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Growing Your Business with Personal Branding & Social Networks

Go in depth on Social Networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Freelance sites such as Thumbtack for the Northern Virgina Black Chamber of Commerce. Learn how to minimize or eliminate marketing cost by leveraging digital media, which in turn will increase your bottom line.

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Growing Your Business with Personal Branding & Social Networks

  1. 1. Growing Your Business Using Personal Branding & Social Media Presented to the
  2. 2. Hello! I am Rachel A. Adler Rachel A. Adler is a Business Development Manager at Fairfax County Economic Development Authority will be our featured speaker. She will go in depth over Linkedin, Facebook ,Twitter and Freelance sites such as Thumbtack. How to minimize or eliminate marketing cost by leveraging social media, which in turn will increase your bottom line. She will also briefly go over other Social Media Platforms. You can find me at: @RachelA_Adler
  3. 3. “ Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want published on the first page of the New York Times.
  4. 4. Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (95%). Think about your audience and see where they are most likely to follow your brand. (Source: MarketingSherpa)
  5. 5. Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years—going from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016 But despite this growing investment in social advertising, 46 percent of B2B marketers say they’re unsure whether their channels have generated any revenue for their business.
  6. 6. 150 Million People use Pinterest Every Month A jump of 50 percent in 12 months indicates something happening on the platform that all companies—small businesses and behemoth brands alike—can pay attention to $35 BILLION Social media ad spending is likely to exceed $35 billion in 2017, representing 16% of all digital ad spending globally. $750,000 per day Snapchat’s Sponsored Selfie Filters, which could cost up to $750,000 per day, are forecasted to reach 16 million viewers daily
  7. 7. Why We Use Social Networks ◎Communication ◎Building relationships ◎Reputation management ◎Customer service ◎Information ◎Entertainment
  8. 8. Not All Social Networks are Equal
  9. 9. “ ◎Reid Hoffman, Linkedin co-founder, Author of The Start-Up of You You need to think and act like you’re running a start- up: your career.
  10. 10. How Are You Perceived? ◎Online Reputation ○When is the last time you Googled yourself? ○What do search results say about you? ◎Professional Relationships ○What do your colleagues & managers say about you? ◎Personal Relationships ◎What do your friends and family say about you? **Audiences tend to trust people more than corporations**
  11. 11. Creating a Personal Brand What are Your Goals? ◎Gain awareness (be visible) ◎Build trust (be consistent) ◎Earn loyalty (be valuable) 3 Steps: ◎Discover who you are ○Your USPs (Unique Selling Points) ○Your passions ○Your skills ◎Create your identity ○Consistency is key ◎Make it visible
  12. 12. Facebook ◎Create a Facebook Fan Page (Public Figure if you are your brand) ◎And Contact information to CTA (Call to Action) ◎Add Social Media Accounts as Fan page tabs ◎Create an Instagram & Facebook – if you have a product. ◎If you are using Facebook – use Facebook For Business: Facebook Business gives you the latest news, advertising tips, best practices and case studies for using Facebook to meet your business goals.
  13. 13. HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE ◎Step 1: Choose a Classification. ○To begin, navigate to eate.php. This page will showcase six different classifications to choose from: ◉Local Business or Place ◉Company, Organization, or Institution ◉Brand or Product ◉Artist, Band, or Public Figure ◉Entertainment ◎Step 2: Complete Basic Information. ○Finish “About” Section ○Upload Profile Picture ○Add Favorites ○Reach more people.
  14. 14. HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE ◎Step 3: Understand the Admin Panel ○In the top navigation, you'll see an option for "Settings." Click that. Along the left side, a vertical navigation bar with different sections should appear. We'll focus on three core ones now: ◉Page Info: This is where you can add additional details about your business. This section will also unveil different fields based on the classification you chose in Step 1. Notifications: This section allows you to customize when and how you'd like to receive Page alerts. Set a frequency that fits your social media marketing schedule. Page Roles: Whether or not you'll be the main manager of the Page, there may be others at your organization who need access to your Facebook Page. Here, you can invite other colleagues to make changes to your Pages. Some common use cases here include: A public relations manager who needs to respond to any delicate questions. A support representative who can assist those asking technical questions. A designer tasked with uploading new photo creative to the Page. ◎Step 3: Populate Page with Content ○Plain text status ○Photo with caption ○Link with caption ○Video with caption ○Event page ○Location check-in
  15. 15. HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE ◎Step 5: Measure Your Growth ◎Facebook has embedded in some decently helpful metrics for us to take advantage of. Simply click the "Insights" option in the top navigation to see the following: ○Overview: This tab shows a 7-day snapshot of your metrics such as Page Likes, post reach, and overall engagement. ○Likes: This tab shows your overall fan growth and losses. If you're employing paid efforts, you'll be able to see the breakdown of paid versus organic growth. ○Reach: This tab highlights the raw number of people your Page is reaching every day. If you notice spikes on a specific day, try cross-checking what you posted that day to see if you can replicate that reach. ○Visits: This tab indicates where on Facebook your viewers are coming from. You can see the difference in visits on Facebook Timelines, your information tab, reviews, and others.
  16. 16. A Quick Note About Facebook ◎Companies use Pages, so can individuals ◎Think you’re private? Think again. ○Manage privacy settings ○Be comfortable with what you post Read more: Being Professionally Personable on Facebook (Harvard Business Review)
  17. 17. What is Instagram? Free smartphone app used to capture and share the world’s moments Fast, beautiful & fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures and videos
  18. 18. Why Use Instagram?  Consumer change Consumer behavior and shift towards visual content 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual processing  Content is King Instagram allows you to create and publish content easily Source content Get influencers and locals (including photographers) to help build your content bank by introducing your own #hashtag Republish content (and give credit) to your content creators (when they use your # or give you approval)  Highly engaged community
  19. 19. Taking People With You Instagram is great for showing a moment or a snapshot Great Instagram accounts take their followers with them…  On the road  Behind the scenes  Sneak peaks into new products or events Think Instagram is just for younger consumer audiences? These B2B brands can make you think again.
  21. 21. Using Instagram  Newsfeed  just like Facebook where you’ll find images from the instagrammers you follow  Explore  find instagrammers and topics using #hashtags  Take a pic or video, upload an existing image or video file  Your notifications  See who’s followed, liked or commented on your pics  Your profile  See your bio, followers, who you’re following, your pics & pics you’re tagged in
  22. 22. Hashtag = Content Distribution  Use ones relevant to your destination (research in )  Add popular hashtags to relevant images to grow audience & engagement #qotd #instagood #photooftheday  Add a unique hashtag to source content and build a community  Communicate your hashtag in your profile  #CalmYourFarm  too many hashtags or ones that don’t make sense will be ignored (especially in the 1st comment)
  23. 23. Instagram Extras  Repost  Snapseed  PicStitch/PicFrame  Hyperlapse  TimeHop  Top hashtags & users
  24. 24. Twitter – Personal & Brands
  25. 25. Twitter Shorthand  RT – Retweet  MT – Modified Tweet  # - Hashtag  @ - Tweet directed to specific user  .@ - Tweet directed to specific user that your followers can see
  27. 27. Build Your Profile ◎Header photo (1500 x 500 px) ◎Profile photo (400 x 400 px) ◎Name ◎Bio (max 160 characters) ◎Location ◎Website ◎Theme color ◎Birthday
  28. 28. Who to Follow
  29. 29. Create/Subscribe to Lists ◎Lists are curated groups of Twitter users – create your own or subscribe to ones created by others ◎Useful for reading tweets, not tweeting to a specific group
  30. 30. How to Tweet ◎140 character limit (includes text & spaces) ○Twitter counts the characters for you ○If you have more to say Quote a tweet / Retweet ○Try abbreviations to fit limit ○Links & images take up no characters ◎Retweeting lets you repost to your followers or comment
  31. 31. What & When to Tweet  What? Look at trending topics Mix of professional & personal Source attribution  When? Depends on your audience and geographic location Live tweet events or TV shows Participate in Twitter chats Schedule it!
  32. 32. Share a Variety of Content Read more: How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Brand on Social Media
  33. 33. What is a Hashtag?  Word or phrase beginning with a # symbol with no spaces or punctuation: #tbt #dcjobs #GRAMMYs #entrepreneur  Hashtags group conversations about topics making them easier to find, follow, and join  Extend your own brand and distribute your content to certain interests and groups
  34. 34. Crafting the Perfect Tweet ◎Use hashtags & links together ◎Don’t hashtag overload (2 = ideal) ◎Tweet longer (120+ characters work best) ◎Clear Call to Action (CTA) ◎Urgency ◎Tweet frequently (1-5 times per day) ◎Use pictures (2x engagement) Read more: 10 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Tweet
  35. 35. Anatomy of a Perfect Tweet
  36. 36. Twitter Tools  Publishers Tweetdeck Hootsuite Buffer Sprout Social IFTTT (if this then that) – triggered actions, not just for Twitter  Analytics Twitter Analytics SocialBro Twitonomy  Content Discovery Klout – curates articles based on your interests, allows you to schedule and improves your social influence Nuzzel – discover what your friends are reading
  37. 37. Branding Yourself on LinkedIn
  38. 38. Complete Your Profile  Professional photo  Descriptive headline  Experience, education, certifications Organizations, volunteer work  Publications (articles, videos, photography)
  39. 39. LinkedIn Profile Checklist ◎Photo: Professional, high quality ◎Headline: Tell people what you’re excited about now & what you want to do in the future. ◎Vanity URL: Make yourself easy to find. ◎Summary: A few short paragraphs of what motivates you, what you’re skilled at, and what’s next. ◎Experience: Jobs you held and accomplishments at each. Include photos, write ups, or videos. ◎Recommendations: Ask managers, peers, or co-workers to write a recommendation. This gives authority to your strengths and skills. ◎Education: List all of your educational experiences, including summer programs. ○Courses can show skills & interests you’re most excited about ◎Volunteer Experience & Causes ◎Skills & Expertise: Add 5+ skills you want to be endorsed for. ◎Honors & Awards: Don’t be shy to brag about your accomplishments. ◎Projects: Showcase digital campaigns or projects. ◎Interests: Add anything else about yourself; helps with search! ◎Organize sections
  40. 40. LinkedIn Publishing  Way for members to contribute professional insight  Long-form content becomes part of your profile  Searchable on and off LinkedIn  Added to Pulse section (if content is relevant) For more information on how to get started please see SlideShare. 40
  41. 41. Make Connections & Find News  Join groups based on your… Area Industry Interests  Start and join discussions  Use Pulse to find news Comment Share with your network
  42. 42. Automate Everything – But be HUMAN You have better things to do than execute the same repetitive tasks over and over again. When it comes to social media marketing, automation is everything. Here’s a short list of some of the tasks you can automate now and no longer waste your time on: ◎Following people back when they follow you ◎Retweeting interesting messages on Twitter ◎Mentioning other users in your messages ◎Responding to direct messages ◎Automating posts from another expert’s website ◎Posting to LinkedIn ,Twitter, or Facebook from another network
  43. 43. Build Your Digital Portfolio
  44. 44. ◎Personal homepage ◎Summary ◎Location ◎Job history ◎Education ◎Interests ◎Link to social profiles
  45. 45. ◎Mission: help people take back control of their own lives online ◎Look better in Google results ◎Digital resume ◎Social stream ◎Links to additional projects
  46. 46. Why You Need to Build a Website ◎A website isn’t static; it’s dynamic ◎Having a website makes you more findable ◎Not many people have one – having a website can help you stand out. ◎You gain some new skills ◎Top Free Personal Website Builders: ○Self-Made/Self-Hosted ○Tumblr ○ ○Weebly ○Wix ○ ○ ○
  47. 47. Personal Blogs
  48. 48. Guest Blogging ◎Blogging is one of the best ways to build your visibility, credibility, and brand message online. ◎Recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely search the blogosphere when they're vetting candidates. ◎Do some research before diving in: ○Look for blogs relevant to your expertise and/or industry. ○Find out which blogs the recruiters and hiring decision makers you want to attract are visiting. ◎Some ideas to find the right blogs: ○Consult with your professional network. ○Do a Google search of relevant key words for your industry/field and your areas of expertise. ○Use the LinkedIn Groups search feature to connect with relevant professional networks. ○Look at the blogrolls
  49. 49. #HugYourHaters How-to respond
  50. 50. Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone. Ready to get creative? Everyone is designer. 1. Know Your Key Messages 2. Keep It Simple 3. Be Consistent 4. Use Purposeful Hierarchy 5. Consider Text Formatting
  51. 51. Recruiting: Know Your Audience  Job seekers and recruiters use the same platforms but to a different degree 0 20 40 60 80 100 Job Seekers Recruiters
  52. 52. Recruiting: Where to Post Openings  Company-owned channels LinkedIn Company Page – Careers tab Facebook Page Twitter Google+ Personal networks Share with your personal social network of friends and family  Use hashtags – broad & niche #jobsearch #hiring #ITjobs #jobopening #consulting #dcjobs
  53. 53. Recruiting: Finding & Vetting Candidates  LinkedIn Recruiter Powerful search capabilities Contact candidates through InMail Track & manage talent to hire now or in the future  Twitter Searches & Chats Participate in chats (ongoing or create your own) Follow hashtags used by job seekers #hireme #needajob #resume #unemployed #MBA #jobhunt  Facebook Directory Search pages, groups, users
  54. 54. Apps to Find People – Freelancers ◎PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a freelance site for all skills related to web projects, including software engineers, digital designers, SEO specialists and marketers. The site features a tool called WorkStream, which simplifies the business side of your work by organizing payment, communication and management, all in one place. You can browse jobs, get notifications for new openings to your inbox and send up to 15 proposals for work for free before signing up for the premium plan. ◎SimplyHired: SimplyHired offers the largest variety of freelance jobs of any site on this list. From construction to concierge work, the site boasts a bounty of opportunities for anyone seeking extra work, and it helps freelancers find jobs in over 24 countries. It also isn’t limited to English-language work, offering 12 different languages in which you can find jobs. ◎Freelance Writing Gigs: Freelance Writing Gigs is a job board that is updated daily with fresh freelance writing and blogging jobs. The offerings vary from technical writing positions to writing about recipes, photography and healthcare, making it a great site for writers interested in testing their hand at different types of professional writing. ◎LinkedIn Profinder: With over 420 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is indisputably the go- to place for learning about all things job-related. Recently, LinkedIn decided to begin its foray into the freelance economy by quietly launching LinkedIn Profinder, which is helping freelance professionals find their next job. Because of its enormous amount of user data, LinkedIn is able to quickly connect freelancers with strong leads based on their keyword searches and companies followed. Profinder is a great option for expert professionals in countless fields ◎ Toptal: Toptal is a freelance network of elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. The company’s screening process weeds out all but the top 3 percent of talent in multiple categories, which means that once accepted, you’ll join an exclusive community of experts. Toptal lets you decide if you want to work hourly, part-time or full time, and you set your own rates so you’ll never be stuck in a bidding war. What’s perhaps best for freelancers is that Toptal also screens clients -- and works with top companies like AirBnB, IDEO and JP Morgan -- so you’ll always have a steady supply of interesting projects and clients who appreciate the value of your work.
  55. 55. Apps to Find People - Freelancers ◎Upwork: In 2014, two leading freelance networks, Elance and oDesk, merged to form Upwork, which is now the largest network for freelancers by a long shot. With more than 10 million registered users, four million clients, and three million jobs posted every year, Upwork has something to offer for everyone from writers and architects to legal aides and photographers. You can sign up for short- or long-term projects, and elect to work by the hour or be paid per- project. The site features an easy-to-use chat feature, a time-tracker and a payment protection plan to make communication and collaboration with your client a breeze. ◎99 Designs: 99 Designs is a freelance job site with a twist. As its name suggests, the platform is exclusively for designers, and every job comes members in the form of a contest. Rather than browse through a catalog of portfolios and résumés, clients are prompted to crowdsource their projects, setting a budget and giving instructions, then letting designers submit work based on the project brief. At the end of a week, the client chooses the best design, and that designer gets paid. This is a great site for designers looking to really test their talents and shake up their workflow. ◎Thumbtack: Thumbtack is an online service that matches customers with local professionals. Currently, Thumbtack lists 1,100 types of services in categories such as home, wellness, events, and lessons ◎Freelancer: Hire freelance programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry & more at a fraction of the cost on the World's Largest Outsourcing Marketplace. ◎Guru: is a freelance marketplace. It allows companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work. ◎Shapr: Shapr is a networking app that brings you a personalized daily dose of inspiring people to meet. ◎PeerHu$tle: Hire local freelancers and find local freelance jobs. Find local freelancers for all kinds of jobs, within minutes. ◎Fiverr : is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.
  56. 56. Are you a Freelancer? ◎From time management to billing to collaboration, these are the tools you need to succeed as a freelancer. ○Tools for the toolbox: ◉30 Essential Tools and Web Apps for Freelancers ◉21 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers ◉3 Top Apps For Freelance Marketers And Solopreneurs
  57. 57. Digital Brand Scorecard ◎Strategically Aligned ◎Believable/Instill Trust ◎Sounds Like a Person not a brand (This is for personal branding) ◎Distinctive & Visual (Remember is your best friend) ◎Engaged & Responsive #HugYourHaters ◎ Assessable to be shared ◎ Transparent ◎ Consistent Frequency ◎ Audience Growth in followers & conversations ◎ Integrated across platforms ◉Regularly assess your digital presence. Rate each component (1-5). Add them & divide by 10 for your score.
  58. 58. Align Social Media With Business Goals ◎ Be intentional ◎ Be distinctive ◎ Add value, not noise ◎ Apply best practices ◎ Be visible & visual ◎ Have a consistent voice ◎ Be time, energy & resource efficient ◎ Monitor, measure, refine ◎Identity ◎Visibility ◎Credibility
  59. 59. Final Thoughts ◎Personal branding is a way to: ○Establish credibility ○Grow your network ○Attract opportunities ◎Before you post, ask yourself... ○Is it valuable? ○Does it fit with my personal brand? ○Did I include source attribution? ○Did I add relevant hashtags?
  60. 60. Your Homework ◎Create or update your LinkedIn profile ○Goal: connect with 30+ people by end of month ○Post or share an update at least once/week ○Leave and request a recommendation from colleague/manager ◎If Twitter is right for you… ○Create/update your branded profile ○Have a conversation ○Share news/relevant posts to your audience

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Go in depth on Social Networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Freelance sites such as Thumbtack for the Northern Virgina Black Chamber of Commerce. Learn how to minimize or eliminate marketing cost by leveraging digital media, which in turn will increase your bottom line.


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