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New Web


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Published in: Technology, Business
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New Web

  1. 1. The New Web UX FocusedProgrammableMobile Social Radu Popescu Front-end developer @ Small Footprint
  2. 2. Mobile Responsive Design: the most critical for small business. Why? Because it is quickly becoming the standard.
  3. 3. Responsive
  4. 4. Twitter Bootstrap • 12 column grid system • Glyphicons • UI components • Transitions • Custom CSS classes (hidden-xs, hidden-print etc.) • LESS preprocessor (vars and inheritance)
  5. 5. Web API
  6. 6. Web API Hardware access APIs Data management APIs Communication APIs
  7. 7. Social Social media is here. It’s not going away. - Lori Ruff
  8. 8. Social Media Analysis
  9. 9. Games
  10. 10. Ads $11 billion of social ad spend in 2017
  11. 11. Programmable
  12. 12. Custom elements Custom elements give us the tool to extend HTML's vocabulary, teach it new tricks, and jump through the wormholes of the web platform. -Eric Bidelman
  13. 13. Custom elements
  14. 14. Custom elements <sortable-table> </sortable-table>
  15. 15. Custom elements <voice-player> </voice-player>
  16. 16. UX Focused User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the. -Don Norman
  17. 17. Stunning videos in the background can easily make people stop and stare, then examine it, increasing the time they spend on the site, and hopefully lead to more interaction with the content. - Nancy Young Video backgrounds
  18. 18. Micro UX
  19. 19. Micro UX
  20. 20. The New Web UX FocusedProgrammableMobile Social
  21. 21. Thank you !