Wohler New Product Guide Q1 2012


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Wohler's New Product Guide for (Q1) 2012

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Wohler New Product Guide Q1 2012

  1. 1. New Product Guide
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Signal Management & Confidence Monitoring Solutions Loudness Page 3 « Pandora Check out Wohler’s newest solution for loudness monitoring and logging, the Pandora™ Loudness Analyzer. Compliance with loudness regulations is becoming a global concern and with standards revisions coming fast and furious, updatability is critical. Pandora offers easy downloads from the iTunes® App Store to help keep pace with the most current standards revisions. Audio Monitors Page 3-5 « MADI-8 « AMP2-16V « Wohler is still both the first and last word in audio confidence monitoring and signal management solutions with a broad range of products that support AMP1-D8 Series every format—now including MADI capability. Check out the latest enhance- « AMP2-D8 Series ments to our state-of-the-art AMP2-16V, as well as our newest offerings for cost-effective monitoring—the D8 Series with Dolby® AC-3. Captioning & Ancillary Data Management Page 6-7 « HDCC Series Following up on the successful introduction of our HDCC card for OP47 caption- « openGear ing and subtitling management, Wohler is proud to announce a complete line of ancillary data management solutions that address applications for data insertion/extraction, as well as providing captions and subtitles for OP47, CEA-608/CEA-708, and ARIB-B37 standards. Video Monitors Page 8-10 « HD Multiviewer « HD Quad Split « Yes, Wohler does video! Our high quality, affordably priced line of video moni- DVM-2443 « tors has been expanded to include the award-winning Presto™ Video Switcher and a brand new line-up of modular and expandable HD multi-viewers and Presto quad split monitors. On top of these new offerings, Wohler announces the « RM Series introduction of our first MPEG-capable monitor—the DVM-2443. « RMT Series News & Information Page 11 « Wohler Mobile Showrooms « Double Your Warranty Learn more about our new mobile showrooms now touring the US, UK and Europe, as well as our newest initiatives to connect with you—our favorite and « Get Social with Wohler most valued customer. Exchange ideas and share your needs and concerns. Our goal is to design innovative products to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving technology and regulatory landscape. visit wohler.com to view complete product lines and product specifications2 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com www.wohler.com
  3. 3. Loudness Analysis and MADI Monitor AUDIO Pandora Loudness Analyzer Product Description The Pandora™ Loudness Analyzer complies with ITU-R BS1770 (revised) and EBU R-128 specifications that define the standard of loudness measuring and provide a simple “pass/fail” indication that can be used by both broadcasters and content creators. Use the built-in presets, or set your own reference levels and monitoring parameters. Pandora provides clear, easy to use readouts of status and logging information that can be stored internally or exported as .csv files. Utilizing an iPod touch®, combined with a sturdy I/O interface, Pandora can easily be mounted or transported to any location where loudness measurement and analysis are required. And, when standards change, you’ll find it a simple matter to log onto iTunes App Store SM and download the latest software to maintain compliance, so you’ll never Compatible with iPad find yourself with an out-of-date product for a critical application.MADI-88-Channel MADI Monitor Product Description About MADI The new MADI-8 from Wohler offers a cost-effective and powerful solution to MADI (AES10) is an industry- audio confidence monitoring for any organization that uses MADI in its produc- standard electronic communications tion workflows. It’s the worlds first in-rack MADI monitor that offers simulta- protocol that defines the data format and electrical characteristics of an neous monitoring of up to eight channels at a time. User-programmable interface carrying multiple channels presets let you rapidly access additional groups of 8 channels, so you can of digital audio. quickly select and monitor up to 64 channels of a MADI stream all with only one compact 1RU device. The main advantages of MADI are that it supports a greater number of In fact, MADI-8s 1RU shallow-depth chassis was specifically designed to fit in channels per line, plus transmission tight spaces such as crowded production trucks. This newest addition to of audio signals over 100 meters of coaxial and up to 3000 meters of Wohler’s extensive line of audio monitoring products provides a flexible, easy to optical fiber. use monitor that enables operators to quickly verify the presence of MADI audio in any environment. 3 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com www.wohler.com
  4. 4. AUDIO 16-Channel AMP2-16V 16-Channel Modular Audio and Video Processing Monitor Product Description Since we invented the in-rack audio monitor we have not stopped improving it! The leading choice of broadcasters worldwide, Wohlers re-imagined AMP2-16V could be the last audio monitor you will ever need. The open architecture design, superb quality, upgradeability and ease of use are why broadcast- ers consistently choose the AMP2-16V for their most demanding applications. With the release of our newest version 5.0 software, the AMP2-16V now offers an even broader set of powerful audio manage- ment tools. Monitor and analyze all of your audio and video feeds from one compact, convenient and easy to use workstation. Its the best weve ever designed and built. LISTEN We’ve added an array of new features so numerous we can’t begin to mention them all here. Simulta- neous multi-format monitoring, with automated format detection, 32 presets, 16 hot keys, internal router/mixer, TOSLINK and redundant power supply options, SuperPair monitoring, downmix… the list goes on. Contact your favorite Wohler reseller for full details. WATCH Stunning, high quality video screens provide amazing detail and are completely programmable to display any set of audio or video functionality on either screen. One-touch access displays SMPTE 2020 and Dolby metadata, including our new Dolby Zoom™ feature. And you can arrange data and save presets for one-touch recall to suit a wide variety of applications. MEASURE Measure and monitor loudness, phase, and ancillary data on the broadest range of formats and input types. Enjoy flexible level metering with selectable and customizable scales on 175 segment bar graphs with easily adjustable range, scale, thresholds, ballistics and clustering. No other monitor offers such extensive options for user-programmability. ACT The AMP2-16V doesn’t just identify issues, it let’s you take action. Application-specific presets let you quickly select any combination of input sources, and comprehensive SMPTE 2020 and Dolby metadata capabilities let you organize information on any page, in any order, in any color, text size and spacing for optimum readability. Adjust audio delay or take advantage of optional Jünger loudness control and re-embedding. Manage your signals with confidence.4 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com www.wohler.com
  5. 5. 8-Channel AUDIOD8 Series8-Channel Monitors with Dolby AC-3 AMP2-D8AMP1-D8 Product Description Wohler proudly announces the newest additions to Thorough magnetic shielding allows placement next to our industry-leading line of audio monitoring pro- sensitive equipment and video monitors, making these ducts. Our D8 Series monitors offer simultaneous units ideal for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, discrete 8 channel output of decoded Dolby D/AC-3 teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, bitstreams with high-resolution level meters show- satellite links, master control and on-air studios. ing PPM over VU, LCD display of system status and phase correlation. The sleek design provides Models are available with support for multi-format optimally focused sound for operators in ultra near 3G/HD/SD-SDI operation (AMP1-D8MDA-3G, AMP2- field environments while extended HF response D8MDA-3G) as well as AES/Analog-only operation reveals potential problems with audio whine or hiss. (AMP1-D8DA, AMP2-D8DA). Multi-Format Audio Monitors Key Legend √ = Available • = Not Available Products Rack Units Screen Size Dolby 3G-SDI HD/SD-SDI AES Analog Metering 16 Channel Monitors AMP2-E16V-3G 2 RU 4.3” OLED D/E/DD+ √ √ Option Option 16 x 175 seg AMP2-16V-3G 2 RU 4.3” OLED • √ √ Option Option 16 x 175 seg AMP1-E16-3G 1 RU 2.4” LCD D/E/DD+ √ √ √ √ 16 x 180 seg AMP1-16-3G 1 RU 2.4” LCD • √ √ √ √ 16 x 180 seg 8 Channel Monitors AMP2-E8MDA-3G 2 RU • D/E/DD+ √ √ √ √ 8 x 53 seg AMP1-E8MDA-3G 1 RU • D/E/DD+ √ √ √ √ 8 x 26 seg AMP2-D8MDA-3G 2 RU • D √ √ √ √ 8 x 53 seg AMP1-D8MDA-3G 1 RU • D √ √ √ √ 8 x 26 seg AMP2-S8MDA-3G 2 RU • • √ √ √ √ 8 x 53 seg AMP1-S8MDA-3G 1 RU • • √ √ √ √ 8 x 26 seg visit wohler.com to view complete product lines and product specifications 5 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com www.wohler.com
  6. 6. CAPTIONING Encode, Decode, Transcode and Monitor HDCC Series Complete Range of Tools for Managing Captions, Subtitles and Ancillary Data Product Description Wohler is proud to introduce the new HDCC Series, a complete range of ancillary data and captioning solutions. The HDCC product line now offers a rich set of dual independent channel, multi-function cards that fit in popular modular frames to provide high density, high integration, low-power consumption and extremely reliable captioning solutions for encoding, decoding, transcoding and monitoring. 708MULTI OP47MULTI Full featured dual channel solution that OP47MULTI provides a complete dual indepen- supports both CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed dent channel solution for WST/OP-47 subtitling captioning formats on a single card with func- formats on a single card with unrivaled capa- tionality that supports even the most challeng- bilities, including: ing applications, including: « Encode « Decode « Encode « Decode « Bridge « Monitor « Bridge « Monitor « Transcode « GPI Encode/Decode « Transcode « GPI Encode/Decode B37MULTI Transmit Range Full featured dual channel solution that performs Available for WST/OP-47 or CEA-608/CEA-708 decoding and encoding of CEA-608/708 and ARIB standards. Each card provides powerful B-37 closed captioning data to and from HD/SD- caption/subtitle encoding capabilities, including SDI video signals in broadcast facilities. encode, bridge and transcode. « Encode « Decode « Encode « Bridge « Monitor « Bridge « Transcode « GPI Encode/Decode « Transcode6 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com W e b www.wohler.com
  7. 7. CAPTIONINGHDCC Series Continued...Analysis RangeThe Analysis range is available for WST/OP-47 or CEA-608/CEA-708 standards analysis and monitoring.Each card provides powerful software and hardware capability for analysis of captions/subtitles andassociated data with external logging and monitoring, together with on-board OSD monitoring. « Independent dual channel operation, both SD/HD with automatic format detection « Dual raw or CDP data extraction through Ethernet or serial ports « Two OSD decoded captions/subtitles outputs that retain original video formats « Dual bypass-relay protected pass-through video outputsV608 HDCC 1RU EnclosureThe V608 dual channel transcoder converts CEA-608(“Line21”) data to/from VANC608 data, according toSMPTE334 specifications. It also supports direct encod-ing and decoding in CEA-608 or VANC608 formats. « Encode Product Description « Bridge « Transcode This new self-contained optional rackmount enclosure holds up to two HDCC cards side-by-side with dualGPITX redundant power supplies.This dual channel SD/HD GPI transmitter and receiver * Does not support the openGear card.allows up to 4 GPI cues per channel to be encoded anddecoded and will securely encode/decode GPI cues inVBI (SD) or VANC (HD).openGear CardProduct Description This brand new 2RU format card supports all of the features and delivers the same great performance as our HDCC range and works in any openGear rack frame. It is fully compatible with the openGear Dash- board control software and is available in several different versions. Contact Wohler for more details. « Encode « Decode « Bridge « Monitor « Transcode « GPI Encode/Decode 7Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com We b www.wohler.com
  8. 8. VIDEO Multiviewer and Quad Split RMV16 Series High Quality Multiviewers RMV-160 RMV16-4C-1RU RMV-360 RMV16-16C-3RU Product Description Long gone are the days of endless CRT-driven The RMV16 Series provides for maximum walls. Control rooms and mission-critical areas versatility and was designed to support up to now rely on multiviewers to drive multiple 64 inputs of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog sources onto a common flat panel display. Our composite signals. Select the appropriate RMV16 multiviewers allow for complete mix and frame and cards to match the number of match of any video standard to be displayed at inputs and outputs required for your installa- any given time, as well as complete scaling and tion. With an intuitive GUI for easy setup and sizing of any display window with selectable OSD programmable presets for instant recall of for audio and video alarms. Each window within a multiple wall configurations, the RMV16 display supports waveform, vectorscope, audio offers great value. It’s the perfect choice for de-embedding, metering of up to eight channels, VIDEO MONITORS your next multiviewer. Multi-screen UMD and timecode, as well as still image and clock insertion. RMQ-230 Quad Split LCD Monitor Product Description The RMQ-230 provides up to four displays in a single 1920x1080 LED backlight 23” screen driven from four auto-sensing 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and a DVI-I video input. Each of the four individual displays supports waveform, vectorscope, audio de-embedding and metering of up to eight channels, UMD, timecode and various markers. In addition to a quad split display of four equal areas, the RMQ-230 can also be configured to a single full screen or one large screen with three smaller screens, which is ideal for simultaneous PC workstation screen and audio/video confidence usage.68 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com W e b www.wohler.com
  9. 9. MPEG Monitor and SDI Switcher VIDEODVM-2443MPEG Video Monitor Product Description PID Table Detail Wohler proudly announces the DVM-2443 CRT-style image calibration controls, and a full broadcast quality video monitor that decodes compliment of industry-standard I/O. and displays MPEG 4 and MPEG 2 video streams with the ability to browse the MPEG PID tables In addition to MPEG and dual input SDI with including video and audio PIDs for each selected loop-thru, the DVM-2443 will also accommodate stream. DVI, component and composite video with audio level meters, GPI, tally, built-in speakers and The DVM-2443 features four high resolution 4.3” headphone jack included. Needless to say, like all LCD screens that are also capable of displaying of Wohler’s industry-leading signal management 3G/HD/SD-SDI video in addition to MPEG, and and confidence monitoring solutions, our newest provide in-picture level metering, video wave- MPEG-capable monitor brings a lot to the party at form and vectorscope display with classic a surprisingly economical price point.Presto16 x 1 SDI Video Switcher Product Description Presto is a simple, intuitive, yet high performance solution for organizing, managing and monitoring multiple SDI video streams in broadcast applications. It accepts up to sixteen 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and displays video on screens that are themselves buttons. Pressing one button switches that input, both video and associated audio, to a pair of re-clocked outputs for routing and/or monitoring on a larger device. visit wohler.com to view complete product lines and product specifications 9Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com We b www.wohler.com
  10. 10. VIDEO Multi-screen and Single Video Monitors RM Series RMT Series Multi-Screen Video Monitors Single-Screen Video Monitors RM-2443W-HD RMT-200 w/20” screen Also available: RMT-170 w/17” screen RM-4290W-HD RMT-150 RM-3270W-HD w/15” screen Product Description Product Description The RM Series is a highly-featured, low-cost The RMT-200-HD monitor is an ideal solution for range of in-rack HD/SD-SDI and CVBS video viewing many different types of HD/SD-SDI (up to monitors. These tilting monitors come standard 1080i and 720p) or analog video and computer with in-monitor level metering, selectable video input—perfect for the many feeds in mobile trucks, waveform and vectorscope, safe and title mark- news and transmission control rooms, duplication, ers, labeling, tally, timecode, video format, and and post-production applications. Using TFT/LCD built-in color bars, as well as familiar CRT-style screens, a perfect medium is reached in the picture controls and an intuitive on-screen scaling and interpolation process, providing configuration menu. superb imaging regardless of video format. RM Series Video Monitors Key Legend √ = Available • = Not Available Products Rack Units Screen Size Resolution Contrast HD-SDI SD-SDI Analog RM-2443W-2HD 2 RU 4 x 4.3” 480 x 270 400:1 √ √ √ RM-2443W-HD 2 RU 4 x 4.3” 480 x 270 400:1 √ √ √ RM-2443W-2C 2 RU 4 x 4.3” 480 x 270 400:1 • • √ RM-3357-HD 3 RU 3 x 5.7” 640 x 480 220:1 √ √ √ RM-3270W-2HD 3 RU 2 x 7” 800 x 480 300:1 √ √ √ RM-3270W-HD 3 RU 2 x 7” 800 x 480 300:1 √ √ √ RM-4290W-2HD 4 RU 2 x 9” 800 x 480 400:1 √ √ √ RM-4290W-HD 4 RU 2 x 9” 800 x 480 400:1 √ √ √ RMT-150-A 6 RU 15” 1024 x 768 600:1 • • √ RMT-150-SD 6 RU 15” 1024 x 768 600:1 • √ √ RMT-170e-SD 8 RU 17” 1366 x 768 900:1 • √ √ RMT-170e-HD 8 RU 17” 1366 x 768 900:1 √ √ √ RMT-200-HD 9 RU 20” 1680 x 1050 700:1 √ √ √10 Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com W e b www.wohler.com
  11. 11. News and InformationWohler Mobile “On the Road” Wohler Mobile Information Wohler Technologies mobile showrooms are a showcase-on-wheels for our state-of-the-art audio, video, data monitoring and captioning solutions. The US-based “Wohler Mobile” and the UK/European based “Wohler Euro Van” have been designed and deployed to provide a close-up, hands-on demonstration environment. They are available for scheduling throughout North America, Europe and the UK. Contact your Wohler representative for details.Register Your Product & Double Your Warranty! How To Double Your Warranty Double your warranty! Registering any Wohler product at your facility within six months of shipment will double your product warranty from one year to two years. You can also activate software modules for certain products as well once you register them. Log onto www.wohler.com and visit our support page to find out more or register now!Connect with our Social Networks Communicate Your opinion and input are important to us. Our goal is to make great products and deliver high-quality, affordable, innovative and flexible solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs. So log on and connect with us through your favorite social network, send us an email, or give us a call. We want to hear from you! 11Phone +1 510 870 0810 Fax +1 510 870 0811 Email sales@wohler.com We b www.wohler.com
  12. 12. Contact InformationWohler Technologies, Inc. Wohler Technologies/Asia Wohler Technologies/Australia Wohler Technologies/EMEAWorldwide Headquarters 1704 Lucky Commercial Centre PO Box 14 453 Stroude Road, Virginia Water31055 Huntwood Avenue 103 Des Voeux Road West South Hurstville Surrey GU25 4BUHayward, CA 94544 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong NSW 2221, Australia United KingdomPhone: +1 510 870 0810 Phone: +852 2851 8325 Phone: +61 2 8005 1899 Phone: +44 (0) 2081 236 658Fax: +1 510 870 0811 Fax: +852 2850 8182 Fax: +61 2 9547 0674 Fax: +44 (0) 208 181 6500Email: sales@wohler.com Email: salesasia@wohler.com Email: salesaustralia@wohler.com Email: salesEMEA@wohler.com 831012_B