The Social Web: Helping Agencies Help Their Clients


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Companies have realized the importance of listening and engaging on the social web, and they’re willing to loosen the purse strings to make it happen. 64% of companies plan to increase their budget for social media efforts in 2012, and many of them are looking to agencies like yours to help them get more value out of social.

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The Social Web: Helping Agencies Help Their Clients

  1. 1. AgencyCompanies have realized the importance of listening andengaging on the social web, and they’re willing to loosen thepurse strings to make it happen. 64% of companies plan toincrease their budget for social media efforts in 2012, andmany of them are looking to agencies like yours for guidance.Some brands and organizations have already matter most for each client initiative, regardless ofrolled out a social strategy, while others are stuck that client’s industry. This allows their agency to helpspinning their wheels. But regardless of your clients tune into the right conversations at the rightclients’ social media maturity, the opportunity time when engagement will be most impactful.exists for your agency to help them get morevalue out of the social web. Whether you’repart of an advertising agency, a digital agency, The Social Web, Your Agency’sor work for a public relations or market research New Focus Groupfirm, establishing a presence on social media canhelp both you and your clients transform your Social media is ongoing and organic, foreverbusinesses to be more popular and profitable. changing – just like people’s opinions. Agencies can use the social web to gain a better understanding of the public’s perception of the companies youGet to the Heart of What Matters represent. Stay ahead of the curve by discoveringfor Clients emerging trends in online conversation and quickly assessing changes in consumer brand impressions.The growth of social conversations has made it Use this newly discovered customer feedbackvirtually impossible to manually find, read, filter and to suggest how your client might improve theirreply to all potential posts of interest to a client. product and service offerings.With billions of posts being created and sharedeach month, how can your agency make sense Wunderman had great success with their client,of that massive amount of data? How can you Nokia, as the company prepared to launch their newautomate the process in order to speed clients to line of smartphones. Nokia wanted to learn morethe meaning behind it all? about online opinion of their Windows Phone OS adoption. Wunderman listened to developers fromTo better manage the huge volume of online around the world in order to measure reaction andconversation, Edelman Digital, the agency with encourage WP7 app development, so that the appsthe largest social media staff, developed a Social consumers love on other devices were available onIntelligence Command Center powered by the new Nokia phones, too. Based on the feedbackSalesforce Radian6. The team at Edelman uses they gathered, Wunderman helped Nokia create athe command center to focus their online listening smartphone with the highest UK pre-orders ever,to specific media types, regions, or languages to and in a way that was “much more cost effectivequickly zero in on the social conversations that and timely than was previously possible”.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. AGENCYReal-time Brand Reputation time data from Radian6 and fed it into their “ShareManagement the Burn” dashboard and integrated Twitter feed so viewers could interact with each other easily throughout the roast. The Charlie Sheen RoastOver four-fifths of PR firms are anticipating an became a truly social event – it was one of the mostincrease in digital and social media work in the watched events in Comedy Central history, withfuture, and this should come as no surprise. over 6.4 million viewers.Information travels quickly on the social web, andnot all of it is flattering or even factual. Your agencyneeds the best line of defense to nip negativepublicity surrounding your clients in the bud. Demonstrate the ROI of Social to ClientsRespond quickly to dispel rumors and protectbrand reputation, before things escalate into a Reporting on social media metrics takes time –widespread PR crisis. Even if your agency isn’t time your clients often lack. But your agency canresponding directly to posts, you can still provide provide them with meaningful measurement andconstructive counsel to your clients by suggesting mined research insights from social data withan outreach program based on what people are minimal legwork. Use web analytics to measuresaying on the social web. the effectiveness of social media marketing with more precision by determining what topics are driving people to client websites and discoveringMore Successful Campaigns how much time people are spending there. Establishing online conversation points provesthrough Social clients are getting return on their social media investment through your agency.Instead of relying exclusively on traditional one-way messaging like print and television, take your Collective Bias, a shopper media agency, is just oneclients’ campaigns to the next level by incorporating example of an agency finding success in the socialsocial media. Getting more social allows you to hear space. They created a private influencer communitythe voices of the masses and tailor your clients’ of over 1600 people on their blog “Social Fabric”campaigns, promotions and events to what people to help drive awareness and trial of products withinwant. Encouraging online communities to get specific retail channels. Collective Bias conductsinvolved also helps spark interest and discussions baseline measurement to see conversational volumeon social channels, resulting in a more lasting before their work begins, then reports in real-timeimpression with a larger audience. during (and after) campaigns to assess increases in share of voice and customer engagement. BeingWhen Omnigon was approached about the Charlie able to gather comments on people’s intent to buySheen Roast by Comedy Central, they created an helps Collective Bias demonstrate to clients thatinteractive dashboard to bring the voice of the fans social media efforts are indeed moving the this televised event. Omnigon collected real-Interested in how your agency can get more value out of social media?Contact us today to learn more about getting started with Salesforce Radian6, visit our website, or contact our sales team via email or telephone 1 888 672 3426.Copyright ©2012 Radian6