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7. lvrm ch7 ukraine surf subdrainage-1 hr-

  1. SURFACE DRAINAGESURFACE DRAINAGE Natural Channel CrossingsNatural Channel Crossings CulvertsCulverts Low-Water CrossingsLow-Water Crossings BridgesBridges Surface DrainageSurface Drainage Sub-Surface DrainageSub-Surface Drainage Meadow CrossingsMeadow Crossings
  2. Photo: USDA Forest Service
  3. Photo: Gordon Keller
  4. Outlets/Inlets
  5. USFS
  6. Leadouts- Leadoff Ditch
  7. USFS
  8. Ditches
  9. Photo: Gordon R Keller
  10. USFS
  11. Switchbacks
  12. Steep Grades
  13. Over-Side Drains
  14. Meadow Crossings
  15. Springs/Wet Areas
  16. Corduroy Road
  17. Underdrains
  18. Filter Blanket
  20. Pay Attention to Drainage Detail

Editor's Notes

  1. Here we can see muddy water being collected in the road, concentrated, and flowing down wheel ruts in the road.
  2. The crown in the center of the road devides the runoff and shortens the distance water needs to travel on the road surface. Crown roads are suitable for slippery conditions. Require the largest amount of disturbance (footprint) and are the most expensive to construct and maintain.
  3. Leadouts are most common draining ditches along either insloped or crowned roads on low-sloping ground. They are commonly constructed with a dozer turning the ditch out into the surrounding slopes.