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About Radore


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Radore was established in 2004 with the aim of developing individual and corporate web hosting services. The company made its first data center investment in 2005 in order to create unique, flexible and “advanced” solutions to meet high capacity requirements emerging as a result of increasing internet activity levels and fast-developing new generation internet infrastructure. In time, Radore became one of Turkey’s most efficient and highest-capacity private data centers. Today, Radore offers data center solutions to more than 1,600 individuals and corporations with more than 30 professionals and 3,000 servers at its third generation data center. Radore is the eighth fastest growing data center and technology company in Turkey with its 1101% growth rate over the last five years in “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program” 2012 ranking, and 123rd fastest growing technology company in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) in “Deloitte Technology Fast 500” 2012 ranking.

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About Radore

  1. 1. Radore Radore was established in 2004 with the aim of developing individual and corporate “web hosting” services. Today, Radore offers data center solutions to more than 1,600 individuals and corporations with more than 30 professionals and 3,000 servers at its third generation data center.
  2. 2. Since 2004 Until Today 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 MARCH JANUARY JANUARY MARCH FEBRUARYRadore was founded. We launched our first We signed a software Our 60 m² second Our call center started dedicated server. license agreement generation data center providing support to our with Microsoft. (SPLA) commenced its customers 7/24. JULY operations. We started our services with JULY instant 20 Mbps internet Radore became a access. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. OCTOBER We were accredited as an SEPTEMBER Internet Service Provider by the SSL Certificates were Information and put on sale. Communications Technologies Authority of Turkey. NOVEMBER DECEMBER We increased our internet We increased our internet access capacity to 250 access capacity to 80 Mbps, and our first “cloud” Mbps. server was put on the market.
  3. 3. Since 2004 Until Today 2009 2010 2011 2012 FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL JANUARY In line with increasing demand, we Radore started to be known We increased the capacity Data Center was made compatible withstarted the constructon of our third as “Uptime Experts”. of our 1,000 Mbps direct Ipv6, and only Ipv6 started to be used ingeneration data center in Metrocity. internet access in Europe to all internal communications. JULY 1,500 Mbps. MARCH With the extra 1,000 Mbps We became a co-sponsor of “Ariba”, the first APRIL Superonline internet access, solar-powered racing car built by Istanbul We increased our internet we started providing Technical University Formula-G Team. access capacity to 500 redundant internet access Mbps. through 3 different service MAY providers. Radore became a Dell SEPTEMBER Registered Partner. We opened our new 450 m² data center in Metrocity, and JUNE increased our internet access We increased the capacity of our 1,000 Mbps internet capacity to 1,000 Mbps. Our access to “Cloud” success story was 2,000 Mbps. published on NOVEMBER Our success story was published in Paris Dell Storage Forum 2012.
  4. 4. Since 2004 Until Today Radore is the eighth fastest growing data center in Turkey with its 1101% growth rate over the last five years in “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program” 2012 ranking, and 123rd fastest growing technology company in EMEA in “Deloitte Technology Fast 500” 2012 ranking.
  5. 5. Our Services Colocation Dedicated Cabinets Private Virtual Data Servers Cages Center Live Broadcast Internet Office Software Access Other Services Rental Licenses Services Services
  6. 6. Our Services Co-location Radore Data Center is capable of hosting all types of servers and network hardware thanks to its separate special cabinet designs and white space customized to suit different needs.
  7. 7. Our Services Dedicated Servers Advanced level server and hardware rental services are provided by Radore Data Center. This service begins with providing all the servers and hardware requested by individuals or corporations, and putting them at their disposal. All physical risks related to the hardware in question are undertaken by Radore Data Center.
  8. 8. Our Services Cabinets Cabinet services are particularly preferred by individuals and corporations that request more than four server hosting units at once. In this service, the clients are provided with secure, custom design full, half, or quarter cabinets depending on capacity and requirements. Additional uplink for secondary internet access, and secondary energy source are optional for the cabinets, if necessary.
  9. 9. Our Services Private Cages In this service, the cabinets rented by the client are enclosed with Radore Data Center’s card, fingerprint or password- secured modular cage systems so that only the client can go in or out. Radore Data Center clients who want to access their co- location cages, pass through security checkpoints to their authorized area.
  10. 10. Our Services Virtual Data Center Virtual Data Centers are systems located inside data centers. Although they use the infrastructure of the data center they are located in, they use their own equipment for internet access and network. This service is designed for high-capacity and specific needs. The clients may choose to announce their IP addresses through their own devices and control their own network.
  11. 11. Our Services Office Rental Radore Data Center provides all necessary monitoring and tracking services to its clients. However, individuals and corporations can also rent private office areas at Radore, if they prefer to have their data center service supervised by their own teams or for some reason would like to be close to the data center. Shower, kitchen, toilet and furniture are all provided by Radore office rental services.
  12. 12. Our Services Live Broadcast Services Radore Data Center offers streaming/live broadcast services if the entry and mid- level CDN service provided through Radore CDN does not suit the clients needs. All video, audio and live broadcast services are planned and executed exclusively in accordance with the clients requests and needs.
  13. 13. Our Services Internet Access Services Radore is an authorized internet service provider accredited by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey with license number G-ISS-125. Radore provides internet access to its clients through Metro Ethernet, G.SHDSL or Wireless.
  14. 14. Our Services Software Licenses The servers at Radore Data Center can be licensed for rent through software rental services provided; therefore clients are not burdened with unnecessary investment costs. The standard package includes software by Microsoft, Parallels, Cpanel, Directadmin; however Radore can also offer software products by other companies for its clients upon exclusive agreement.
  15. 15. Other Services HOSTING CLOUD CDN Location-based Shared web Infrastructure as a content delivery hosting services Service (Iaas) Cloud network
  16. 16. Radore Topology / January 2013 Radore’sInfrastructure
  17. 17. Radore’s Infrastructure INTERNET ENERGY Three different internet service providers 500 KW Energy Capacity 35 Gbps internet access capacity ATS switch Fiber-optic infrastructure Twin 1,100 kVA Caterpillar 1.6 Tbps primary backbone capacity generators 2x(N+1) redundant UPS system Busbar Line
  18. 18. Radore’s Infrastructure SECURITY COOLING 7/24 physical and digital 1,500,000 BTU total cooling power, surveillance of all entrances to 6 sensitive air conditioners with MetroCity and Radore, optical «Indirect Free-cooling» feature, 6 smoke fire detection and FM200 fire cold air corridors, full redundancy prevention systems inside the data automatic pump system center, water and humidity control sensors, energy control software
  19. 19. Radore’s Infrastructure NETWORK OPERATION CENTER UPTIMEThe local network of the data center Radore Operation Center is available With its robust infrastructureuses 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. 7/24, 365 days a year along with and over 10 years of experience, Radore uses Brocade products on Radore Call Center. Radore offers 99.999% the network layer of the data “uptime” guarantee in its data center’s backbone. center services.
  20. 20. Our References
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  22. 22. For more information... +90 212 344 04 04 Büyükdere Cad. No: 171 Metrocity Shopping Mall 4B, No: 39-46S, 1. Levent İstanbul - Turkey