Social Media Conversations With Cupid: A Valentine's Day Infographic


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Social Media Conversations With Cupid: A Valentine's Day Infographic

  1. 1. Social Media Conversations about Valentines Day flooded social media channels like a rush of butterflies after a long-awaited first kiss. From February 1st Conversations to February 12th, there were 8,293,748 mentions of the special day dedicated to commemorating our on Cupid: lovers. Or singlehood. Or friendship. Using social media monitoring, we uncovered the major topics, A Valentine’s Day Infographic trends and mixed feelings sparked by the holiday. 8 3,74ons Whats the Plan, Stan? 8,29rsati conve bouts 27,453 conversations discussing a plans for Valentines Day e’ entin Val ay D Staying in Going to Going out the movies to eat Working 38.5% 25.8% 17.0% 16.2% Going on a trip 2.1% Going to a concert 0.3% Going to the theatre 0.2% Is Valentines Day for him or for her?* Gimme, Gimme! Valentines Day gifts people are talking about. Are men or women more expressive? 29% Perfume 12,005 Lingerie 71 % 74% 26% Positive 18,746 Teddy Be ar Conversations 45,574 Candy 30% 85,340 e most Males arexpress 70% Negative Conversations Roses likely to sentiment negative e holiday. during th 105,115 Jewelry 112,837 Popular Dating Sites Flowers 126,563 eHarmony 564 mentions Chocolate 408 mentions 254,195 Plenty of Fish 161 mentions Christian Mingle 127 mentions Cards Zoosk 109 mentions OkCupid 99 mentions 264,350 Lavalife 53 mentions JDate 26 mentions Which cities in North Most Romantic Cities** America tweet the most about Valentines Day? Is it Love or Hate? #3 #2 657 mentions #1 Los Angeles 1,030 393 mentions NYC mentions chicago #4 360 #8 213 mentions mentions 5,468 21,489 Washington DC toronto Folks say they Folks say they #6 san francisco love hate 248 mentions #7 Valentines Valentines Day Day #5 #10 Houston 172 mentions 234 atlanta las vegas mentions 343 mentions #9 195 mentions Philadelphia Pop Culture @greysabc received 1,749 retweets around their Popular Proclamations of Love: Valentines Day episode 5 of the Most Retweeted Tweets (50+ retweets, 50+ favorites) Nickelodeon teen star @arianagrande got 7,091 mentions around the Twitter Valentine Party @funnyortruth: If you wait until Valentine’s Day to treat your girl like a queen, you fail 364 on Feb 8, co-hosted by @Snoopy. days of the year. (Another popular one from #snoopyvalentine @funnyortruth: “Whale you be my Valentine?” “Dolphinately!” @ohteenquotes: People call it Valentines Day. I call it what? Tuesday. @AvrilLavigne: I’m in Beijing and will be sharing my Valentines Day with my loving fans!!!! My concert is on Feb 14th at the MasterCard Centre!! xoxo Fifty Ways to Name Your Lover @iSpeakComedy: VALENTINE’S DAY IS CANCELLED! Proof: 14-02-12=0 @ddlovato: Valentines day is only 4 days away?!! From “Baby” to ”Big Daddy Yum Yum,” Wow..... Well, who wants to be my valentine??! people find every which way to express how fond they are of their loved one. Here are the most commonly used terms of endearment when expressing ”my <significant other>.” MYY MY M YY LOVE MY MY MY BA B B BO MY BA GIRL O MAN BABE HO MY NE Y MY ET E SW ART MY DARLIN G MY LOV E BUG HE 20,020 Mentions 1.073 Mentions*Based on those profiles that have self-identified as being Male or Female **Based on those profiles that have self-identified their City. Copyright © 2012 Radian6 Technologies