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Warehouse Productivity: Save hours of wasted time


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Find out how Radley Corporation’s configurable and scalable software solutions helped an industry-leading manufacturer streamline warehouse processes, automate order picking tasks and gain real-time visibility to their inventory. Radley’s solutions helped eliminate nearly all manual data entry for the picking and processing of orders and saved hours of wasted time.

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Warehouse Productivity: Save hours of wasted time

  1. 1. Warehouse Productivity A Case Study Save hours of wasted time. How an electronic equipment manufacturer streamlined processes, automated tasks & gained real-time visibility to their inventory.
  2. 2. Declines in brand loyalty…
  3. 3. increased competition…
  4. 4. industry regulations…
  5. 5. and disparate software systems…
  6. 6. challenge manufacturers...
  7. 7. to look for improved data accuracy…
  8. 8. more efficient operational performance…
  9. 9. and greater productivity.
  10. 10. Many seek to improve warehouse operations
  11. 11. to meet their lean initiatives.
  12. 12. Source: Over 50 % of warehouse labor resources are typically involved In picking, packing and shipping outbound orders
  13. 13. *Source: Up to 60 % operating costs are attributed to order picking in a typical warehouse
  14. 14. *Source:[tt_news]=23884 Only 67 % items received at a typical warehouse are barcoded
  15. 15. *Source: 54 % of warehouses plan to expand inventory over the next 5 years
  16. 16. How did a leading manufacturer meet these challenges…
  17. 17. save hours of labor time…
  18. 18. and gain visibility to their inventory?
  19. 19. The Client Peerless-AV
  20. 20. manufacturer of AV mounting solutions
  21. 21. Up to 700 orders were manually processed daily
  22. 22. The Challenge
  23. 23. Inventor y picking was inefficient…
  24. 24. as workers made multiple passes through the warehouse…
  25. 25. and orders were sorted manually.
  26. 26. Updates to the ERP were done manually.
  27. 27. There was no validation for paper picking manifests…
  28. 28. Manual sorting and skidding led to delayed orders.
  29. 29. How could they streamline processes within Finished Goods & Shipping ?
  30. 30. Simply automating their ERP wasn’t enough.
  31. 31. Radley’s software solution allowed them to consolidate workflows… and interleave tasks…
  32. 32. to increase productivity in their warehouse.
  33. 33. “TaskManagement was the ultimate tool that sold us onRadley.” -Dan Zabinski M I S D i r e c tor a t Pe e rl es s-AV Learn More
  34. 34. Results
  35. 35. Radley software helped eliminate manual data entr y…
  36. 36. saved hours of wasted time...
  37. 37. and streamlined order picking.
  38. 38. Task Management automates assignments.
  39. 39. Data Collection provides real-time visibility.
  40. 40. Scanning hardware adds efficient part & material movement.
  41. 41. Peerless values Radley’s creativity.
  42. 42. based on customers’ needs. Radley is open to developing new solutions
  43. 43. Connect with Radley Corporation Visit Read the full Case Study Get a Free Consultation