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Endorsement melinda csiki


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Endorsement melinda csiki

  1. 1. t E Tlla ..t:.^a+-li.u.r!,.!.-.!3..,^r..+ :_-=!,{..a.:,1te r.! *r.,.i.,i* .t..! i!:i,4!^,. irri. t++.3:,,.i,,". ,,^;._,!j.!l .vl-,Jl/l.".From: esiki Melinda Alexsndra President AIESEC Timipoaro 2O1,0AU 7 Street F- C. Ripensia, Dorm 76, Room 427 Timisoara, Romdnia www.qiese$m,rcE*m ail : csiki,meli nda. alexandro @gm af l. cam ttanuary ?AiZRe co m m e n d qt i o n: Lette rSadu Matei, two times LCP in AIESEC Arad@ but deep dawn inside alsaFlEtrrd memhq af /UESECfimisloara! I helieve thst Radu is one of the cruziest people thatt I know, a person wha made a jokereality: A//ESECARAE! Radu statted iis experiince in ATESEC Timkoara 2 yean ogo, passin g through same tesmexperienees st the beginning and making himself visible through his a*ivity aen $ he was living in Aiod. His desire ani imbitin made o smalt joke in LCt ?QagTimisoara, became reality, fie workednnd strived s lot to make this possibte and naw he is a Prvad LCF of ATESEC Aradl As LCp on thisterm he wos *lways in tauch and *rtved to grow ATESEC Arad in t*e naticlnet nel:ntarks, to help andoffer inputs when any LC needed it.Far me Rsdff rs ane a! the best examples af ryrseverance rtnd wfihition, rp€rron that strives larwhat he wonb, for growing and helping stherc eround him, for hdving an impact ia the reciety.He is a persan that cares far the things that ere hoppening qround him, a Wrson that puts a 1at ofpaxion and energy in achieving the bert. He passed through reolly tough mCIments which grewhim and made him the person he is today: ambitious, trustful and tourogeous!In tbe end I csn sqT that I strongly recommend Eadu becauseoffifs resu[ts until,naw but especiolly becouse of the Wrson he is, because af the tiust and ffirfidenre that he built around himselfthraugh al{ the things he did unti!.now.ln ccse any *dditi*natr infurmc#on fs r,eguired pfecse de net hesttcte te cottts€t me $t14fi.722.33.2,,128. .t)^ {!;1noi1 AlESECTimigoara I F, C. Ripensia Str. I Dorm 16, Room 42? | Timisoara, Romania tel: +4S Tlz.3g"e.ffiB I