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Radware Summer 2015 State of the Union: Page Speed & Web Performance Infographic


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This holiday season, more resources than ever will be used to optimize the in-store customer experience. And once again, retailers will forget about the most important part of the customer experience for online shoppers: website speed.

As today's consumers expect more feature-rich browsing and shopping experiences, site owners are adding more features but are not taking advantage of core optimization techniques.

Slow websites will fail to deliver sales. In fact, 57% of visitors are likely to abandon a page if they aren’t able to interact within 3 seconds.

Radware's State of the Union: Page Speed & Web Performance; Content + Speed the Magic Formula examines real-world performance of the top 100 ecommerce sites. The results are troubling: only 12% of top sites loading in less than 3 seconds. It's the most important quarter of the year: Is your website ready for the holiday season?

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