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KBFB-FM (“97.9 The Beat”) is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based radio station, rhythmic contemporary music format with a hyper-local lifestyle lean. It is owned and operated by Radio One and accompanied by newcomer, sister station KSOC-FM (Old School 94.5)!

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97.9 The Beat MEDIA KIT

  1. 1. KBFB-FM (“97.9 The Beat”) is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based radio station,rhythmic contemporary music format with a hyper-local lifestyle lean. It is owned and operated by Radio One and accompanied by newcomer, sister station KSOC-FM (Old School 94.5)!
  2. 2. KBFB-FM Overview 97.9 The Beat Station OverviewKBFB (97.9 FM, “97.9 The Beat”) has always been the Metroplex favoriteand only rhythmic station! It is unique, inviting, friendly, fun and welcomingto all who love Hip-Hop. Clearly separating itself from any marketcompetitors which seem less-inclusive of general market audiences,capturing the true essence of the young Dallas Trendsetter. 97.9 The Beat = THE LIFESTYLE, 18-34 year-old, ‘up and coming’ Dallas Tastemaker. 97.9 The Beat’s listening audience perfectly mirrors the market with a diverse, influential reach into Black, White and Hispanic Dallasites!KBFB has been a FLAGSHIP for discovering, launching and orbiting thenation’s leading radio personalities! In the beginning (2000), the stationwas home to Russ Parr in the Morning (of whom he started his radio careerin Dallas). Later, it was home to Steve Harvey in the Mornings from 2003-2005. Seeking a younger audience, KBFB continues to launch TOP NAMETALENT – Always trading up for fresh voices, KBFB launched Rickey SmileyMorning Show in 2006. The ratings were so strong that today Smiley can beheard all over the nation.
  3. 3. Radio Personalities M-F 6a-10a: Syndicated Morning Show hosted by Rickey Smiley. Establishing himself as a clean comic, his down home southern humor has made him a favorite in the nation’s top comedy venues. From intimate comedy clubs to sold out crowds at Madison Square Garden, the Universal Amphitheater and the Lincoln Center, Rickey’s unique style of humor resonates with his audiences unlike any other radio show.M-F 10a-2p: Mel the Mac holds it down everydayhelping our listeners make it through their daily grind,work week, lunchtime rush. His show features thehottest music, news and entertainment updates. M-F 2p-7p: Veda Loca is one of the market’s most popular, loved and ENERGETIC radio personalities. She has a unique style and connects intimately with her audience. Her signature feature Veda’s Hot Mess is a Drive Time favorite – they LOVE her!M-F 7p-12M: J Kruz is the very definition of swag! Hespeaks three languages and connects with our audiencecrossing cultural boundaries, embodying the true definitionof Hip Hop! Model by day, DJ and Rapper by night, he takesthe city by storm! He is a Dallas Tastemaker and Hip HopTrendsetter – Reppin’ The Beat Lifestyle!
  4. 4. Dallas Market Demographics97.9 THE BEAT vs. The Competition! Arbitron The following research is based on Dec 11/Jan 12/Feb 12 Multi-Book Average
  5. 5. Dallas Market Demographics58.1% of thepopulation are Other14.5% of thepopulation are Black27.4% of thepopulation areHispanic •Dallas-Ft. Worth metro is 5th largest radio metro in the country. •There are 5,944,000 persons over age six residing in the metro. •The metro is comprised of 11 counties. •65.3% of the population live in Dallas, TX; and Tarrant, TX. •28.6% of metro Adults 25+ are college graduates. •36.2% of metro Adults are employed in managerial positions. •There are 2,357,800 households in the metro area. •Median home value is $101,100/Median rent is $567 a month. •The median household income is $58,432 per year. •The average income per household is $79,193. •37.6% of households have annual incomes over $75,000. •The average expenditure per household is $34,483. •Metro Adults spend an average of 27 minutes each way commuting to and from work. 92.7% of Adults travel to work by automobile.
  6. 6. Dallas Market Demographics26.3% of the populationare between 18 and 34.48.8% of the populationare between 25 and 54The median age of thepopulation is 37.3 65.3% of the population live in Dallas; and Tarrant
  7. 7. KBFB-FM Demographics Audience Composition 97.9 THE BEAT Is Truly an 18-34 Radio Station! AQH Persons 6+ Age Composition Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid 26% 23% 17% 17% 16% 16% 10% 11% 10% 10% 11% 11% 10% 7% 3% 1% 6-11 12-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ KBFB-FM Population Nearly half (49%) of 97.9 THE BEATs audience are Adults 18-34. More important is the fact that 97.9 THE BEAT delivers the segment of the population in the acquisition phase of their lives. On a total week basis, 97.9 THE BEATs audience is: •23% 18-24, with an index of 230 •26% 25-34, with an index of 153Numbers may not add to 100% due to Arbitron rounding.
  8. 8. KBFB-FM Demographics Persons 6+ Weekly Cume:1,002,200 / AQH Median Age: 29.8
  9. 9. KBFB-FM Demographics 97.9 THE BEAT Reaches a Higher Concentration of Adults 18-34 Than These Competitors! Cume Persons 6+ Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid KBFB-FM 26% 43% 31% KKDA-FM 28% 41% 32% KHKS-FM 26% 37% 37% KZZA-FM 22% 29% 49% 6-17 18-34 35+Numbers may not add to 100% due to Arbitron rounding.
  10. 10. KBFB-FM DemographicsYour Message Will Be Heard by More Adults 18-34 on 97.9 THE BEAT Than on Any of These Competitors! 97.9 THE BEAT reaches Cume Adults 18-34more of your target consumers Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid than these competitors. 423,500 KBFB-FM KBFB-FM % AdvantageKKDA-FM 3%KZZA-FM 335% 411,000 KKDA-FM 97,400 KZZA-FM
  11. 11. Join 97.9 the BEAT as we present our 8th Annual Car Show and Concert! 2012 marks our 2nd year partnering with DUB Magazine, the world’s leading source for car customization and culture. This partnership has redefined what a car show means….reaching another level of entertainment and attracting 20,000+ listeners/consumers! The MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW in the Metroplex!
  12. 12. Car Show Sponsor 97.9 The Beat Car Show Overview• Talk about a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: In 2011, Lines formed early—with the wait about two hours long and at one point wrapping around the building, we packed the convention center despite a tornado warning for area. People didn’t care; they wanted to experience SIX HOURS of non-stop Cars and Stars!• Local auto clubs entered over 200 cars and trucks along with bikes and various Hollywood cars like the Green Hornet! This show is the largest event of its kind in DFW and the Dub Auto Show Tour is the world’s largest car show and concert. Historically 20,000 Plus Attendance 2012 will be record-breaking attendance! • National Recording Artists like Ludacris, Miquel, Bow Wow, Waka Flocka, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, LL Cool J • Celebrity Appearance like Deion Sanders, Tommy Lee • Event occupies more than 560,000 square feet, Dallas Convention Center • The demographic break, approximately 60% male/40% female • Caters to an active life style consumer with an elevated interest in image, automobiles, electronics, technology, music, and fashion. • Ticket prices range from $17 – the VIP Experience valued at $500 PRESENTED TO: PRESENTED BY:
  13. 13. Car ShowSponsor 360 ExperiencePre-Show:• :30 On-Air Commercials, M-Su 6a-12M• :30 Online Streaming Commercials, M-Su 6a-12M• Promotional Announcements, Name Mentions Only• Logo inclusion, All Event Related Print• Logo inclusion, Web Collateral including email blast and newsletter mentions • Minimum 3X • Newsletter, 1X email blast to 47,000 Beat Listeners • 1x Facebook Posts • 1x Twitter Posts to include hyperlinkOnsite Activation:Customized package based on your business needs!Sponsorship Package Includes:• 2x VIP/Backstage, 10x General Admission, 10x Vendor PassesPost-Show: :30 second branded commercials, promoting your Car Show Activation/Results Bounce Back Offer or On-Going Customized Contesting.• Logo inclusion, on Car Show Post Event Web Page• (1) Email blast (feature article/recap of numbers and success/invite or special offer
  14. 14. In 2007, it started as a CAMPAIGN In 2012, it evolved to a PLATFORM In 2013, it will become a MOVEMENT!
  15. 15. Hip Hop for HIV Mission is Simple, Powerful and Pronounced:HIP HOP for HIV is the brand extension of Dallas’ premier HIP HOP station, 97.9The Beat! HHFHIV is the lifeline of the station’s cause-related communityconnection. In 2007, 97.9 The Beat created a campaign called Hip Hop for HIV,where testing was incentivized through free concert tickets. The HIP HOP forHIV campaign has realized tremendous growth and impact in the DFW area – asthe station is now known for igniting conversation, promoting education, aboutthe disease.In 2012, 97.9 The Beat has taken HIP HOP for HIV to another level, pledging tomake it more than just a campaign but rather a station platform, inherent to thestation’s brand, breath and life! The Beat is building a long-term, consistentstrategy, a movement that responds to the AIDS crisis in the DFW area, inparticular the severe and disproportionate epidemic among Black and Hispanicyouth. 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, Texas is the only radio station in the United Statesdedicated to an ongoing HIV/AIDS Prevention, Awareness and EducationPlatform. Their platform, HIP HOP for HIV is a concentrated and involved plan inwhich the station has committed to a 10-year strategy that keeps the issuefront and center to the market.97.9 THE BEAT works continuously to deliver a positive media campaignthroughout this community outreach program with an aim to elevate thepublic’s knowledge, understanding of HIV/AIDS and confront the stigmasurrounding the disease. Their effort strategically targets communities mostheavily affected, based on HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence data.
  16. 16. Hip Hop for HIV Partnerships, Sponsorships and Collaboration We will work to drive prevention, awareness, education and post-carethrough a series of public service ads, testing, events and partnerships. Special promotions will provide more in-depth coverage such as:Partner with State and local health departments including AIDS offices, AIDS service organizations and other community groups to developtargeted efforts and extend reach. Additionally, corporate partners will have an opportunity to participate in a meaningful and relevant way. We intend to work with all parties to meet our mission. We are looking for long-term quality partners who share the same passion and similar mission!
  17. 17. Multiple TouchpointsIn the Streets
  18. 18. Thank you for time, interest and consideration.We are looking forward to partnering with you! Radio One Dallas 13331 Preston Rd. Ste. 1180 Dallas, TX 75240 PRESENTED TO: PRESENTED BY: