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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.3


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Entitled "Thanks, game coding."

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.3

  1. 1. Welcome back folks! In the hopes that it’ll brighten your day as much as it lit up mine, here’s a toddler/dog hug (more specifically, between Ivy and Nimbo).
  2. 2. Another cutesy image: Peach taking care of her young’un. The other one is somewhere around here as well (I should probably start paying more attention to the pets).
  3. 3. Thanks to SimMia’s off-screen visit to the Palace of Swedish Summer, we can now summon a witchy maid! Whom I shall call Ninni, after the shy, invisible child in Tove Jansson’s Tales from Moominvalley.
  4. 4. *set to mute* Oh look, all the time I spent on cultivating her cooking skill up to cheesecake level is finally paying off.
  5. 5. Meet Arizona von Matterhorn, the next generation heiress. By eventually becoming a mother of twenty, she is exempted from the three-letter naming scheme. Let’s hope she rolls Romance or Family.
  6. 6. Here’s Axl, the only blonde kid for this generation! Axl is an alternative spelling of Axel, which according to is a Medieval Danish form of Absalom, which in turn is from a Hebrew name meaning “my father is peace”.
  7. 7. Merely an hour after, Ivy enters her next life stage! As expected of 8-12-year-olds, both she and Myf seem to be interested in nothing else but the dogs.
  8. 8. Because Anthony is terrible at rolling suitable wants (and I don’t want him to start talking to a cup), the two of them get to go on a date. At home, of course.
  9. 9. “Mom, I’d rather have food than another baby sister right now.”
  10. 10. After having her request fulfilled, Myf shows her appreciation through dance.
  11. 11. “What the – MIA! DID YOU CAST A SPELL ON ME AGAIN?!”
  12. 12. Ivy has reached level 5 of both creativity and body, and has thus fulfilled her duties as a child.
  13. 13. As a reward, she gets to act out on all those dog wants in her panel. Doesn’t she look happy? :)
  14. 14. New fridge, new color (not that anyone remembers the old one). It feels a bit cheaty to sell and re-buy instead of stocking with new groceries, but there’s nothing in the rules against it.
  15. 15. Once again, all green needs => hobby lot hopping. Just from this visit, Anthony made 2149 simoleons by taking advantage of other sims’ hard work!
  16. 16. Thanks to EAxis, he has to return home with energy and hygiene tanked out, because there is no place to nap and the showers are inaccessible.
  17. 17. Meanwhile, Ivy learns that she is equally good at the art of pastry baking as her mother.
  18. 18. As the first snow falls over Konohagakure’s Downtown, Betty and Beetle grow up to be full-sized dogs. Nimbo’s coating turns a little greyer, while Peach… also probably turns into an elder, I don’t really know where she is.
  19. 19. “Shame on you, making me come out into the cold with a baby in my arms just because you want to be fed!”
  20. 20. Tessa Ramirez… alas, we meet again. “I am the Marsha Bruenig of this hood and you know it.”
  21. 21. In order for this snowball fight to occur, I had to remove both the driveway and the patio floor tiles. Thanks, game coding.
  22. 22. Is that make-up?! “I’m compensating for the fact that I’ll never make it to teenhood.” I… I don’t know how to retaliate to that.
  23. 23. Arizona grows up into toddlerhood, making me realise that I probably should learn some more about her state namesake. She’s a Sagittarius 1/8/10/9/7, exactly the same as Ivy.
  24. 24. Axl’s growing up disappoints me twofold: the cake gets stuck at 4 candles without any available interactions, and he’s not actually blonde. I should’ve paid closer attention to the eyebrows… He’s a Libra 1/7/6/6/5, which means his personality only differs from his father’s by three playful points.
  25. 25. The next morning, it’s smart milk time!
  26. 26. Talking x2: done! Arizona grew up to be a grey panda <3
  27. 27. She’s not very compliant with potty training, even when I supposedly make it in time. Maybe the suit doesn’t have a hatch on it!
  28. 28. Her brother on the other hand (hey look, matching jammies!) is proving to be quite the wonder child. Anthony’s excitement knows no bounds.
  29. 29. “Someone looks like they could use a Benemoodus!” “Oh for the love of –“
  30. 30. Date night! Because Anthony’s aspiration meter is even lower than the last time (he even rolled a ‘be saved from death’-want).
  31. 31. ‘My woman’ finally becomes a woman! (Pun reference: chapter 1) Myf rolls Knowledge as her primary and Grilled Cheese as secondary. She aspires to become a Mad Scientist; turn-ons are full facial paint and custom hair, while the turn-off is perfume.
  32. 32. As a birthday present, she gets her very own telescope!
  33. 33. Meanwhile, Nimbo (or possibly one of the pups?) takes a stand against the educational system of SimNation.
  34. 34. Myf luckily swoops in to both save and complete her sibling’s homework, because aspiration points know nothing of ethics.
  35. 35. Aaw, sisterly moments.
  36. 36. Big Sis even managed to make Arizona stay on the potty throughout the whole interaction! She hasn’t learned the skill yet, but progress is still progress.
  37. 37. Myf’s sense for outfit matching is the same as ever. Aw, now I miss one of my old pants’ pairs. They looked just like that, but due to a woodwork class incident (read: one-sided sword fight) they’re now in the rag bin.
  38. 38. Both of the twins can walk now, which means I get a point for helicoptering Axl.
  39. 39. It also means that the toddlerinos are now faster at getting themselves to inappropriate nap time locations. Teleporting Mommy to the rescue!
  40. 40. The environment score isn’t looking too good around here, so Ninni gets summoned back from whatever limbo I assume that the rest of her body is trapped in.
  41. 41. “Mom, what is this place and why did I have to walk the whole way?” “There’s something I want to show you, Myf. Just walk up those magical stairs: you’ll understand when you reach the last step.”
  42. 42. “Oh my, it is as a beam of sunshine suddenly went through my veins! I feel, I feel… …good!”
  43. 43. Ehm, Myf… what is this “mystical transformation” command lined up in your queue? *worried hands*
  44. 44. Oh, it was just Beautificus Locus. Phew.
  45. 45. Parallel studies commence on Wednesday afternoon and last through Friday morning.
  46. 46. I think the field trip deserves a commemorative photo! Now, how do I go about turning an “out-of-game” screenshot into a framable photo?
  47. 47. SimMia: “I was first to the mailbox, I win!” Myf: “Like hell you did, you old witch!”
  48. 48. While Myf procured lucrative items and enough reagents to last ‘til summer, this was one of the true purposes of this trip: our very own Throne of Awesomeness, Light Side Edition™. Oh right, I’ve already made that joke once.
  49. 49. Myf got a job as an Ambassador’s Intern (because teen Adventure pays well) and was promoted to Spelunker on the very first day! The chance card made her choose between her personal and professional opinions on grilled cheese; in the end, going back on her own ideals was the right call.
  50. 50. Meanwhile, I for once take a picture of the table activity at the activity table. Arizona is looking so sweet! I hope the cuteness lasts for when she has to breed forth 20 rugrats of her own.
  51. 51. Finally! Now there’s no more potty procedure to teach for a whole generation. Also, my parentcopter goes poi poi point ~ What am I doing with my life, referencing memes older than my writing ability at half 2 in the morning…
  52. 52. It seems that even in this story I have to keep fending off the “bathe toddler” commands. Axl does on the other hand make such an endearing face (plus, I get to marvel at the neutral witch pattern).
  53. 53. Adventure (skilling) time!
  54. 54. Anthony’s being mighty irregular today, playing with a stray dog instead of paying attention to his cold and likely hungry son. Judging from his want panel, he’s probably just trying to figure out how to slip some Witchbegon-E into Myf’s food.
  55. 55. SimMia was promoted to Deep Sea Excavator the other day. I wonder if her witch aura lets the diving crew cut back on high pressure lights.
  56. 56. I was lucky with today’s chance card (§345), but it had me a bit on the edge. I hope that installing the ‘Business Instinct’ perk will keep us protected from some of the worse ones out there. In other news, Tina Traveller is back and ready to Mary Mack.
  57. 57. I haven’t been paying attention to SimMia’s age meter, but looking at it now resulted in a hasty chugging of at least three mugs. I have enough existentialistic issues on my plate without seeing an alternative version of myself wrinkling up and dying.
  58. 58. Smustling with her baby sister counts as interesting enough for Ivy to get some attention from me!
  59. 59. She is quickly forgotten about again, as Myf returns from work as a Multiregional Sim of Some Question! (Another point for Hufflepuff) Now let’s get you to stay with an A+ grade for 3 days and I might let you leave for college.
  60. 60. The twins grow up on the snow covered porch, happy but with the dire need to pee. Arizona was too quick on her feet for anyone to properly witness her childification.
  61. 61. Axl on the other hand got undivided attention upon his continuation of the bear theme.
  62. 62. Aw, Ari didn’t make it all the way, despite her full-out active points.
  63. 63. Yup, they’re twins alright.
  64. 64. In light of there now being 6 non-toddler sims, I decided to turn a part of the little misc. room into another bathroom and expand the second floor for all those magic stuff.
  65. 65. “Am I correct in assuming that you’ll make me sit in this chair instead of eating, sleeping, peeing etc. until I get out of this house?” Yessum. Now get back to making Lil’ Miss Wendalyn sculptures.
  66. 66. Upon moving in Anthony had but one creatitivy point, making it his weakest skill; now, he’s maxed out and ready to make masterpieces!
  67. 67. What is it with you kids and the porch? Ah, but I can’t possibly stay mad at someone who picked the FFS dragon suit as their everyday.
  68. 68. For once, Anthony is all alone at home. It’s a blessed opportunity to invite someone over or maybe even throw a party, but instead he hits me up with annoyingly small hobby wants. Household chores it is then!
  69. 69. “Hi there honey! How was school?” “Tired. Bored. Mistaken for a dinosaur. How was work?” “Well, from now on I can find you ancient relics for show’n’tell!”
  70. 70. Arizona was the one to bring Tina home today, making her this family’s permanent dinner guest. Why can’t anyone befriend the townie orphans instead?
  71. 71. Instead of complaining about “not having enough room” like his sister, Axl goes to the roof for his mandatory 5 body skill points. Is he trying to make me reconsider heirship?
  72. 72. “Now, the ‘melting popsicle’…” Snow yoga is a thing, but I don’t think that outfit is right for it <.<
  73. 73. “Stop invading my privacy, or I’ll get a restraining order for you!” He may be a ‘Rock God’, but he’s poking a simself-born witch. Ottomases have joined the choir invisible for less…
  74. 74. After a bit more ‘route fail’ whining, Ari gets to jump rope for the master and earn a point. (Edit: apparently I’d looked at the wrong skill panel; Ari had already earned 5 mechanical which rendered this a bit pointless.)
  75. 75. Big sister is making sure that the kids do their homework properly. Poor work sheets, being torn by dogs and stepped on by sims…
  76. 76. Arizona gets to be a dragon too! Now, should I change their hairstyles too or leave them as is…
  77. 77. I’ve deleted the dining table and the chairs to make more room for the activity table, giving Axl the opportunity to sit with his back against the wall while reaching his 5 in creativity.
  78. 78. I think I’ll get sims’ mechanical skill up to the max before making them repair anything again. Not only because of the “OMP IS SHE GOING TO DIE” mini-heart attack, but because the portrait being changed 4 times in a sim minute creates a tremendous lag -.-
  79. 79. Of course, the trash compactor caught on fire too. “No worries here sir; my Exflammo’s already taking care of it.”
  80. 80. Despite me forgetting to change the subject into proper clothing before using Magivestigium, no one has turned grey from cold yet.
  81. 81. SimMia comes back from work with a promotion to dread pirate, totally overshadowed by Ivy growing up into cute teen pyjamas! She rolls Pleasure/Romance and wants to become a Game Designer. Turn-ons: Jewelry, Black hair Turn-off: Fitness
  82. 82. It’s time to end the chapter, but not without first having Ivy apply for scholarships to make her mother proud.
  83. 83. “Look at you, half-finished. Can’t anyone do their job right for once?” Happy simming!