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How to Brand Yourself for the Job Hunt:
Increase your chances of landing the job you want by selling yourself to employers.

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  • Your ability to market your talents, accomplishments and value inside your organization and within your profession, industry and community are a key part of enhancing your brand. The demands we face today include an unpredictable economy, very competitive and specialized marketplace, globalization, changing demographics, and strong leadership skills by all levels.
  • Identifying and marketing your personal brand is an essential core competency for managing and sustaining a successful career. Empower yourself by knowing what you have to offer, what you want and how to ask for it.
  • In order to be successful, it is critical to set yourself apart. Think about the following questions: Do you know your value adds – your unique differentiators? Can you define your personal brand? How easily can you articulate that brand? Do you actively work on enhancing your brand?Are you comfortable talking about yourself in this way? More importantly, are you prepared to talk about yourself in this way – packaging your talents and accomplishments – showcasing them and presenting your value internally within your organization and externally within your chosen field and community? How can you develop this ease, confidence and comfort that is considered very difficult by many people?Many people view it as a task, so it can come across as insincere and ineffective. The first step is to change your mindset and embrace personal branding as a required competency in taking charge of your career and executing a successful career management strategy. A core competency that can become so effortless and second nature that you do not even realize you are doing so. Easier said than done! Let’s walk through some techniques for developing this core competency.
  • The 3 P’s Marketing Technique to create your personal brand and effectively market yourself:Preparation – conduct your due diligence; define and identify your brandPackaging – create your portfolio; create and build your brandPresentation – deliver your message; articulate and enhance your brandPreparationKnow your value/Self assessment – skills, competencies, accomplishments, strengths, limitations, interests, values and aspirations, input from othersDifferentiating factors - unique characteristics, traits and/or experiences you have to offer that set you apartNetwork – build, maintain and nurture long lasting relationshipsContent expertise – establish specific niches, functional and/or technical expertiseGoals – create mission for career, set goals (short and long term), have a planCraft and articulate a clear and concise messagePositive attitude - positivity and sense of humor are most important in setting a strong foundation
  • PackagingMaintain resume, bio, CV and/or portfolio regularlyKeep copies of performance reviews, awards, articles, presentationsCreate history of track record - “scrapbook” of talents & accomplishmentsObtain references, quotes, testimonials and other relevant credentialsServe on committees and boards – professionally and personallyExpand your network and enhance your visibilityBe well read and stay current in your field, continued learningCreate key alliances and partnerships – align with people you admire/respectPresentationStrong communication, active listening and interpersonal skillsBe concise and assertive - clearly articulate your desires, value add, “brand”Practice your delivery again and again and again……..and againMaintain give and take approach – practice professional etiquetteBe pro-active and strategic with your efforts to be visible - think big pictureBe your own advocate & know when to reach out to key contacts for supportNever burn any bridges – always leave positive impressions!Deliver it with the UTMOST CONFIDENCE -.CONFIDENCE is how it all comes together – your preparation, your packaging and presentation!! Practicing these “3 P’s” are effective techniques for establishing your personal brand and marketing yourself resulting in a more fulfilling and focused career. Remember, the best person to manage your career is you, and the best person to market your talents, accomplishments and value is you! Last, but not least, when practicing the “3 P’s”, do not limit your efforts internally within your organization. Be sure to incorporate external initiatives – reach your efforts outside of your organization with equal importance. The venues you should take into account include your team, function, organization, business, industry, profession, media, community, academics, professional associations, family, friends, and other social groups.Once you create an effective branding and marketing outlook, you will find it to be a natural process that you do not even realize you have engaged. Once you change your mindset and embrace this concept as a powerful way of achieving self-actualization – knowing your value, setting goals that allow you to do what brings you the most passion and achieving a higher sense of accomplishment, then you have mastered the art of personal branding and marketing yourself!
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  • Brand "You"

    1. 1. Brand ―You‖How to Market Yourself to a Future Employer & Get a Job
    4. 4. • Your USPs (Unique Selling Points) – The key to success is SPECIALIZATION: “the nicher, the richer!”• Your Passions: – Passion & Personality are keys to a strong brand• Your Skills: – Abilities, education, professional experiences.
    5. 5. • Online Reputation – What do the search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo! Say about you?• Professional Relationships: – What do your colleagues & customer (professors) say about you?• Personal How Are You Relationships: Perceived? – What do you friends or family say about you?
    6. 6. What Do you Want to Achieve?• Your Sector: • Think of the 3 P’s – Create personal product Marketing Technique or services in your to create your personal business field. brand and effectively• Your Market market yourself: – Identify the right target – Preparation – conduct audience (niche) for your your due diligence; brand. define and identify your• Your Style brand – Plan you communication – Packaging – create your to be clear and portfolio; create and consistent. build your brand – Presentation – deliver your message; articulate and enhance your brand
    7. 7. Create Your Brand • Emotion & Words – Choose a name & slogan that will characterize you & are easy to remember. • Emotions & Images – Choose your company colors, a logo that represents you & the corporate identity. • Emotions & Storytelling – Engage with you own story using your bio.
    8. 8. Create Your Network!• Influencers – Follow experts in your field learn from them & engage & create relationships.• Communities – Actively participate in groups & forums in your field.• Offline – Attend networking events in your field & be prepared with business card or v-cards!
    9. 9. Create Original Content! • Blog – Post valuable content, useful to your users & update the blog frequently. • Social Media – Create & Share multimedia contents (audio, visual & video) that you have the hopes of going viral. • Social Network – Change your tone of coice according to the platform. But the voice should be underlying consistent.
    10. 10. Not All Social Networks are Equals• Figure out which social media network is right for you to advertise yourself on. – Design/Fashion Students- Pinterest. – Business Oriented Students- LinkedIn – PR Students- Twitter – Film/Animation/Art- Vimeo/ Youtube – General- Facebook
    11. 11. Not All Social Networks are Equal• Facebook • Pinterest – Popularity it wins- it is – It is an online ―portfolio‖ also about ―identity‖ (So of interest and wonder- please make sure it isn’t but more importantly a disaster of dirty then that is a driver for laundry) retail.• Twitter • Google Plus – Is about ―Events‖- it is – Is about ―core‖ and it is what’s new 10 seconds woven into the search as ago. It is fast & fresh. Google embeds it into every one of it web properties from Picasa to YouTube.
    12. 12. DON’T IGNORE LINKEDIN• LinkedIn is the largest • Most employers will purely business look for your LinkedIn Social Network. profile over your• It has a high resume. It is engagement that is becoming a Digital FOCUSED Resume/ Business• They have networking Reputation. opportunities.• Job Boards
    13. 13. Examples of the New Job Market• Union Square Ventures • Instead of asking for recently posted an opening résumés, the New York for an investment analyst. venture-capital firm—which has invested in Twitter, Foursquare, Zynga and other technology companies—asked applicants to send links representing their "Web presence," such as a Twitter account or Tumblr blog. • Applicants also had to submit short videos demonstrating their interest in the position.
    14. 14. Where to Look for a Job • LinkedIn – Simply Hired • JobFox • Monster • WWD • StyleCareers • Indeed • CareerBuilder • Dice • Media Bistro • TweetMyJobs • Alumni Connections
    15. 15. Get Involved & Share!• Conversation – Actively engage in other user’s conversations on Social Networks.• Comment – Leave meaningful comments on blogs in your field.• Sharing – Share valuable content & posts created by others.
    16. 16. Listen & Monitor! • News: – Keep updated on what is said about your brand and field (Twitter, Google, Google +, RSS). • Criticism: – Listen to and deal with criticism in a professional manner. • Monitoring: – Monitor your brand activity using the proper tools (buzz, sentiment, analyti cs…)
    17. 17. Help this is Overwhelming! • BrandYourself – Manage your Online Reputation, Google Ranking, and Personal Branding. The free and easy way to control your own search results. • About.Me – lets you quickly build simple and visually elegant splash pages that points visitors to your content from around the • Have no fear people web. realized how crazy it to • do all of this 7 have – Create, share and store your made it easier to literary resume online for free. Use create ―Brand You‖ in our resume builder and have minutes. a new resume in minutes.
    18. 18. About the AuthorBesides being a Buzz • How You canProducing Blogger & CertifiedSocial Media Strategist Connect: – What I Should Have Learned – RadIntegratedMedia@gmail.comRachel Anna Adler is theCommunications Specialistat Empire State Development • FIND ME ON:(The Economic DevelopmentAgency for New York State).When she is not doing her dayjob. She isblogging, tweeting, GooglePlusing and Facebook Postingarticles related to her field &her quirky interests.
    19. 19. Sources:Wall Street Journal- Commons-