Bw broadcast v2 flyer


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The all new V2 range of FM transmitters from BW Broadcast

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Bw broadcast v2 flyer

  1. 1. Power with control.Smart Gear. Priced Right.SOUND BETTER. Integrated multi-band DSPX audio processing means stations withouta dedicated processor sound great, right out of the box. One of the industry’scleanest exciters and ultra-low distortion modulator complete a highly stable FMtransmission system.SUPERIOR RELIABILITY. “Gold clamp” transistors can be changed in minutes with only ascrewdriver, and without needing a soldering iron. Slide-in universal power suppliesmake replacement a breeze. A truly innovative heatsink design ensures ultra-long life,thanks to ingenious airflow.ADVANCED CONTROL. Ethernet connection on every V2 with smart phone apps forsimple remote management. Intelligent alarms and email alerts ensure busyengineers can manage their stations with minimal intervention and logging isavailable for those who like to see more detailed status.FM Transmitter Range.3 great reasons to buyNEWBW Broadcast’s renowned transmitters have been getting stations on the air for over 15years, and LPFM certified for 12 of those. That tried and tested platform is now being takento a whole new level thanks to years of experience and feedback.With Gold Clamp Transistors and Slide-inPower Supplies on-site repairs have neverbeen simpler. So, should your transmitterfall foul of lightning strikes or powerfluctuations, parts can be changed in acouple of minutes and you’re back on air!Add to this, a renowned Linear DistortionFM Modulator combined with DSPXMultiband Processing and you have clean,loud, market leading audio performancethat will crush the competition.We’ve made our transmitters the most intelligent on the market by adding Remote Control,Email Alerts, Silence Detection, Advanced Alarms as well as an In-built Logger. All of thesefeatures make it easy for you to monitor the status of your transmitter. It will email you if ithas a problem and keep a log of any issues to be investigated. You can also adjust settingsremotely if required. All these features are designed to give you peace of mind and saveyou time.V2 also has Configurable Status and Alarm Ports, to signal to and control externalequipment. This will alert you to issues and offer solutions to keep you on air. For example, itcan be configured to switch on back-up audio or back-up transmitters should it detect aproblem.Analogue, Digital and Composite Inputs give maximum flexibility to interface with anyexisting and future audio chains, alleviating compatibility problems and future proofingyour equipment.FSK ID Keyer as standard for translators removes the need for external hardware or hourlyaudible announcements and offers broadcasters a one-box solution for their translatorsites.V2 offers flexible and extensive Web Mail, SNMP, Telnet and Serial Remote Control that willkeep you aware and in control of your station’s transmission, and allow you to interact withyour transmitter using the method that you prefer.Smart Gear. Priced Right.Int’l Phone: +44 (208) 2530290US toll-free: Next Generationof FM Transmitters.