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Switchcraft ProAudio 2011 catalog

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Switchcraft ProAudio Catalog

  1. 1. Switchcraft® ProAudio
  2. 2. Switchcraft®Jacks & Plugs:In 1946, Switchcraft®, located in Chicago, IL, starteddesigning and manufacturing premium quality jacksand plugs for the rapidly expanding electronics industry.We quickly became the industry standard for audiointerconnect. Our #11 commercial 1/4" jack and our#280 commercial 1/4" plug were developed early inthe company’s history and are still sold by the millionstoday. What started as a few high quality products hasdeveloped into the world’s largest offering of premiumjacks and plugs. Connectors: In the 1960’s, the explosion of large format concerts and events made audio systems more complex than ever. Microphone and PA system manufacturers adopted what is now known as the XLR connector. Switchcraft’s A3F and A3M connectors became the industry standard and are used everywhere from rock concerts to presidential addresses. The XLR has remained the industry standard in audio, and we’ve continued to improve upon this time tested design. The AAA Series is our newest addition used around the world by manufacturers, systemsPatchbays: integrators and audio engineers alike.Early in the telecommunications industry, telephoneoperators needed an easy way to physically patch phonecalls from one location to another. Switchcraft’s 1/4"long frame patchbays became the name in reliability. Ourreputation for quality made us the number one choice forsignal routing in recording studios, broadcast facilitiesand other audio systems. Eventually, it became apparentthat what worked for audio patching could also be usedfor video. Today, Switchcraft’s VPP, MVP and MMVPMicro Video Patchbays are used to patch high de¿nitionvideo signals in the world’s largest broadcast facilitiesand mobile production units. DI Boxes, Mic Splitters and Accessories: The newest line of Switchcraft products are based on our long history of manufacturing high quality interconnect solutions for audio, video and data systems. Utilizing our own jacks and connectors as the framework, we’ve added the latest innovation in design and technology to create the next generation of direct boxes, mic splitters, I/O panels and other peripheral products. Our 900 Series direct box with Phantom Lift (patent pending), is the worlds only direct box with phantom power controlled ground lift.Cable Assemblies:Audio and video systems are only as good as the cableassemblies that link them together. At Switchcraft, wepride ourselves on producing the highest quality cableassemblies in the industry. This includes a wide range ofpatchcords, snakes and DB25 breakout cables compatiblewith our products and other industry standard protocols.Many of our cable assemblies and patchcords meet strictmilitary speci¿cations.
  3. 3. ApplicationsLive SoundSwitchcraft® offers a wide range of professional productsfor live sound applications. This includes a full lineof high end direct boxes, featuring our brand new 900Series with Phantom Lift (patent pending). Our RMASline of mic splitters help provide accurate distributionof audio signals to FOH, monitor and recordingconsoles. All of our splitters can be ordered with dualisolated Jensen transformers providing the ultimateprotection from ground loops in the most critical livesound applications. Of course, we’re still the leadingmanufacturer of premium audio connectors used in livesound applications around the world. Recording Professional recording engineers everywhere have come to recognize the StudioPatch® 9625 as the most dependable and Àexible audio patchbay available. With EZ Norm technology, the ability to change signal Àow from the front of each channel with the Àip of a switch makes adding and recon¿guring gear a snap. Our PT Series I/O panels are a perfect solution for anyone requiring front-of-rack access to outboard gear and recording consoles. All of our breakout cables feature Switchcraft® all metal XLR and ¼” ends, and premium double-shielded multi-pair cabling making them the most trusted in the industry.BroadcastToday’s high de¿nition broadcast facilities require themost technologically advanced equipment to ensurehigh quality distribution of audio and video signals. TheMMVP Micro Video Patchbay offers the highest levelof density (96 patchpoints in 1RU) while exceedingSMPTE 424M speci¿cations. Our Àagship audiopatchbay, the EZ Norm Series, enables signal Àow to bechanged from the front of each channel using a standardscrewdriver. We also offer a broad line of patchbayaccessory products, including fully molded patchcords,insertion/withdrawal tools, terminating/looping plugsand adapters. Systems Integration Switchcraft® offers the most comprehensive range of audio, video and data interconnect solutions for systems integration and installation in houses of worship, educational/corporate facilities, stadiums and other venues. The EH Series is a line of panel mount connectors and rack panels for integrating audio, video and data signals. AAA XLR connectors feature an all metal, two piece design, making them the most durable and fastest to assemble XLR connectors in the world! Our broad line of audio and video patchbays are also widely recognized throughout the systems integration/ installation industry.
  4. 4. Switchcraft® Pro Audio JACKS & PLUGS CABLE ASSEMBLIES DB25 Breakout 3.5mm (1/8" Mini) Cables and 8-Channel Audio & Video Jacks & Plugs Other Jacks & Plugs Snakes Patchcords Professional 3.5mm products High quality 1/4" commercial, Multi-channel interconnect Premium audio and videoApplications for MP3 players, headphones, 1/4" long frame, phono and solutions for pro audio gear patchcords for broadcast and wireless microphone systems Bantam/TT jacks and plugs including patchbays, splitter pro audio and other pro audio / video for musical instruments, audio systems, stage boxes, I/O gear patching and other pro audio panels, etc. gear • Rugged all metal • Rugged all metal • Rugged all metal • Durable, overmolded plugs construction construction Switchcraft® connectors • 110 Ohm cabling for analog • Heavy duty cable clamp • Heavy duty cable clamp • 10 ft. standard cable length or AES/EBU digital audio with 18 inch fanouts • Plugs feature a one piece tip • 1/4" plugs feature a one • 75 Ohm low capacitance rod which means the plug tip piece tip rod which means • 110 Ohm cable for analog or cabling for HD video will always stay attached to the plug tip will always stay AES/EBU digital audio the plug body and will never attached to the plug body • Plugs made of nickel plated break off in your equipment and will never break off in • Double shielded multi-pair copper alloy wont tarnish or your equipment cabling need polishing • Large solder terminals for easy termination • Large solder terminals for • 4-40 and M3 jackscrews • High quality Switchcraft®Features / Bene¿ts easy termination included on all DB25 plug ends connectors • Phono solid center pin • Yamaha and TASCAM DTRS pinouts (DB25) • Black or nickel plated • Metal or plastic handles DB25 Breakout Cables: • Wide variety of cable colors housing/handles • DB25 to DB25, XLR or 1/4" • Solder or screw terminals • Available in standard TRS • Gold or nickel plated (plug) lenghts of 1-10 ft. • Large cable opening • Eight Channel DB25 Insert • Straight or right angle (plug) • Dual Bantam/TT available • Cable mount extension jack Cable - dual DB25 to eight for RS422 and stereo • Locking or non-locking (plug) 1/4" TRS patching (stereo spaced TT • Straight or right angle (plug)Options DB25 Modular Cable Ends: patchbays only) • Large cable opening • Two or three conductor (TS • Female DB25 to XLR or 1/4" • Cable mount extension jack or TRS) TRS • Brass or nickel plated (1/4" or TT/Bantam) 8-Channel Audio Snakes: • XLR, 1/4" TS, 1/4" TRS • Black or nickel plated (plug or extension jack) and housing/handles (phono) phono • Gold or nickel plated • Black ¿nish / gold plated (phono) contacts (XLR and phono)
  5. 5. PATCHBAYSMMVP Micro Video Standard & MidSize EZ Norm TT StudioPatch® Series Audio Patchbays Patchbays Video Patchbays Patchbays TT Patchbays (Wired and Unwired)High density, 2x48 video Standard WECO (2x24 or Broadcast, mobile production Professional, mobile and Broadcast, mobile productionpatchbays meet SMPTE 424M 2x26) and MidSize WECO and other pro audio independent recording studios and other pro audiospeci¿cations for HD video (2x32 or 2x34) video applications applicationspatching in broadcast, mobile patchbays meet SMPTE 424Mproduction, post production, speci¿cations for HD videoetc. patching in broadcast, mobile production, post production, etc.• Meets SMPTE 424M • Meets SMPTE 424M • Utilizes EZ Norm • Utilizes EZ Norm • 110 Ohm compatible, perfect speci¿cations for HD video speci¿cations for HD video technology, allowing signal technology, allowing signal for analog or AES/EBU Àow to be changed from full, Àow to be changed from full, digital audio• Rated at 3GHz • Rated at 3GHz to half, to non-normal from to half, to non-normal from the front of each channel the front of each channel • Nickel plated steel frame• Utilizes industry standard • Utilizes industry standard jacks improve reliability and using a standard screwdriver using a standard screwdriver DIN 1.0/2.3 input/output true 75 Ohm BNC input/ conductivity connections output connections • Jacks rated at 30,000 • Jacks rated at 30,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles insertion/withdrawal cycles • Jacks rated at 30,000• Screw in, all metal jack • Screw in, all metal jack insertion/withdrawal cycles design withstands vibration design withstands vibration • 110 Ohm compatible, perfect • 110 Ohm compatible, perfect in mobile applications in mobile applications for analog or AES/EBU for analog or AES/EBU • Gold switching contacts digital audio digital audio improve conductivity• Based on the proven, • Proven, patented design reliable, patented technology (MVJ- midsize video jack) • Nickel plated brass bushings • Gold switching contacts • Snap in designation strips of our MVJ Series of HD improve reliability and improve conductivity video jacks • Cable tie bar for easy cable • Cable tie bar management conductivity • Terminates to DB25• Cable tie bar for easy cable • Gold switching contacts connectors wired to the management • Snap in designation strips improve conductivity TASCAM DTRS pinout• Snap in designation strips • Rated to 30,000 insertion / • Snap in designation strips • Grounds switchable from withdrawal cycles vertically strapped to• Rated to 20,000 insertion / isolated withdrawal cycles • Snap in designation strips• 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU rack • 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU rack • 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU rack • 1625 - Modular, 16 point (8 • 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU rack heights heights heights channel) heights• Normalled, non-normalled, • Normalled, non-normalled, • Grounds switchable from • 6425 - 1 RU rack mount, 64 • 1/4" long frame or TT/Ban- terminated and non- terminated and non- vertically strapped to point (32 channel) tam jacks terminated terminated isolated by channel (3-pin or PPT Punchdown) • 9625 - 1 RU rack mount, 96 • Custom pre-wired options• Color coding system for • Accessories include true point (48 channel) available easy channel identi¿cation 75 Ohm cable mount BNC • Available with cable connectors for all popular harness, connecting front • Available with cable• Available with red frame to video cable types and rear panel harness connecting front distinguish AES/EBU digital and rear panel audio from HD video • Single video jacks, looping • Back panel options include plugs and dummy plugs 3-pin, PPT Punchdown, • Back panel options include• Accessories include EDAC, DB25 and solder 3-pin, PPT Punchdown, DIN 1.0/2.3 insertion / terminal EDAC and solder terminal withdrawal tool and DIN 1.0/2.3 cable mount • Solder terminal versions • Solder terminal versions connectors for all popular feature cable tie bar or feature cable tie bar or video cable types cable tray cable tray
  6. 6. CONNECTORS Audio, Video and Data Connectors XLR Connectors Mini XLR Connectors (EH Series) (Q-G®) (Tini "QG"®) HPC Connectors Audio AdaptersExtensive line of panel Professional XLR products for Professional Mini XLR HPC (High Power Connectors) An extensive range ofmount audio, video and data microphone cables, snakes, products for wireless for critical connection of premium quality adapters forconnectors used to create I/O panels and other pro audio microphone systems and professional sound audio, video and datacustom I/O panels and wall gear other pro audio gear reinforcement systemsplates for A/V, pro audio,broadcast, mobile productionand post productioninstallations• The easiest way to create • Recognized as the industry • Easy to assemble • Fully compatible with • Rugged, all metal custom I/O panels and wall standard Neutrik® SpeakON® 4 pole construction plates • Easy quick release connector series • Rugged design and high • Built to industry standard• Compatible with Switchcraft® quality material • Unsurpassed durability with • Easy to assemble speci¿cations QGPK rack panels and WP a choice of ¿nishes and Series wall plates • Two piece design with contact plating • Rated up to 50A RMS • Non-overmolded options integral strain relief (AAA feature easy to customize• All connectors ¿t into a series) • Rugged design and high • Unique push lock / pull wiring / grounding schemes standard size XLR panel quality material release mechanism for various applications cutout • Large solder terminals for easy termination • Female connectors have • Time tested, proven designs• Available in black or nickel latch lock feature to hold ¿nish • Thermoplastic pin insert connectors ¿rmly together withstands high temperature• Custom combinations of soldering • All metal Tini "QG"® EH Series connectors can available be quickly loaded into any • Male and female panel of our 1 RU (1x16), 1.5 mount ¿t into the same RU (1x16) or 2 RU (2x16) cutout (E Series) QGPK Series panels • Unsurpassed durability with• Available individually a choice of ¿nishes and bagged with mounting contact plating screws • Female connectors have latch lock feature to hold connectors ¿rmly together• XLR, Phono & BNC • 3-7 contacts (3-5 for E • Black or nickel plated • Straight or right angle • 1/4" Series) handles• 9 & 15-Pin DSUB • In-line • XLR • Gold or nickel plated • Gold or nickel plated• S-Video & PS/2 contacts contacts • Round or rectangular panel • RCA mount• Firewire 400 & 800 • Black plastic handle • Large cable opening • DMX available (AAA Series)• USB • 3-8 contacts • BNC • Large cable opening• TOSLINK • Available in solder terminal • 75/110 Ohm • Right angle (R Series) panel mount, or right angle• F Type • Impedance matching PC panel mount • Satin or textured ¿nish (D transformers• LC, SC, ST Fiber Optic Series panel mount) • Cable mount, panel mount, • 3.5mm (1/8" mini)• 3.5mm (1/8" mini) right angle, wall mount and • Black or nickel ¿nish surface mount available• DPDT Switches• CAT5e / CAT6• HDMI
  7. 7. www.switchcraft.com DIRECT BOXES - MIC SPLITTERS - I/O PANELS SWITCHES Pass Through I/O Direct Boxes Microphone Splitters Panels Guitar SwitchesConverts the outputs of High end splitter systems Professional quality pickup Applications Pass Through I/O panels aremusical instruments, MP3 for use in permanent install, a perfect front end to audio selector switches used byplayers, laptops, DJ mixers broadcast, live sound and consoles, DAWs, outboard the world’s leading guitarand other devices to balanced, other pro audio applications gear or any situation where manufacturersmic level signals that can be easy access to rear panel I/Oconnected to audio consoles, connections is preferredmic preamps and house soundsystems• Phantom Lift enables ground • Shielded, dual isolated • All metal Switchcraft® • Heavy duty steel frames to be lifted remotely using transformers provide two input/output connections +48V phantom power from isolated splits and one direct preserve the lifespan of I/O • Smooth actuation the console (900 Series) non isolated split for each connections on expensive • Precious metal welded input pieces of outboard gear and• Unique recessed chassis contacts audio consoles design keeps switches from • Rugged, all metal chassis • Knobs available in black, being accidentally engaged • All I/O panels are • Permanent install version white, ivory and amber (Sold and jacks from being conveniently wired to two features all I/O and separately) damaged DB25 connectors (TASCAM switching on rear panel DTRS pinout) Features / Bene¿ts• Precision engineered (RMAS8C/RMAS8CPRO) circuitry and premium, • Rugged, all metal chassis fully shielded isolation • DB25 and terminal block I/O transformer provides (RMAS8PRO) • 110 Ohm compatible, perfect unmatched audio for analog or AES/EBU • DB25 I/O (RMAS8) digital audio performance • Line level pad on each input • 16 channels• All metal Switchcraft® input/ and pin 1 ground lift for each output connections for isolated output increased reliability• 20dB input pad• XLR ground lift900 Series Instrument Direct • Premium fully shielded • XLR Female to DB25 • Available for the mostBox with Phantom Lift: transformers (RMAS8 & popular guitar styles RMAS8C) • XLR Male to DB25• Inputs: 1/4" TS, Thruputs: • Available in straight (regular 1/4" TS, Outputs: Balanced • 8 XLR Female / 8 XLR Male • Also available with super and short frame) and right XLR premium fully shielded to DB25 angle800 Series Instrument Direct Jensen transformers • 1/4" TRS to DB25 OptionsBox: ( RMAS8PRO & RMAS8CPRO) • XLR Male and XLR Female• Inputs: 1/4" TS, Thruputs: (in groups of 4) to DB25 for Two 1/4" TS, Outputs: AES/EBU digital audio Balanced XLR700 Series A/V Direct Box• Inputs: 1/8" stereo, dual phono and dual 1/4" TS, Thruputs: Dual phono, Outputs: Balanced XLR
  8. 8. World Headquarters & Manufaturing Facility5555 N. Elston AvenueChicago, IL 60630Phone: 773-792-2700Fax: 773-792-2129International Sales Of¿ce16, Challenge Enterprise Centre, Sharps Close,Portsmouth, United Kingdom PO3 5RJPhone: +44 (0) 23 9269 1506Fax: +44 (0) 23 9269 1505www.switchcraft.com ®Switchcraft Made in USA