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  1. 1. BRIEF INTRODUCTION helping to change
  2. 2. who we are Learning development and communication company. We design new solutions in the area of people, teams and organizations development. We help organizations to: • create and lead changes • design culture that makes people proud and which means more than just work • search innovations and solutions people organization areas We are passionate innovators' always searching for new ideas at home and abroad. We learned to combine experiential learning techniques and marketing communication for maximal motivation effect. helping to change
  3. 3. situation on the markets and at home Current economy crises brings organizations to decisions that would not have had to be done before. Decisions about organization changes to ensure profit and growth. Czech Republic, Europe and the world is changing. Markets, companies and products are changing. Organizations have to adapt to the situations. That requires changing people’s thinking. Europe is in the world extraordinary for its social systems. In order to keep them European companies must increase productivity. Very high percentage of employees in the Czech republic still approach work as the necessary evil and culture something they cannot influence. At the same time Czechs are very productive, loyal and dedicated to organizations or communities they once join. 2 way's to increase productivity: 1. To exchange producing power (human resources and machines) for more productive 2. Focus on changing existing resources helping to change
  4. 4. we have small business mindset passion and patience to improve experience in people, team and organizations development experience of management in international corporation environment experience in areas of Human Resources, Marketing Communication, Business Development, Customer Care, Customer Insights Customer Experience and Stakeholder Management project managing approach effective communication and valuable results helping to change
  5. 5. we know how strategy deployment and communication cascades company culture development internal communication change projects quality management customer/employee lifecycle customer experience quality audit’s diagnostics people skills development and training helping to change
  6. 6. we do and use workshops (solution searching, motivational, transformation oriented) trainings best practice sharing cauching mentoring Assessment Center and Development Center True Picture temporary management role replacement talent management systems events helping to change
  7. 7. we can help in HR strategy, planing, internal communication new employee orientation programs HR process audits performance management system design building and re-organising teams change facilitation effective work with talents succession planing training needs assessment leadership programs helping to change … and others based on current needs
  8. 8. complex management development program - example 16 intensive 1 day workshops - 8 focused on management role competencies, 8 on personal development. Understanding of personal influence is key to manage and lead people. Competences development: Personal development: 1. Successful team development and 1. Beliefs and principles, that leading basics improve communication 2. Choosing and engaging talents 2. Internal resources and power to 3. Influence and decision making reach goals 4. Change as opportunity 3. Systemic concept of goal and 5. Organization models, strategic opportunity to choose thinking, goals definition, planning 4. Self-awareness, self-esteem and 6. Success perception and results self-development evaluation 5. People, perspectives and 7. Inspiration and individuals relationships development 6. Emotions, feelings and stress 8. Suppliers and partners 7. Inspiration and creative thinking relationship development 8. Time and life perception helping to change
  9. 9. how do we support organization change strategy, process and plan Potential evaluation, development and recruitment (AC/DC True Picture) Communication strategy plan BEFORE => DURING => AFTER tools Management team preparation to become change agents Adaptation and opportunities on the market package Culture revitalization after changes helping to change
  10. 10. cooperation process 1. core questions => Brief 2. debrief 3. diagnostics 4. strategy and milestones proposal 5. conditions and contracts 6. detail project plan including roles specification 7. realization 8. evaluation 9. next steps recommendation pomáháme měnit
  11. 11. consultants core questions On project/initiative will work only professionals with not only theoretical background and practical experience but also real interest in business and about organization of the client. Our consultants and lectors share same values of life and are in frequent contact supporting each other. Therefore we share experience, unify approach and improve constantly. To ensure quality, male and female perception aspect and provide wide experience we offer 2 lectors on most of our management trainings. We do not use for consultancy and trainings any other subcontractors. helping to change
  12. 12. our values We walk the talk and respect trust given us. We value each project knowing that it might bring personal growth. Company and Brand cannot be any better than people inside. Each change brings improvement opportunities. One day soon will be business decisions led by customers words and companies will have to initiate real dialogue. We are not afraid to risk and take the difficult path in order to discover new opportunities. We enjoy and share inspiration. helping to change
  13. 13. core questions people kdo je za slovy Radka Cikánová Born in Prague, lived one year in Los Angeles, USA. Lashed by successes and failures, travels for inspiration. Passionate, positive, open and trusting to people values and growth. Goodness and better world believer. Words of interest: inspiration, learning, influence, relationships, changes. core questions – 3 years co-owner and change consultant and facilitator Oskar Mobil / Vodafone CZ – 7,5 years director, people and organization development <= sr. manager training and ïnternal communication <= sr. manager, customer experience <= marketing communications manager Face of Alice (BTL agency) 2,5 years account director, <= account manager - PR and Sales promotion, loyalty programs and events for clients: Reemtsma, Seita, Tchibo, Allied Domecq. Pragma Communication (PR agency) 3 years client service manager for clients: SmithKline Beecham, MoNet. helping to change
  14. 14. core questions people Petr Fridrich, Mgr. – Born in Prague, few years lived, studied and worked in Germany, few months spent in Austria and India. Today systemic consultant, small and large group facitator and systemic constellation master. Laughter Yoga Teacher and Founder of Smíchologie (Laughology) – to spread Laughter Yoga, Laughter Clubs,other laughter activities, positive psychology in Czech Republic.Words of interest: people and relationships,growth, joy, ideas. core questions – 3 years co-owner and change consultant and facilitator Mediaresearch - 2,5 years interim business development manager in leading media and advertising monitoring, media measuring and market research agency Movie co-producer and Branded Entertainment Consultant – 2 years Oskar Mobil / Vodafone CZ – 2 years organizational development consultant, trainings and events designer and facilitator Allianz – 4 years specialist for organizational development and business management development. RedBaenk (former Fridrich´s Capital Services) – 1 year junior consultant in family business focusing investment banking – acquisitions and merges. International Network of Mergers & Acquisitions Partners member ( helping to change
  15. 15. core questions people kdo je za slovy Ivan Vajda, Mgr., MBA Enthusiastic student, lector and new learning trends propagator. Happy father of 5years old son, which is great resource of inspiration for adults development. Trained as psychologist of special forces in USA. Convinced about huge potential of human brain. Studied psychology, MBA and experience: Independent Trainer, consultant and business psychologist – 3 years Český Mobil / Vodafone CZ – 2,5 years Learning & Development Specialist Image Lab – 5,5 years trainer, consultant and psychologist specialized on soft skills development, AC, DC, self development and psychological diagnostics Slovakian Army – 3 years psychologist of special forces - solders selection and preparation for foreign missions and crises situations. helping to change
  16. 16. core questions people kdo je za slovy Martina Leškovská, MBA Cosmopolitan with Slovak origin, all life optimist influenced by studies, work and living in China and Egypt. Consecutively daring for innovations and improvement, searches inspiration in people, places and books. Accenture – 2 years Leader for Europe in recruitment marketing. Responsible for 23 countries in mostly online environment. Honeywell – 3 years Marketing Manager for Region CEE and Nordic, Sales Leader for CZ/SK. Oskar Mobil / Vodafone CZ – 2 years Sr. Manager, Marketing helping to change
  17. 17. core questions people Štěpánka Collins, Bc. Born in Prague met many different cultures. Lived in Brazil and UK, traveled in India, Mexico and Guatemala. Worked for few global corporations in the areas of marketing, relationship management, strategy planning, change management and company culture. Participated as editor on publishing the 12th edition of Philip Kotler´s Marketing Management (book). Personal motto: „Life is change“. Consultant – 3 years consulting and project management in the areas of marketing and change management (e.g. Česká Pošta, Palác Flóra, etc.). Oskar Mobil / Vodafone CZ – 2 years Marketing Manager for Stakeholders – strategy planning and stakeholder management, internal and external communication strategy, shareholder relationship management Kimberly Clark – 2 years Marketing Manager - Family Care – strategy, brand development, advertising creative and delivery (ATL, BTL, PR), market research, KPI‘s and reporting to UK head office. Nestlé Česko – 6 years in different marketing and sales positions – Brand Manager, Channel Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Change Manager. helping to change
  18. 18. core questions people Martin Vasquez, MgA. Ph.D. Born at Moravia, lived and worked in Prague, La Rochelle, Genève, Leipzig and Birmingham. Established Impro League in the Czech republic. Enriched Czech improvisation for German conceptuality and British exploration courage. . Smarter Training & Consulting – consultant, lector and program designer. Mita Thor International – HR consultant, lector, designer, learning needs assessor Positive – trainer, consultant for management and organization development. International trainings development, sales and customer care trainings L´utopie production France – coordinator at French production company focusing on event & culture management and international projects design. Czech TV – 3 years as a producer at Čestmír Kopecký group. helping to change
  19. 19. core questions people Klára Hejduková, Ing. Worked as an executive coach for 11 years, having a total of 16 years of management and business experience. Supervisor and a coaching trainer, as well as a consultant of change projects in organisations with more than 5 000 hours of coaching experience, more than 200 coachees and another 200 coaching trainees. Studied in Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, France. Founder of Systemic Institut - Working with company owners, board members and top managers, providing them with complex services addressing both personal growth and company business development issues. This ability to combine these two stems from wide range of qualifications in managing social systems as well as psychotherapy. Executive Head and Head Consultant of the Systemic Institute and Extima (coaching and consultancy companies) Former President of the Czech Association of Coaches, a member of the International Coach Federation and a member of the Czech Systemic Society. helping to change
  20. 20. core questions people kdo je za slovy Petr Komarovský, Ing. Petr has roots and 5 members family in Brno, but left piece of heart on each continent. Lived and studied at Moscow, works as consultant and lector at many countries of new Europe. Fearless pioneer of expression: Business success depends on quality and growth of people creating it. Works in Czech, Russian, English and Spanish language. coach and business consultant in sales, communication and leading teams areas - 7 years Scott & Haggett – 1 year lector and senior consultant for personal development and internal processes. TOP C – 2 years consultant of professional growth and human potential development. Coca Cola – 10 years business development and country manager in Belorussia helping to change
  21. 21. core questions people kdo je za slovy Robert Broj Born and raised in Prague, strategist and production manager with more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Passionate gourmet and clavier player at popular band Lakeside X. Constantly improves himself, the band performance and the quality of service in gastronomy. Telefónica 02 - 2 years project management consultant Food&Beverage Academy - 2 years training and development manager– trainer and learning program designer focusing on gastronomy area. Oskar Mobil/ Vodafone - Training manager, team leader, facilitator – 8 years Radiomobil (T-Mobile) - 2 years trainer of soft and hard skills courses at helping to change
  22. 22. core questions people kdo je za slovy Tomáš Hruška, Mgr. Originally teacher, later specialist of customer care in telecommunication business, facilitator of experiential soft skill courses, manager public relations, retail store manager and team coach. Despite of rich professional life and many changes he is always inspirator and innovator of personal development. Vodafone CZ - Business sales manager and coach - 3 years Vodafone CZ – Vodafone shop Manager – 2 years Ogilvy CZ - Account manager PR agency - 1 year Oskar Mobil - Senior facilitator of learning and internal communication – 2 years Oskar Mobil - Customer Care (collection) specialist at - 2 years helping to change
  23. 23. credentials pomáháme měnit
  24. 24. contacts Radka Cikánová Korespondeční adresa (sídlo): Tel: +420 608 014 686 core questions s.r.o. Email: Do polí 1075 252 42 Praha Západ Petr Fridrich Tel: +420 777 352 642 IČ: 27 95 71 95 Email: Zapsáno v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 129316 Find us: helping to change