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Winmedia 2011

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  3. 3. Since the beginning, the evolution and development of our broadcast solutions and services had always been based on my vision, experience and aspirations as a radio and TV owner in the broadcast industry. Central to our business philosophy, we are dedicated in responding to the feedback of our customers and partners enabling us to continuously innovate and keep abreast of the technological advancement in the industry. With unrivalled customer focus, our quality assurance policy illustrates our capability as a reliable service provider to the success of your business:- • ISO 9001.2008 certification for the development, installation and after-sales Stephane.Tesoriere support on our software President & C.E.O • Responsiveness and capability to innovate when a new market demand is un- covered • New solutions are offered to maintain a competitive edge for our customers For the last eight years, our focus remained on the radio market, developing and enhancing the product quality and features. Our attention has now been extended even to the television broadcast with the development of a cross media platform created based on our relevant experience in the domain. The future of our web based tools, WinBizz and WinNews, linking to the central database of WinMedia, is very promising. All the media resources are easily accessible to the users in real-time, anytime and anywhere – even outside the studios! The birth and subsequent growth of WinMedia was possible, thanks to the commitment and efforts of the team built throughout the years. The story started with the first version of the software, WinRadio and WinLogger, written by the first two developers, Philippe Castell and Stephane Giacone, in 1997. Our customer support team, spearheaded by Christophe Le Kouidec, is travelling round the world to transfer the know-how and to equip our clients with the best use Summary of the technology, maximizing the benefits of the use of WinMedia. The administrative and finance team meticulously manage the accounting and sales WinBizz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .04 processes, adhering to best industry practices. WinNews.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .05 The groups started its international sales adventure with the opening in 2003 of the WinMedia.Web... . . . . . .06 North American office with Francois Beaumier. This was followed by the opening of WinMedia.P.A... . . . . . . .07 the Asia Pacific office in Singapore in 2007. WinMedia.Lite.. . . . . . . .08 New subsidiaries catering to the markets in Latin America and Middle East are in the WinMedia.Basic... . . . .09 pipeline. WinMedia.Pro... . . . . . . .10 WinMedia.TV... . . . . . . . . .12 Discover the wide range of solutions and services offered by WinMedia Group in Winlogger... . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 this brochure. We look forward to building your business with you. 3WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 3 23/02/11 8:47:06
  4. 4. CONTACT MANAGEMENT SOluTiON WinBizz is a complete sales and management web-based system. It encompasses and defi- nes the workflow of the sales force, production team and management all the way, from the generation of a lead and quote to the tracking and exporting of the invoice. WinMedia introduces ‘‘Yield Management” to the sales process as the price per spot and per second is calculated in real time, optimizing every possible second of ad space. The web-based technology allows full access to key information from any computer with internet access. WinBizz is composed of several integrated modules : •.Sales.Team.Management.:.calendar synchronization, sales actions and detailed reports and statistics. •.CRM.&.Sales.Management.:.client centric, lead follow-up, quote generation Yield Management •.Studio.Management.:.production cost calculations, production orders, and follow-ups. •.Invoice.Management.:.creation, payment terms and tracking, and exporting to 3rd party software. •.Reports.&.Statistics.:..detailed management tools to optimize productivity and revenue. CUSTOMER TESTIMONY “ WinBizz sets the standard for the future manage- ment of sales forces of media. Its web-based intefa- ce allows for shared workspaces in real time which offers complete control of medias primary source of income.” Michel Colin, Président, Mediatic Conseils, Switzerland, ChARACTERISTICS.: WinMedia.has.redefined.Client.Relationship. WinMedia develops its solutions on a Microsoft SQL Server Management...With.over.15.years.of.experience. platform and provides turnkey solutions for Broadcasters. WinBizz is a reliable and secure solution that runs on a Linux broadcasters.for.broadcasts,.WinBizz.combines. server with a MySQL database allowing for secure data transfers using SSL certificates and encrypted VPN techno- management.solution...WinBizz,! logy. FEATURES BENEFITS • Seamless communication between all WinMedia solutions • Cost reduction and streamline of workflow • Total mobility and access through 3G • Sales force and CRM management • Secure data transfer though encrypted SSL 128 bit • Yield management - optimization of price per spot certificates and price per second • Compatible with IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari… • Real time calculation of campaign costs • JavaScript and Ajax quick access • Cost reduction and elimination of human error • Data back-up in datacenter when entering new campaigns • Data exporting to 3rd party software’s using .CSV • Instant generations of quotations using full Yield Management tools • Customized reports and statistics • Direct transfer of PO to WinMedia Traffic Module • VPN MySQL / MS SQL Server • Broadcast certificates and statistics • Microsoft Outlook Synchronization • Pricing limitations to avoid errors • Upload Audio/Video/Text for production of Spots • Centralized global reports for management • Access to DJ playlists and programming • After-sales analysis tools • User access rights and configurations 4WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 4 23/02/11 8:47:07
  5. 5. NEwSrOOM SOluTiON WinMedia adds a new generation of Newsroom software to its ever-growing arsenal of Broadcast Solutions. It is a Web 2.0 News platform that is fully integrated with the WinMedia Broadcast Suite. It was developed in collaboration with our partner A2PRL (AFP Audio), the leading radio news agency in France (over 170 radio and TV clients). Journalist in Journalist S H remote location l (internet) Journalist OrGANiZE THE F A News wires from wOrKFlOw OF MySQl DATAbASE AP, Reuters, AFP, FlASH NEwS Editor in Chief Google, Xinhua... F l A S H News Recorded contents from other medias with Winlogger l S H Journalist in F A Journalist remote location Journalist L L2... 1, (internet) rETriEVE S1, S2, H1, S3... F1, L 1, MySQl News wires from & FilTEr L2, F2... DATAbASE AP, Reuters, AFP, iNFOrMATiON FilTErED NEwS wirE Google, Xinhua... Recorded contents from other medias with Winlogger Journalist l S H Managing editor EDiT & VAliDATE MySQl Journalist F A TEXT STOriES DATAbASE F l A S H News text PrE rECOrDED liVE WinMedia Editor NEwS NEwS Software Scheduled wiNMEDiA Record MySQl MS SQl DATAbASE DATAbASE ON-Air Broadcast ON-Air Flash News added News Anchor F l A S H News Anchor to the radio scheduler Teleprompter text CUSTOMER TESTIMONY “Since we started operating WinNews, our workflow has improved. Our 15 journalists can access to the newroom database from anywhere, which allows us to better share information and optimize our time. It is an ideal solution which has streamlined our workflow and increased the quality of our more than 1200 newsflashs per day that our 170 over radio clients upload and broadcast“ Nicolas Billy, Editor In Chief, A2PRL, France. FEATURES BENEFITS • Extranet Web 2.0 Platform with MySQL database • Unlimited number of users can access to their workspace and edit news from anywhere on the web, • Automatic ingest and management of news wires with no VPN required. • Unlimited user access (Journalists, Managing Editors...) • Optimized workflow with users sharing their schedules with own online Calendars and Tasks & giving/receiving tasks • Customized newswires retrieval & filtering according • Journalists receive automatically filtered newswires to user tasks and news dedicate d topics according to their topics and tasks • Full interoperability with WinMedia SQL database, • Edit and send Flash News to other remote radios Fast track editor & automatic flash podcasting • Journalists reach multiple sources of information • WinLoggerretrieval, record and automatically edit (newswires but also other radios, TVs...) other media sources of media news 5WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 5 23/02/11 8:47:08
  6. 6. wEb STrEAMiNG SOluTiON WinMedia provides cost effective turnkey software solutions for radio content production, scheduling & streaming. Based on the latest broadcasting and internet technologies, it makes it possible to : • 24/7 content for 16 webradio formats... in a single click • a single workstation. PrODuCTiON ON-Air STrEAMiNG iNTErNET & SCHEDuliNG & SErVEr wEb FrEE Db STrEAMiNG HOTliNE SErVEr wEb rADiO FirEwAll rEMOTE SuPPOrT wEb rADiO GiGAbiT ETHErNET NETwOrK wEb rADiO FEATURES BENEFITS • MS SQL database, user friendly Drag’n’Drop GUI • Robust, reliable and easy to use platform • Up to 16 players and stream encoders to manage • Maximise the number of web radio formats multiple radio formats from a single system while minimizing the costs • Automatic music scheduling following predefined • Easily enerate one week of music program in a radio format with advanced rotation rules single click, anytime in advance • Default mixes between audio tracks • Smooth transitions between audio tracks • Voicetrack module • Record and schedule DJ voices playout • CD Grabber connected to FreeDB internet database • Save time while creating an audio database, and media information retrieval, including CD cover using the internet public CD media databases to help you find the media information • Automatic HTML/XML export of the current track information (artist, title,..) as well as corresponding • Your audience will always see the artist and title the CD cover on the host webpage names of the track they are currently listening on your web page • Web encoding into MP3 or WMA formats at various sampling and bitrates • Flexibility in audio streaming formats SHORT CASE STUDY is one of WinMedia’s clients that utilizes our program in a creative, effective and profit generating way by providing web listeners over 12 different formats of streaming radio. The user friendly GUI allows listeners to see what is currently playing on all the other stations and switch to it with one click, all the information displayed is provided by WinMedia. There is also an option to purchase the audio track currently playing. 6WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 6 23/02/11 8:47:09
  7. 7. PubliC ADrESS SOluTiON STOrE WinMedia Public Address Solution has been designed to ease the implementation and usage of situated background program play-out systems in retail and hospitality infrastructu- res, even in the existing ones. Based on an extensive 15-year experience in radio and TV broadcast management and automation software solutions, WinMedia provides a flexible solution at lower cost for situated ambiant music systems. The biggest avantage of this system is to use the same renderer engine than the biggest FM or TV station. It allow you to provide the same quality program for your radio or TV in store. •. Centralized. music. scheduling. for. multiple. music. formats. - automatic music scheduling to generate content programming anytime in advance •.Smartmixes.- always smooth musical transitions with preadjusted default mixes • - possibility to have more than one player and content played-out in every site •.Standard.on-site.workstations.are.good.enough.- latest hardware generation is not required, the solution works on standard accounting PC with Windows operating system • - logs and missing audio are automatically sent through standard internet line anytime in advance to the remote sites •.On-site.backup.module.- ensures audio broadcasting even if the internet line is down DATAbASE FTP SErVEr MulTi-CONTENTS PrODuCTiON & SCHEDuliNG & AuDiO FilES iNTErNET ETHErNET SwiTCHED NETwOrK CONTENT PrODuCTiON SiTE rETriEVE wEEKly PrOGrAM rETriEVE wEEKly PrOGrAM rETriEVE wEEKly PrOGrAM ( lOGS & MiSSiNG AuDiO FilES) ( lOGS & MiSSiNG AuDiO FilES) ( lOGS & MiSSiNG AuDiO FilES) PlAy-OuT lOCATiON 1 PlAy-OuT lOCATiON 2 PlAy-OuT lOCATiON 3 STANDArD STANDArD STANDArD wOrKSTATiON wOrKSTATiON wOrKSTATiON REFERENCES Some clients using this solution: McDonald’s Switzerland (Restaurants), Marriot Hotels Italy (Hospitality), Printemps Group Europe (Department Stores), SNCF France (national railways)... 7WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 7 23/02/11 8:47:11
  8. 8. COMMuNiTy SOluTiON rADiO ON-Air WinMedia Lite is a cost effective radio software solution, & FilES SErVEr available on a single workstation or for two networ- ked workstations sharing the same database. Each workstation includes the following functionalities : •.Latest.Generation.Database.(SQL) Import & Export audio files in anyformats (WAV, MP2, MP3, WMA...) •.Full.Drag.n’.Drop functionalities from the database to the player, program and scheduling modules SCHEDuliNG •.Mixer for pre-cuing songs, preparing default mixes, & PrODuCTiON automatic adjusting of musical transitions •.Music.Scheduling to manage and generate content programming anytime in advance •.Full.Broadcast.histories sortable by date & time, to exactly retrieve played-out content •. Backup. Module to back-up database and audio files to another hard drive ON-Air & SErVEr SCHEDuliNG HOTliNE FirEwAll FrEE Db rEMOTE SuPPOrT iNTErNET GiGAbiT ETHErNET NETwOrK ON-AIR.&.FILES.SERVER SChEDULING.&.PRODUCTION • An SQL database and Audio Files • Manual and Automatic music scheduling to create music clocks & generate programs effortlessly • A Player for On-Air manual and automatic play out • Pre-Cue listening of upcoming mixes and songs • Grabber used to rip audio CD’s while accessing the FreeDB database to auto-fill all the available meta-data • A Program to cue and prepare what is to be broadcasted associated with the CD Option.1.: GPI/O Interface // Option.2.: Professional Sound Card-Digigram // Option.3.: Ads Traffic Managment Module 8WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 8 23/02/11 8:47:12
  9. 9. COMMErCiAl SOluTiON rADiO WinMedia Basic is a complete software solution designed to answer all the needs of an independant regional or national radio station. It includes : •.On-Air.server.with advanced live-assist features and a user friendly, full drag’n’drop interface •. Full. control. of the commercials booking, broadcast scheduling, reporting and reconciliation • with rules management. •.Content.archiving,. monitoring and redistribution in FTP website and internet streaming.. ON-Air & SErVEr CONSOlE & PrOCESSOr SOuND CArD SATElliTE TrANSMiTTEr GPiO CONTrOlS GiGAbiT ETHErNET SwiTCHED NETwOrK HOTliNE rEMOTE SuPPOrT wEb rADiO FirEwAll iNTErNET lOGGEr & STrEAMiNG ADS / TrAFFiC SCHEDuliNG MuSiC SCHEDuliNG ON-AIR.&.FILES.SERVER ADS./.TRAFFIC • SQL database and Audio Files server • Manual commercials scheduling • Two Players for On-Air manual and automatic play • Automatic commercial campaigns booking and out with fader starts control scheduling with rejections • Pre-Cue listening of upcoming mixes and songs • A Program to cue and prepare what is to be • Broadcast certificates and broadcast reports for broadcasted totale reconciliation PRODUCTION.&.MUSIC LOGGER • Automatic music scheduling with music clocks and • Recording and archiving in WAV, MP2, MP3 advanced music rotation rules formats on local/remote HDD or DVD/CDs • Voicetracks insertion and editing tool • Signal monitoring with email or sms alerts • Grabber used to rip audio CD’s while accessing • Internet streaming in monocast/multicast the FreeDB database to auto-fill all the available • Audio reconciliation meta-data associated with the CD 9WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 9 23/02/11 8:47:14
  10. 10. rADiO NETwOrK SOluTiON WinMedia Pro is a full software solution designed to address all the needs of an independant regional or national radio networked station. It includes : • liners, hooks, jingles, beds... and network commands with DJ hotkeys module • control multiple radio formats from the same database •, separation, quotas, rotations..) •.Full.customizable.traffic.reports,.certificates, billing, commercial statistics and yield management •.Automatic.filling.of commercial breaks and hours of music with advanced time stretching •.Multi-track.editor.for ultra fast edit of news and interviews •.Automatic.podcast.of shows with RSS management (WinTransfer) STuDiO 1 STuDiO 2 & bACK uP SOuND CArD SOuND CArD SATElliTE CONSOlE CONSOlE lOGGEr HOTKEyS HOTKEyS & PODCAST TrANSMiTTEr HOTliNE GiGAbiT ETHErNET SwiTCHED NETwOrK rEMOTE SuPPOrT wEb rADiO iNTErNET PrODuCTiON NEwS SQl & AuDiO FilES MuSiC TrAFiC / ADS SErVEr rAiD 5 ON-AIR SERVER • Four players and four independant programs for • SQL database and Audio Files server (MP2 or WAV) manual & automatic play-out with fader starts • RAID 0/1 and RAID 5 data redondancy • Reconfigurable hotkeys module for live-assist • Automatic backup and recovery • On-Air live recording • Standalone backup on on-air PC with auto-switch ADS./.TRAFFIC.MANAGEMENT MUSIC.SChEDULING • Automatic commercial campaigns booking and • Automatic music scheduling with multiple music scheduling with rejections clocks and advanced music rotation rules • Broadcast certificates and broadcast reports for • Smart time-stretching to make programs exactly fit totale reconciliation into the hour • Full clients billing and commercials statisitcs • Voice tracks insertion PRODUCTION.&.NEWS LOGGER./.STREAM./.PODCAST • 8 tracks editor to record and edit phone interviews • Recording and archiving in WAV, MP2 or MP3 and news in lossless quality & fast way formats on local/remote HDD or DVD/CDs • CD grabber with audio information retrieval • Automatic podcast of programs and shows • Voicetracks insertion • Internet streaming in monocast/multicast • Audio reconciliation 10WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 10 23/02/11 8:47:17
  11. 11. rADiO NETwOrK SOluTiON WinMedia.Cartridge.hotkeys terface. that. provides. a. quick. access. to. an. endless. • Drag‘n’Drop audio files from the Database into the Cartridge and Set various cue points (intro, hook...) and/or Loop each audio file. Used for Sound FX to live shows, News Flashes, Music count downs & teasers before ad breaks • Start network commands (RS232/422, Telnet, Dry Loop) to control other studio equipments WinMedia.Radio.Networking.Solutions, • Mix regional and local commercials to optimize radios revenue • Lower the setup and operating costs of additional studios • Broadcast Certificates and History of all radios are accessible with a single click • Produce, Schedule and Control programs of every radios in the network from a single location • Easy to mix together and switch from regional programs to local programs • Possible to expand the network step by step, with no limitations in the number of radio formats REGIONAL.CENTRAL.STUDIO SATElliTE PrOGrAM 1 TrANSMiTTEr 1 ON Air & SErVEr (rEGiONAl CiTy) LOCAL.STUDIO ON-Air 2 PrOGrAM 2 MuSiC TrANSMiTTEr 2 (lOCAl CiTy) ETHErNET SwiTCHED NETwOrK iNTErNET VirTuAl PriVATE LOCAL.STUDIO FirEwAll NETwOrK ON-Air 3 PrOGrAM 3 TrANSMiTTEr 3 (lOCAl CiTy) lOGGEr TrAFFiC PrODuCTiON 11WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 11 23/02/11 8:47:21
  12. 12. TV TElEViSiON SOluTiON Based on its extensive experience in Radio Broadcasting, Automation, and Management Solutions, WinMedia has developed a low-cost still robust and complete integrated work- flow solution to fit TV broadcasters most specific needs. PlAyliST TrAFFiC & MuSiC liVE lOGGEr EDiTOr SCHEDuliNG AV DATA (STuDiO) GiGAbiT ETHErNET SwiTCHED NETwOrK VirTuAl STuDiO PlAy OuT SErVEr ACQuiSiTiON & PrODuCTiON & POST PrODuCTiON ACQuiSiTiON CArD PrE- rECOrDED AV DATA iP / GPiO COMMANDS SDi brOADCAST ViDEO CArDS MulTi-PlATFOrMS DEliVEry : • HD / SD TV • MOBILE TV • WEB TV MulTi lAyErS TiCKEr & lOGO iNSErTEr FEATURES BENEFITS • SQL Server Database on Windows HP servers • Top reliable play-out solution compatible with all standards at a very competitive price • 2 video players and broadcast video cards • Compliant with MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 standards • Automatic video cross-fading between contents • Advanced traffic and music management modules • Can manage multiple play-out formats of the same content from a single database file (HD/SD TV, • 4 Graphic layers for tickers, sms and logo insert Mobile TV, Web TV, Radio...) • IP or GPIO commands to virtual studio and multi-layers master control hardware • Ads Traffic Broadcast Reports & Certificates as well as Yield Management to optimize TV revenue • Includes WinLogger, a complete solution for video recording, analysis and archiving • Full automation capabilities, including automatic music scheduling with rotation rules for Music TVs 12WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 12 23/02/11 8:47:23
  13. 13. TV TElEViSiON SOluTiON Central.Server:. hP.ProLiant.ML.370 Hp’s last generation server provides a robust and affor- dable solution. They replace the need for expensive TV Play-out Servers and are unmatched in availability, relia- bility and worldwide support. Acquisition.& Black.Magic.Video.Cards World famous for their unbeatable codecs, Blackma- gic envisioned truly affordable high-end quality editing workstations built upon Blackmagic hardware. DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is the only solution that connects to SDI, HDMI, component analog, NTSC/PAL and S-Video equi- pment for capture and playback, while instantly switching between SD, HD and 2K. Channel.Branding: Miranda.IS.750 Imagestore 750 delivers high performance, HD/SD master control switching and channel. It can offer video mixing; our keying layers can be fed by template-based graphics, combining multi-level animations, stills and character generation. WinMedia controls this hardware with IP command. Virtual.Studio: Tricaster.300.hD,.Tricaster.850.hD TriCaster TCXD850 supports video input from up to eight cameras, in any combination of HD-SDI, HD component, SD-SDI, SD component, Y/C and composite; and includes support for four channels of AES digital audio or balan- ced XLR analog audio per camera, and SDI embedded audio support for each camera connected through HD- SDI or SD-SDI inputs. CUSTOMER TESTIMONY “WinMedia TV is a reliable and stable solution, we have never experienced any type of system failure since we started using it more than a year ago. Moreover, the total cost of the solution is extremely attractive.” Stefano Alloco, Technical Director, Rouge TV, Switzerland, 13WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 13 23/02/11 8:47:24
  14. 14. ArCHiViNG SOluTiON WinLogger is an all-in-one solution designed to automate mutliple channels audio and vi- deo recording, and distribute the recorded content. It includes multiple features like content monitoring, recording scheduling, archiving, editing, web podcasting and streaming, as well as broadcast delay. Based on a MS SQL Server database engine, WinLogger can record up to 32 audio and 4 video channels from a single workstation and in multiple sampling formats, 24 /7/365. Connected to WinMedia Software suite, it makes it easy to redistribute archives and helps optimizing the workflow of your teams. AuDiO/ViDEO iNPuTS up to 32 channels AuDiO/ViDEO wEb STrEAMS up to 32 channels PHONE rECOrDEr VOCAl SErVEr rECOrDEr ... ... FOr NEwSrOOM STrEAM wEb rEAl-TiME liVE PlAyEr wiNlOGGEr STEAM ENCODiNG SCHEDulEr rADiO/TV SCHEDuliNG SHOwS rECOrDEr & PODCASTS bACKuP DElAy MulTiSuPPOrT brOADCAST ArCHiViNG DElAy COrE ON-Air wiNlOGGEr MS SQl DATAbASE wiNTrANSFErT PlAyEr rEMOTE PlAyEr DATA / AuDiO / ViDEO CD/DVD burNiNG EDiTOr PODCAST STOrAGE / EDiT, EXTrACT, ArCHiViNG burN (FTP SErVEr) FEATURES BENEFITS • Recording up to 32 audio and 4 video channels, with • Simultaneous record multiple contents on same PC customizable time frame (24/7/365 possible) • From high quality recording for content rebroadcasting, • Simultaneous recording in various AV formats to low quality for archiving for authorities • Automated scheduling, edition and podcast export • Sychronize start/end points of shows broadcasted of recorded shows to remote FTP server by WinMedia Software for auto edition and export • Transmitter signal level monitoring and alarm • Receive an automatic alarm (sms, phone call, email) in case of broadcast transmission failure • Internet WMA/MP3 stream encoding • Edit and archive shows on multiple supports • Expore AV edited content on CD/DVD/Network • Record phone interviews and messages • Record remote content and playback using remote web player or vocal server • Automatic export of rebroadcasted shows into WinMedia Software suite and to Web Podcast Servers • Compatible with any broadcast capture boards 14WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 14 23/02/11 8:47:26
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  16. 16. WINMEDIA-16pages.indd 1623/02/11 8:47:28 Creation : Editions HF - - Credits : Winmedia // Fotolia.