated medium to high degree of manual tuning. SOLUTION HYBRID PROTECTION Multi-vector attacks require a hybrid solution – integrating cloud-based with on-premise protection – to guard both networks and data centers. Forty-one percent of respondents have a hybrid solution, up from 21% in 2014. • Security on IoT devices is abysmal – technical adoption is paramount; security is an afterthought. 2016 will highlight risks to this rich data source – transforming the Internet of Things into an Internet of Zombies. • One of the most important weapons in the bot battle is IP-agnostic bot detection. • The ability to differentiate good bots should be a crucial capability of any device fingerprinting solution. CYBER-ATTACKS NONE IMMUNE; FEW PREPARED. There is no safe haven. Ninety percent of respondents experienced attacks and 73% indicated they are only “somewhat effective” at mitigating cyber-attacks. RISE OF AUTOMATION BRINGS BATTLE OF THE BOTS BATTLE OF THE BOTS Bot-generated attacks targeting web application infrastructure and associated devices is growing in volume and sophistication. The report highlights key challenges organizations will have to conquer in 2016 to successfully thwart bot-generated attacks: 41% 21% HAVE A HYBRID SOLUTION INCREASE FROM LASTYEAR 82% 91% USE MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS INDICATEDM ED IUM TO HIGH DEGRE E OFMANUALTUNING 2015 – 2016 Global Application & Network Security Report CLOUD COMPANIES, BEWARE! We predict you will experience significant RansomDoS (RDoS) in 2016. Ransom notes used to be made of letters cut out of magazines; now they take a digital format. This year’s research underscored a significant growth in ransoms as the primary motivator for cyber-attacks, increasing from 16% in 2014 to 25% in 2015. 73% 90% EXPERIENCED ATTACKS “SOMEWHATEFFE C TIVE” AT MITIGATIN G CYBER-ATTACKS New risk levels apply to certain industries: both Education and Hosting moved from “Medium” to “High” risk in the Cyber Attack Ring of Fire while ISPs, gaming companies and government remain squarely in hacker’s crosshairs. SHOW ME THE MONEY