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Mobile gaming

  1. 1. Mobile Gaming MythsRad Lemurradlemur.comRadu Muresan
  2. 2. Mobile development is expensive Tools on the cheap
  3. 3. 45%16%13%12%8%6%Lifetime revenueGoogle Play Amazon Appstore LeadboltFuhuapps Nook Apps Apple App StoreiOS is where the money is (App Store vs. Google Play) Global figures vs. your revenues Conversion rates depend onexisting relationship with end user DiversifyMultiple platformsMultiple revenue streamsMultiple apps
  4. 4. You only have one shot! (release) More important on iOS Android Market’s “Just In” Slow and steady (sometimes) wins the race The power of unfinished – brings out imagination, elicits better feedback Hear your users / Don’t listen to your users MVP still applies –many features never used Release everything – success can be unexpected Odds are against you Tracking revenue changes (aka why am I #1?)
  5. 5. Any publicity is good publicity Website reviews Paid-for marketing Ads CPA campaigns Incentives User ratings Search results placement / SEO Cross Promotion Free for a day promotions Ratings/Reviews discovery vs. download
  6. 6. Ads will double your revenue Regular advertisements underperforming Offer walls / incentivized downloads better Evil ad trends Personal information capture Home screen icons Push notifications Ads for children Being ethical (sometimes) pays
  7. 7. Android is fragmented Software fragmentation Version fragmentation Customizations / 3-tier curse Hardware fragmentation Screen size / aspect ratio Screen density Specs Native vs. Web Browser wars HTML5
  8. 8. iOS is easier to develop on than Android Prototyping user interface Testing Different screen sizes / densities Engine support IDEs The Google Way – Beta Forever! Turnaround cycle – simulator vs. emulator Entry barrier
  9. 9. App Store Approval Team is EVIL! Rejections Expedited reviews
  10. 10. Questions