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Change document display


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"Hidden" SAP feature to display Change Documents in consise and user-friendly way

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Change document display

  1. 1. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Change Document Display
  2. 2. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Change Document Display Note that: • Selection is not narrowed • At the root tree is „Unassigned Attribute” • Item ID’s are a set of numbers • There’s no label of documents on output list
  3. 3. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Change Documents Display: Customizing Configuration allows to display object keys (and more) in the user-friendly way Customizing (SM34): • Basic Definition VC_TBANK_CD_LP (IMG act. _GTF_CHD_RANGE_ATTR) • Change Document Tool: Settings by the Application Developer VC_TBANK_CD_DV (IMG act. _GTF_CHD_DEFINE_OBJ) IMG activities: • Contain documentation • Can be used in own customizing tree
  4. 4. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Developer Customizing: Sales Document 1. Define FM to create text for current object ID Hint: code tempate for generic text in SCN blog Start developer customizing: SM34  VC_TBANK_CD_DV 2. Define FM to create text for object key Hint: code template for generic parsing of object key (e.g. 8000000014384000030  Sales Document 14384 Item 30) 3. Advanced options Replace Field Texts, Group Fields, etc. Not needed in most applications.
  5. 5. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Example: How to use To run Change Document Display: CALL FUNCTION 'BANK_API_CHDOC_DISPLAY' EXPORTING i_tab_objectid = lt_objectid i_applicationid = sy-repid EXCEPTIONS not_qualified = 1 no_change_document_found = 2 internal_error = 3 system_error = 4 OTHERS = 5 . IF sy-subrc <> 0. * Handle exception ENDIF. And… that’s all APPEND INITIAL LINE TO lt_objectid ASSIGNING <ls_objectid>. <ls_objectid>-objectclas = 'VERKBELEG'. <ls_objectid>-objectid = <lv_vbeln>.
  6. 6. Hicron /// Technical Supremacy Thank you Radosław Gref