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Radisson Contact Information


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Latin America is a very attractive market for business executives. Countries all over the region and their major cities are key destinations for companies who appreciate Latin America as an important source of business. Radisson is concious of these issues and in response to them, has established in all the region its superior quality standars of service. Radisson offers five stars hotels in major cities all over Latin America, in strategic locations where companies and business come together. With cutting-edge technology and first class infrastructure our stylish hotels are distinguished by modern and dynamic spaces to work and relax. So, on your next trip to Latin America, stay confortable, productive and rewarded, in other words "stay your own way".

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Radisson Contact Information

  1. 1. Radisson Hotels & Resorts Latin America Centro America Radisson Hotel and Suites Guatemala City, Guatemala Direccion: 1a. Avenida 12-46, Zona 10, Guatemala City Telefono: (502) 2421-5151, Fax: (502) 2332-9770 Web: Director de Ventas: Rosa Elena Paiz – Reservas: Norma Velez – Radisson Europa Hotel & Conference Center. San José, Costa Rica Direccion: Calle Central y Tercera Avenida 15, Barrio Tournon. San José Telefono: (506) 2-257-3257, Fax: (506) 2-257-8192 Web: Director de Ventas: Oscar Keith – Ejecutivo de Ventas: Andres Guzman – Reservas: Melania Sandoval – Radisson Decapolis Hotel Panama City, Panamá Direccion: Avenida Balboa con Multicentro. Panama City, Panama Telefono: (507) 215-5000, Fax: (507) 215-5750 Web: Director of Sales: Suley Sanson – Reservas: Sasha Quinlan – Radisson Colon Hotel, Panamá Direccion: Calle 13, Avenida Paseo Gorgas. Ciudad de Colon, Panama Telefono: (507) 446-2000, Tel: (507) 446-0823 Web: Director of Sales: Dhana Moreno Cox – Reservas: Karina Santana – Radisson Summit Hotel & Golf Panamá, Panama Direccion: Avenida Omar Torrijos H (Antiguo Gallard). Panamá Telefono: (507) 232-3700, Fax: (507) 232-4472 Web: Director of Sales: Thirza Allahdad – Reservaciones: Meilyn Lao –
  2. 2. Sur America Radisson Royal Bogotá Hotel, Colombia Direccion: Calle 113, # 7-65 Bogotá, Colombia Telefono: (571) 657-8700, Fax: (57-1) 629-5551 Web: Director de Ventas: Marcela Steffens – Reservaciones: Yasmit Puerto – Radisson Royal Cali Hotel, Colombia Direccion: Carrera 100B # 11A-99 Cali Telefono: (572) 330-7777, Fax: (572) 330-6477 Web: Director de Ventas: Alejandro Ospina - Reservas: Isabel Cubillos – Radisson Royal Quito Hotel, Ecuador Direccion: Av. 12 de Octubre y Cordero #444 - World Trade Center Quito Telefono: (5932) 223-3333, Fax: (5932) 222-9238 Web: Gerente de Ventas: Gerald Jumbo – Reservas: Verónica Cadena – Radisson San Isidrio, Peru Direccion: Avenida Las Palmeras 240. San Isidro, Lima Telefono: (511) 422-3887 Fax: (511) 222-8308 Web: Director of Sales: Silvana Garcia - Reservas: Fabiola Rojas - Radisson Decapolis Miraflores, Peru Direccion: Av. 28 de Julio 151, Miraflores Lima Telefono: (511) 625-1200 Fax: (511) 625-1201 Web: Director of Sales: Silvana Garcia - Reservas: Fabiola Rojas -
  3. 3. Radisson Plaza La Paz Hotel, Bolivia Direccion: Avenida Arce 2177 La Paz Telefono: (5912) 244-1111, Fax: (5912) 244-0402 Web: Gerente de Ventas: Claudia Vargas - Reservas: Roxana Ramírez – Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel, Uruguay Direccion: Plaza Independencia 759, Montevideo Telefono: (5982) 902-0111, Fax: (5982) 902-6933 Web: Ventas: Ana Amaral – Reservas: Gabriela Bardanca – Radisson Colonia del Sacramento Hotel & Casino, Uruguay Direccion: Washington Barrot 283, Colonia del Sacramento Telefono: (598) 52-30460, Fax: (598) 52-30464 Web: Ejecutivo de Ventas: German Doldan - Reservas: Vanessa Amarillo – Radisson Plaza Santiago Hotel, Chile Direccion: Vitacura 2610, Las Condes, Santiago Telefono: (562) 433-9000, Fax: (562) 433-9001 Web: Director de Ventas: Ernesto Byrne – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz – o Radisson Hotel Santiago North, Chile Direccion: Avenida Santa Clara 354 Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba Telefono: (562) 437-0000, Fax: (562) 437-0106 Web: Director de Ventas: Ernesto Byrne – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz – Radisson Petra La Dehesa (Santiago), Chile Direccion: 12851 Comandante Malbec Lo Barnechea, Santiago Tel: (562) 923-1348, Fax: (562) 437-0001 Web: Director de Ventas: Ernesto Byrne – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz –
  4. 4. Radisson Concón Hotel, Chile Direccion: Avenida Borgoño 23333 V Region, Concon. Telefono: (56) 32-254-6400 Web: Gerente de Ventas: Francisca Merino – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz – Radisson Iquique Hotel, Chile Direccion: Avenida Costanera 3939 Iquique Telefono: (56) 57-381-188, Fax: (56) 57-380-434 Web: Gerente de Ventas: Angela Encina – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz – Radisson Antofagasta Hotel, Chile Direccion: Avenida República de Croacia 01151 Antofagasta Tel: (56) 55-350-400, Fax: (56) 55-256-464 Web: Director de Ventas: Ernesto Byrne – Reservas: Marcia Muñoz – Radisson Hotels & Resorts Latin America, Estados Unidos Direccion: 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive – Suite #710 Miami, Florida 33126 Telefono: 305-260-3503 – Fax: 305-260-3511 Director de Ventas: George Cortes – WEB: International Sales: Marina Segura – Director Internacional Sales: Tel/Fax: 011-54-11-4785-6318 Buenos Aires, Argentina Diego luis Lopez – Director Internacional Sales Tel/Fax: 57-1-702-3843 Bogota, Colombia