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E business scm_crm


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E business scm_crm

  1. 1. SCM
  2. 2. Supply Chain Management• Linking Suppliers, Manufacturer, Consumers, Wholesaler, Retailer• Globalization, Proliferation of MNC’s, JV’s, Alliances, Business partnerships• Just-in-time, Lean manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing,• Dell, CISCO, HP etc…
  3. 3. Supply Chain Management
  4. 4. Supply Chain Management
  5. 5. Supply Chain Management• Network of Interconnected Businesses• All movement and storage of – Raw Material – Work In Progress Inventory – Finish Good From point of origin to point of consumption
  6. 6. Problems addresses by SCM• Distribution Network Configuration• Distribution strategy• Logistics – Half load, Full load etc.• Forecasting• Inventory Management• Cash Flow Management
  7. 7. SCM Software• Customer Requirement Processing• Purchase Order Processing• Inventory Management• Warehouse management• Supplier management & Sourcing• Forecasting
  8. 8. CRM
  9. 9. CRM• Customer relationship management (CRM) is about organising information—the phone calls, the emails, all interactions—for strong sales and customer care
  10. 10. CRM• Managing company’s interaction with customers, clients and sales prospects• Organize, Automate and Synchronize business processes related to sales activities, marketing, customer service & technical support• Goal is to find, attract and win new clients, retain existing clients & reduce cost of marketing
  11. 11. CRM
  12. 12. Benefits of CRM• Quality and Efficiency• Decision Support• Cost Reduction• Process Automation• Analytics• Strategy
  13. 13. Software Companies• SAP• Oracle•• Microsoft• Amdocs
  14. 14. Future Trends• Cloud Computing• SaaS• Social CRM• Vendor Relationship Management VRM• Extended Relationship Management XRM
  15. 15. Thank you and All the Best Your Feedback Is Much Appreciated