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To whom it may concern,       It is with great pleasure that I recommend Radu Matei. I have known him for14 months, 8 of t...
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Leter of recommandation from pavel paul


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Leter of recommandation from pavel paul

  1. 1. To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I recommend Radu Matei. I have known him for14 months, 8 of them working with him directly, being an EB member in AIESECArad. During this whole time Radu was always near us, helping us with our task andkeeping close track in our objectives evolution. Anytime he felt frustration andtiredness he was there to motivate and help us get over the obstacles. I think one ofthe reasons our team is the same as the one at the beginning of the mandate is hisleadership skill, constantly keeping us together and mediating any quarrel. The flexibility and adaptability he showed, managing to work with 7 extremelydifferent characters (his EB) and more than 60 different members, with whom hecreated a relation demonstrate his advanced social and selling skills. Also hedemonstrated an open mind, being a fast learner and having a good ability to explainfor anyone’s understanding. He is one of the most results oriented persons I know, and, as long as hewants something, he will fight for that. A proof of that is the existence of AIESECArad, which was possible because of his determination and the will to demonstratethe value of Arad in a time when everyone tried to convince him the contrary. Radu has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, andambition. He is definitely a leader, proven by his double LCP mandate in LC Arad.During this period he developed a big network of contacts, network which will benefitMC Romania in more than one way. His good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practicalapproach to his endeavors. Radu would be an asset to MC Romania , and I am happy to give him mywholehearted endorsement. For any further information’s regarding his reference letter please contact meusing the details below.Sincerely,Pavel Claudiu PaulVicepresident OutGoing eXchangeLC Arad, 2011 – 2012e-mail: pavel.paul@gmail.comphone: 0741 928 573Arad 2 January 2012