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nd2 of December 2012To whom it may concern,I am writing this letter with the purpose of endorsing Radu Matei in his applic...
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Endorsement from michael omescu


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Endorsement from michael omescu

  1. 1. nd2 of December 2012To whom it may concern,I am writing this letter with the purpose of endorsing Radu Matei in his application for the position of MC VP AlumniDevelopment for AIESEC Romania, term 12-13.My experiences working with Radu has started in 2009 when he was just a new member recruited in AIESEC Timisoara.Ever since I met Radu, he has been a very curious and outgoing person, fast thinker and fast learned, willing toexperiment and try all sort of new and challenging things.He has shown a lot of interest towards his development and as well the development of people he works with. Thus hehas tried more things in AIESEc Timisoara, determined to be as active as he can. Radu was not a student in Timisoaraand he would commute between his home town and Timisoara just to be part of AIESEC - this should a lot ofdetermination and ambition about Radu and what he wanted to achieve.After a period in AIESEC Timisoara, Radu was determined to go back to his home town and open up an LC there.He brought a team of 5 people in Arad and from nothing he started building up membership, started recruiting and starteddoing operations in his town. In only 8 months, this project became one of two Infinitive Groups in AIESEC Timisoara andRadu was there on the ground making things happen and coordinating activities in Arad.For the term 11-12 Radu ran a second time as President of the Initiative Group in Arad because he was determined tomake this IG into an LC part of AIESEC Romania. Ad in just 2 yeas of going there and having the first recruitment,AIESEc Arad is a members of AIESEC in Romania.This story tells a lot about Radu and his abilities to lead and manages people around him. Also he developed his strategicthinking and brought new improvement to processes and structures that he found to work in other LCs in the network.His ambition, his determination and his courage pushed him and the members in to make AIESEC Arad a success storyfor the city and for AIESEC Romania, being and example and an inspiration for many other LCs in the network .With these being said, I can say about Radu that he has both experience and understanding of how to develop andmanage AIESEC as an organization, as well he has proven in several occasions that by putting passion and effort ineverything that you do, you manage to inspire and motivate the people around to strive for becoming better.For any further details feel free to contact me anytime at: or +40744595867.Michael Omescu,President 2011-2012for AIESEC RomaniaAIESEC Romania | Vitan Bârzesti Street | Nr. 7 D Sector 4 | Bucharest, Romania | 042121 ̦ | | Change. Develop. Reach out and impact Romania