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Letter of recommendation from adrian cirlig


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Letter of recommendation from adrian cirlig

  1. 1. 2 January 2012To whom it may concern,It is my immense pleasure to recommend one of the most capable, smart and ambitiouspeople I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, Radu Matei, for the position of MCVPOrganizational Development. As the LCP of AIESEC Arad he has shown great leadershipand teamwork qualities and I can honestly say that he shaped up to be a role model notjust for the Executive Board, but for every AIESEC member.I first met him in the autumn of 2010, when I joined AIESEC Arad, and immediately hemade a great impression, as the type of person who can motivate all the people in theroom to strive for excellence. As I got to know him better, I discovered that besides havinga great sense of humor, he also had great AIESEC knowledge, even functional knowledgeon most of the areas and incredible learning capabilities. After a few months I joined theExecutive Board as the Communication Vice President, and we started to work in thesame team. One of our first projects as an Executive Board team, was the spring edition ofGROW. The project team had some difficulties as well as the rest of the Vice Presidents,but Radu, managed not only to motivate both teams to go on, but he also got involvedwherever help was needed, from class presentations to EP buddy, he lend a hand inalmost every activity. GROW turned out to be a great success in Arad and was one of thegreatest editions of the project for that spring in Romania and most don’t know, but thatwouldn’t have been possible without Radu Matei.If our team was having some rough times, he was always the glue that calmly kept ustogether and put a smile on our faces with a funny joke followed by motivational words thatwould work every time. He managed to help us shine at whatever we were skilled in, andthat’s one of the things that convinced me that I can achieve anything, which basicallychanged my life.I think that one of his greatest qualities is that he never settles for mediocrity. His resultsso far are the best proof you can get and if I’ve learned something about Radu Matei inthis past year as his colleague and his friend, is that nothing can stop him from achievingabsolute perfection and take everything to a higher level. That’s the kind of personeverybody wants in a team and I have no doubt that he will bring great results as theMCVP Organizational Development for Romania. If there is any question regarding hisreference, please feel free to contact me at any time.Yours Sincerely,Adrian CîrligVice President CommunicationE-mail: adi.cirlig@gmail.comPhone: 0727315233