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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Nimi household! Here you see Anthony Nimi (née Gaither) sporting a default replacement of the Maxis bartender suit, because a) I was no longer pleased by its look and b) I don’t want to waste money on clothes.
  2. 2. Because he is near red and has constant diaper changing fears, he gets to make friends with some random Christa over the phone. “No, I’m not secretly a wizard! Why on earth would you think that?”
  3. 3. He’s a good stay-at-home hubby. Look, I got a default replacement for the Maxis bottle too! What? I like showing off my new toys!
  4. 4. Thanks to a successful hobby chance card, SimMia brought this schmuck home. He’s a Tricou teen I married off to Safina Ottomas, whose household is the only Ottomas one in Downtown at the moment.
  5. 5. Anthony wanted a pottery wheel, so I bought him one. He’s not very enthusiastic about using it though.
  6. 6. “I’m too bored to relax on the bed with my wife!” *facepalm*
  7. 7. Little Myf is blissfully unaware that a sibling is being made just a few meters from where she’s sleeping. Oh right, most of you are from the country that doesn’t use the metric system, or the country that kind of does.
  8. 8. Having secured a figurative bun in the oven, the radiant mother is sent off to learn about literal baking.
  9. 9. “Teach me how to make chocolate.” “Actually, we here at Sue’s Secret Kitchen would prefer it if occults refrained from tampering with our deliquate equipment.”
  10. 10. After promising not to turn the hobby instructor into cuisses de grenouille, SimMia practices some self-studies in the cooking skill before her motives get the better of her.
  11. 11. Coffee is clearly overrated when it comes to keeping one awake -_- No choice but to fly home before she topples over!
  12. 12. “My baby! Where’s my baby?!” The baby’s safe, dear me. You’re staying home from work today, btw. No use in sending a tired, stinky and bored sim to work hoping to get a promotion.
  13. 13. The time arrives for Myf to make her ascent into toddlerhood, and she does so with an Aries personality of 5/8/6/3/5. She has her mother’s eyes, but the rest of her features seem to be exclusively from her father.
  14. 14. Despite what I’d expect from a serious sim, the first thing she did was to draw. Which might just be because it raises more fun than the blocks and I didn’t buy the logic toy.
  15. 15. SimMia: “I’m trapped. There is no way for me to get out from between this chair and this man, just as well as I must always get off from the right side of the chair.”
  16. 16. Once she was released from her routing fail prison, the new addition notified of its impending arrival!
  17. 17. I know pregnant women aren’t allowed to clean litterboxes, but there’s no rule against this, right?
  18. 18. The dogs are very welcoming towards the human puppy. The world needs more pictures like this <3
  19. 19. What would my simming life be like without Nightlife? The dating option is such a good way to boost moods and get someone from red to platinum. I may comment on this feature at least once in all of my stories, but it’s because I couldn’t really play without it!
  20. 20. Gold mood means smart milk!
  21. 21. Since SimMia became tired, Anthony finished the job.
  22. 22. And taught her how to talk as well.
  23. 23. All three skills down! Point for me :D And less diaper changing!
  24. 24. Having fulfilled her duties as a toddler, Myf is now free to roam the house however she wants and will not get facetime ‘til she does something interesting like growing up or being taken by the SoWo.
  25. 25. All green needs means secret lot, skilling and selling!
  26. 26. My Muse II can be quite lucrative, since you can sell off paintings that aren’t your own. If only I could edit the lot and put a tent there…
  27. 27. The next day, baby I enters this green and stinky world!
  28. 28. Welcome to the world, Ivy! The name is after the plant, and the word for it is apparently derived from the Old English word ifig.
  29. 29. Of course I don’t discover that the computer is broken until nighttime when SimMia’s fun need is tanked.
  30. 30. Well, there are other ways to gain fun a few hours before the Monday carpool arrives.
  31. 31. There’s something I find fascinating about the face coating... Do you think one could befriend a feline familiar to the point where you could have it move in with you? I know it would probably disappear shortly after, but still.
  32. 32. Why have I not taken up this opportunity earlier? Since the Fortress is set to permanent autumn, I can have my simself make a buttload of reagents way faster than she would at home!
  33. 33. Not to mention that there’s free access to a Throne of Awesomeness – Dark Side Edition™, meaning that there’s no need to eat or sleep!
  34. 34. She eventually went Neutral from all the skilling towards the other side of the spectrum. Now, why do spells like Benemoodus Simae have to count as Good? If it’s beneficial to a caster of the Evil alignment, couldn’t it count as evil?
  35. 35. “Honey, when are you coming home? It’s Wednesday morning!” “I’ll leave right away.”
  36. 36. By which we both of course meant half seven the next evening.
  37. 37. But the founder is not returning just yet! First she heads over to Sue’s, gets her cooking skill up to level 7 and earns a total of 331 simoleons in two commands.
  38. 38. After the first batch her aspiration meter had dipped into red, forcing me to clear out those annoyingly meaningless +500 wants. One was to ‘Cast a spell’, for which I chose ‘Corpus Fleshicus’ on this random person. WHERE ARE THE CELLULITES I ORDERED?
  39. 39. Observe, another inane action that seemingly all of my sims wish to do as soon as they’re exposed to the tiniest bit of M&D enthusiasm.
  40. 40. Ah, witchcraft… where have you been all my life?
  41. 41. As soon as the broom lands on home soil, it’s time for the 9 to 5. Am I pushing my sims too hard? …nah.
  42. 42. Another item on the list of “Why didn’t I try this thing earlier?”: instant meals. One merely needs two or three before the hunger meter is at an adequate green!
  43. 43. Christa: “His rude rejection of my admiral offended me at first, but then I realised that it was just his way of declaring me as an equal.”
  44. 44. “It was with that fact in mind that I agreed to clean his house and yard: I am not a servant obeying a man I consider superiour, but a friend helping out a father in need.”
  45. 45. Last time it was the Diva, this time it’s Mr. Big. Maybe they’re stealing the SimCity Chronicle because they don’t want people to know that they enjoy reading a newspaper free of subscription charges.
  46. 46. We’re back up to Spelunker status! The same chance card as earlier showed up, but this time it only gave me a membership card (to an already unveiled location).
  47. 47. For some reason of mine, Myf gets to grow up early. I know she’s (technically) my offspring, but I can’t say I consider her all that pretty. #mother-of-the-year
  48. 48. Being the princess that she is, a chamber is built for her, leaving the household funds at 686 after installing a bed.
  49. 49. Purposes of this picture: 1) to show off Myf’s poor fashion sense (inherited from RealMe) 2) “aaaw” moment (mother-daughter parallel skilling) 3) Myf has reached 5 body points in addition to 5 creativity points, rendering me a challenge point! (Point point)
  50. 50. For making Mommy proud, you get to eat potato chips for dinner!
  51. 51. She also cleans up without being prompted! What a good (digital) daughter I have.
  52. 52. With the dogs only having 6 days left before becoming elders, it’s time to give breeding another try. Because puppies are cute and challenge points make me feel good about myself.
  53. 53. “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Look at the sparkles, Ivy!” Despite all appearances (and my wish of not having the floor riddled with bottles and diapers), the option to cast spells does not show up on the pie menu for babies.
  54. 54. As a Multiregional Sim Of Some Question, could you tell us what’s happening out there in the world right now? “Misery. Destruction. Death. Taxes.” …well, at least you’re one step closer to the eternal bliss of reaching your LTW.
  55. 55. On a cheerier note, Myf just learned some study techniques! Which doesn’t give me points for the Helicopter Parent mini-challenge, but it might help to maintain grades at the teen stage.
  56. 56. She rolled Music & Dance as her predestined hobby? Ugh, now I’ll be pestered with wants to buy instruments and ballet bars and other space-wasting objects. What’s wrong with the §99 radio, huh?
  57. 57. Apparently she isn’t the only one with that particular OTH. “MIA! DID YOU JUST CAST A SPELL ON ME AGAIN?!”
  58. 58. “How many times do I need to tell you?! I’m a grown man! I can keep myself alive and well without your constant hokus pokus! If you really want to help out, I suggest you shove that wand down the toilet, because I seem to be the only one who ever unclogs that thi--”
  59. 59. One intense argument later, the couple reached a truce and moved on to more important matters.
  60. 60. Hey, Visitor Controller! I specifically said “no playables”! Eh, guess I’ll let her stay. She’s not part of any challenges.
  61. 61. At 6 pm, Ivy grows up and reveals her personality to the world: Sagittarius 1/8/10/9/7. The high Outgoing and Active points make the teaching of walking and talking SO much easier (not to mention that it’s Fall <3).
  62. 62. Potty training down! Remember Anthony’s diaperfobia? Yeah, that thing is still going strong.
  63. 63. “Honey, I have to say that your insisting on talking to yourself in front of the mirror is eventually going to take its toll on our woohoo life.” The expressions say it all.
  64. 64. A successful pronunciation of “Mommy” = 1 point for Hufflepuff.
  65. 65. “Dad, come look at my report card!” Kids in this game always seem to have the worst timing.
  66. 66. Habemus puppies! Betty is an aggressive yet friendly genius Pisces, while Beetle is a lazy, friendly, cowardly and finicky Capricorn.
  67. 67. “I am an A+ student. I demand to be noticed.” Yeah yeah, just mend the 4th wall back together and we’ll see.
  68. 68. SimMia has officially joined the good side, as apparent from my lack of a mod that suppresses the automatic change of hairstyle.
  69. 69. New secret magic lot, here we come! That’s an awful lot of stairs for a pregnant woman to climb, though. “Y’know what they say: stairway to heaven, highway to hell…”
  70. 70. This seems to be as good of a cutoff point as any. Happy simming!