Blank paper challenge


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Blank paper challenge

  1. 1. The question I think we should ask ourselves is: “How do we become the organizationwe’re supposed to be?” It astounds me when I look at what AIESEC does and what kind of people it creates andyet, if we look at the numbers, we see that it’s not really that much. The numbers I’m referring tois how many members we have compared to how many students there are in Romania, howmany internship and leadership opportunities we delivered compared to that same number andhow many partners we have compared to how many companies we have available in ourcountry. Even today, after 21 years, we are still small. This is one of the harsh realities we need to face. I know it’s hard, but somehow, for meit’s exciting ! It means that the next generations might be the ones who actually boost AIESECRomania to reach it’s true potential. For that to happen however, we need to accept the realityand start thinking and acting bigger. We need that pioneering courage to go out there and takea chance. We are young and the role of AIESEC is to give us the chance to experiment. Of course, we need to make sure we are capable, which means we need to have theproper framework to support a relevant growth, which we already have – the new structure. Forthat structure to work we need many members who aren’t just present, but also engaged andwilling to invest time -> which is a problem since nowadays, young people need time to makemoney, or they just can’t afford some of the facilities which gives them the knowledge, skills andattitude boost -> conferences, not even top management positions. This way, we lose a lot ofcapable leaders, just because they can’t afford to be. It’s clear we need to invest more in our members than before, but to do that we needrevenues and those come from the very people who are reluctant to invest in us. The only waythey will start to do it is if they know us well enough, they see a gain from it and if they trust us. If we just go out more, participate at events, meet new people, make contacts (outside ofAIESEC) and maintain a close relationship with them, it’s amazing what a progress we canmake. Why not create more fun and friendly get togethers with stakeholders, get to know themand their needs. Let them tell us what to do in order to reach the desired impact and they will. We always tell people in AIESEC to “think outside the box” and ironically our biggestproblem is that we keep thinking “inside of the box” which is AIESEC. The steps are there for us to take, we just need to let go of our fears and DO IT ! Radu Matei – for MCVP Alumni Development of AIESEC Romania “Impossible is just another realized objective!”