SMB Social Media Transformation Checklist


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Social media is an exciting opportunity for small and medium businesses, and you can start today with this to-do list for your SMB. It includes a list of key social media tasks, so print it out, hang it on the wall and get ready to dive into social media!

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SMB Social Media Transformation Checklist

  1. 1. COMMUNITY EBOOK HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR SMALL BUSINESS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA / JANUARY 2012 PRINT SMB Social Media THIS! Transformation ChecklistWe know your to-do-list for your small or medium business (SMB) is already overflowing with#1 priorities. So we’ve pulled out a list of key tasks, so you can transform your business withsocial media. Print this, hang it on the wall and look at it each morning. SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING • Promote others more than you promote yourself. • Use monitoring tools to scale your mountain of • content. • Listen carefully, respond quickly, and share helpful information. Monitor and track trends and watch trends emerge • as you view the data. • Thank everyone who shared your content. Aggregate your data to simply pull the information you need. USING SOCIAL MEDIA • T reat Twitter like a conversation - listen, then SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING • join the conversation. • Search for terms, words, and phrases that are O n LinkedIn, ask for recommendations from directly related to your SMB. • those you know. • Use industry listening to reveal how you might fit Create a business page to build a presence on into the larger picture. • Facebook for your SMB. Listen for competitor conversations to learn what they’re doing and what’s working. BLOGGING • Read and comment on lots of blogs, both inside and SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT • outside your interest area. • Write to share something valuable with others in your community. • Be helpful to your community. Share your content and others’ content. • Engage with comments on your blog. • Listen and interact with your community first before delving into industry discussions. SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS • Determine who is going to be using social media. • • Select a social media training lead. • Mix cold hard numbers with human insight. • Have a training program that clearly states why Choose some of the metrics that relate to your higher-level business goals. • your company is adopting social media. Form a hypothesis. 1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6