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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.1


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Relax, there's cake.

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Sim Scrabble (a TS2 Name Game): Chapter 1.1

  1. 1. Welcome to “Sim Scrabble”, a Name Game challenge for the Sims 2! Home base will henceforth be this modified Custer Boulevard house. I think all I did was give it some new color/fixtures, remove the semi- garage awning and turn the roof into an accessible flat one.
  2. 2. ~Mandatory birdview screenshot~ I think the layout is actually rather decent for a premade lot.
  3. 3. As you may have noticed from the opening shot and the doghouses, we have some furry friends tagging along! This is Peach, an Aries with the traits Genius, Lazy, Friendly and Cowardly. She’s a poodle I downloaded from MTS.
  4. 4. This is Nimbo, another Aries poodle, whose only outstanding traits are Aggressive and Finicky.
  5. 5. The lovely blonde sporting a dress I don’t own but sure would like to wear is our founder, and coincidentally, SimMia (a.k.a. my simself)! Pleasure/Knowledge, 5/6/3/6/5, turned on by red hair and cooking skills, turned off by grey hair. LTW: become Space Pirate (like me IRL).
  6. 6. Cross-eyed Humble: “They call me Mr. Hu-” Yes yes just hand over the neatly wrapped computer and go bother someone else.
  7. 7. No Adventurer openings, and I’m not the type of player who dives into Military just for the money. Ooh, I hear the Welcome Wagon!
  8. 8. Playable, social group townie and downtownie turned playable. *sigh* Let’s see what we can make with the social group townie.
  9. 9. But first: meet twojeff’s Visitor Controller, playables! I don’t want any Rautas to come interfering with this challenge, so I might as well put the setting into effect now.
  10. 10. “Oh, you’re a bohemian type… *nervous laugh*”
  11. 11. SimMe’s attracted to him though, so we -
  12. 12. - that escalated quickly. Straight from earthy hug to make-out o.O *tunes down the Autonomy setting for ACR*
  13. 13. “Let’s do this properly, Nery Turner. I only just learned your name!” Oh and he’s Romance. I don’t want a Romance sim as a spouse, but he’s good aspiration fodder!
  14. 14. SimMe’s OTH is apparently Cuisine. This’ll be interesting to follow, since my RL cooking skills are limited to boiling carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes...).
  15. 15. Pros: two bolts. Cons: blonde genes and that face he makes.
  16. 16. “Well that was nice. Have a good night, Nery.” “Wait, I won’t get laid? Did I do something wrong?” Hun, we’re looking for a ring, and you just rolled a marriage fear.
  17. 17. Meanwhile, the dogs are already lining themselves up to be scolded for lying on sim beds. My dog only usually gets on mine if I’m already in it, but then again the physics of sim bed seatings are different. On another note, I find the interest pictures for animals quite interesting (wait, did I just make an unintentional pun?).
  18. 18. We need a spouse ASAP, so off to FM we go! Do custom painting recolors usually spawn randomly on Maxis lots? No? Alright then (that’s a map of Finland by the way).
  19. 19. This lot does not play nicely with Cameraman mode. No matter what floor I’m on, the camera keeps going underneath the building each time I press Tab!
  20. 20. As not visible from this picture, SimMe chatted up the cute bartender and fulfills a karaoke want before heading home. At first I thought it was frustrating that you can’t ask NPCs on dates while they’re working, but it actually makes sense. What would the manager think if you suddenly left your shift to go woo a customer?
  21. 21. We also got one of Laci Hogan’s business cards before heading home (and alas, she is not “showing the path of darkness” in this screenshot).
  22. 22. Peach: “Oh dear, he’s barking at the TV again. She should stop leaving that nature channel on!”
  23. 23. Tuesday morning brings a position as Ambassador’s Intern! The uniform just reminded me of my first ever legacy, where the founder was also in the Adventure career. I deleted the hood a long time ago, but the first chapter is still available on my LJ/slideshare.
  24. 24. I had something in mind upon picking the Aggressive trait for Nimbo, but I didn’t think it would make him more likely to tear the furniture apart. He’s already chewed the trash can to scraps!
  25. 25. Mia has earned a cooking skill point and with it has learned to make burn a new meal.
  26. 26. Jumping rope means body skill point which eventually means promotion!
  27. 27. I think Nimbo has learned a lesson about being hostile towards other animals. Yet despite his personality, the relationship between him and Peach is at a 100/89 level!
  28. 28. SimMia is now a “spelunker”, whatever that is, and feels the pride of promotion by stepping in a pee puddle. Classy.
  29. 29. I would’ve preferred not having to deal with a tub in this challenge too, but Nimbo pretty much forced me to with that skunk incident. At least it’ll help build relationships!
  30. 30. We go on another round of spouse hunting, and it seems that Anthony Gaither works here too! It could be fate, but let’s take a look around before settling for anyone.
  31. 31. “Are you diggin’ the music as much as I am? Cuz I lurve it!” “Not this one again… If I tip you, will you stop talking?”
  32. 32. “So Michelle, how did it work out?” “I’d tell you but it’s kind of a spoiler.” “Good call. We’ll talk when I’ve turned off the cam.”
  33. 33. Anthony agreed to teach SimMia how to be a bartender! 16 bucks per drink isn’t too bad at a place like this, especially since I get the money without actually having to make drinks.
  34. 34. I thought witch hunting required effort, but it seems to be even easier than blaming a woman to be one was in the Dark Ages! Our protagonist is too tired to interact with Laci right now, but at least there’s now a +5000 “become a witch” want I can lock.
  35. 35. For shame, Diva! It‘s not like we need that newspaper anyway, but taking other people’s things without asking is not nice! Does anyone else find her facial features quite… Persian? She reminds me of someone I know whose family is from Iran…
  36. 36. Aaw, Nery sent us a card. Isn’t that nice.
  37. 37. Michelle made a post sometime ago about how lucrative digging for treasure is, so I decided to try it out on a lot where I’m actually allowed to sell the findings right away. Chi-ching! A §200 set of vases right off the bat!
  38. 38. Wait, isn’t that the Cement Mixer outfit? Anyhow, SimMia goes to work on Thursday morning as a Spelunker…
  39. 39. …and comes back as a clunker. Well, we can’t let a bad chance chard outcome stop us from trying again! At least it was only the second level.
  40. 40. This picture perfectly embodies me during assignment writings.
  41. 41. With all this newfound time, I have SimMia trade gossip with Laci. “My sources? Let’s just say that they’re very reliable.” The daily relationship is already at 99!
  42. 42. Then it’s off to eating TV dinner with only the dogs as company.
  43. 43. Oh no you don’t! I will NOT have a pixelated version of me fall into the hunger/sleep trap!
  44. 44. This challenge’s first trash can kick! My money’s on The Diva.
  45. 45. The following morning doesn’t hold any promises of Adventure, so instead we’re building charisma and socialising with Anthony.
  46. 46. The dogs were also commanded to a game of “find the chew toy”. Hopefully we’ll soon be seeing puppies!
  47. 47. What better way to start off a first date than by ignoring the person in question for THOSE DAMN ROACHES. Anthony’s a Popularity sim, which would be a refreshing change.
  48. 48. “No head on shoulder?” “No head on shoulder.”
  49. 49. “A toast to my cutest date so far!” “Aw, you’re sweet. Why’s there a third plate set out?” “It was meant for you, but you didn’t come to the table until I called.”
  50. 50. “Wait, so I can kiss your hand, but I can’t hold it otherwise?” “I’m a mysterious man, baby.”
  51. 51. Boom! Dream date, crush and best friend. “3 1st dates” is not going to happen, SimMe. Just reroll the want.
  52. 52. Anthony Gaither is moving in with §3000! Another Aries, which according to SimsWikia works well with SimMia’s supposed Taurus. Exact personality: 1/7/6/3/5. Wants to have 20 best friends and despite the 1 neat point has maxed out cleaning skill! T-ons: fit, jewelry T-off: charismatic (we’ll see about that).
  53. 53. For his first act, he digs up a §280 Daruma wishing doll (along with a few rocks) and stomps on some roaches without catching the flu!
  54. 54. He also starts putting the cleaning skills to use, as the dogs haven’t been housebroken yet and keep leaving puddles when no one’s awake/around to scold them.
  55. 55. No point in delaying the baby-making any further. Hey, where are those flies coming from? <.<
  56. 56. Yup, there’s a baby on board. I hope RealMe won’t have to experience that for a helluva lot more years, haha (I’m a high school student as of now).
  57. 57. “Honey, I have something to tell you.” “In a bit, dear. I have to take a look at today’s stock market first.” When was the last time I saw anyone read a newspaper at the table?
  58. 58. Since Anthony’s unemployed for now, he’ll get to earn his daily bread through painting! Not that he’s very good at it yet, but there’s no crafting badges associated with cleaning so he might as well do something that doesn’t involve production costs.
  59. 59. Autonomous cleaning? If it wasn’t for my habits when it comes to hand hygiene, I’d have classified myself as pretty sloppy.
  60. 60. BABY BUMP! “Please feed us.” Anthony’s already on it, now let the mother-to-be get some sleep!
  61. 61. “Anthony dearest, will you take my hand in marriage?” “So shiny!” “Yes, it is very shiny. I take your expression as a yes.”
  62. 62. “Give my friend a discount or I’ll cast a spell on you!” “Thanks Laci, but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.” The shop girl probably wishes they’d kept one of the trap doors.
  63. 63. Now that’s what I call a pregnancy glow!
  64. 64. Quagmire voice: “Alright!” Meet Mia Nimi, the Atrociously Evil Witch (or so I assume: there’s a “maxed out wicked”-memory, but I have a mod that prevents those ridiculously long titles from being added).
  65. 65. Our first act of wickedry is to get a cell phone, because I’m sure that’s going to be needed at some point.
  66. 66. Later that Monday, SimMe’s re-employed in Adventure!
  67. 67. Now why on earth would Anthony want his fiancée to be cured of this life state?
  68. 68. Stop trying to get yourself food poisoning, you wannabe daredevil! First the roach stomping, now this >.<
  69. 69. “Hey, how is this a party if I’m the only one invited?!” Calm down there, Hogan. No one else was important enough. “Well in that case, I guess it’s fine.”
  70. 70. Shotgun weddings held in the backyard… seems it’ll be a while before I completely rid myself of the TPC atmosphere.
  71. 71. “So, I’m married now, but I’m SO BORED! And tired as hell!” Relax, there’s cake. Cake solves everything. “THE CAKE IS A LIE!”
  72. 72. “Let’s go on a date.” “Now? But we just got hitched!” “So? I’m a Pleasure sim, and I can’t jump on the couch right now!”
  73. 73. “Wow, his art really sucks.” Yeah, I had to hang it up instead of selling it directly so he wouldn’t lose aspiration points from selling anything but a masterpiece.
  74. 74. In an attempt to keep the bride from passing out and maintaining the party score, the sparkling two were forced to play Red Hands.
  75. 75. The party was a roof raiser, but the one who needed the limo ride the most didn’t make it in :(
  76. 76. The next morning, Anthony is in the middle of selling off his second painting when an agonized scream is heard from the other room.
  77. 77. That’s right, baby M is about to be born! In addition to the +3 letter points, I’m giving myself a +1 for “occult child” since she was turned during the pregnancy.
  78. 78. Say hello to Myf! According to, Myf is a feminine name of Welsh origin, short form for Myfanwy meaning “my woman”. This seems like a good time to wrap up the chapter.
  79. 79. “Who’s a good familiar? You’re a good familiar!” Happy simming!