Viral Technologies and the Power of Social Media


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Viral Technologies helps clients realize the power of social media
lead generation in the B2B marketplace.

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Viral Technologies and the Power of Social Media

  1. 1. Case Study / Viral TechnologiesViral Technologies helps clients realize thepower of social media lead generation in theB2B marketplace.The Challenge decision makers in this particular target market.The adoption of social media across organizations While filtering through Salesforce Marketingthat are in the B2C space is easy to understand. Cloud data, he noticed a “decision maker”There is an immediate need to be available and speaking on Twitter about his company’s needpresent for your customers and that is a crucial for a new product with additional functionalitypart of running a successful business. The B2B that could replace their existing product. Steveadoption rate has been a bit slower, but when quickly realized that his client’s product fulfilledyou look at the issue, it is easy to see the many this need in additional functionality and beganapplications that exist in the social space for those engaging lightly with the “decision maker” onin the B2B category. Steve Reeves, Director of Twitter. They developed a strong relationshipMarketing for Viral Technologies saw early on that and two months later, his client won a newsocial media could offer a number of business account and from a key competitor to their clients in the B2B space. Hesoon started exploring different lead generation The Resultsmethods that could offer value and savings to theircustomers’ bottom line. After helping the client capture new business through social media, Steve began runningThe Approach the financial calculations to show the power of adopting social media as a viable marketingBefore you can think about ROI, you need channel. The results were compelling. Whento think about CTA, or cost to acquire, a key analyzing the cost to acquire using social mediafinancial measurement in marketing. Steve quickly vs. a more traditional marketing method; he wasunderstood the importance of cost to acquire, and able to show savings of $12,000-$15,000. Then hespecifically how it relates to customer lifetime value was able to project net new revenues, along withand ultimately return on investment calculations. customer lifetime value calculations and came to a blended cost savings/new revenue projectionSteve started analyzing the amount of money well into the six figures. When looking at ROI in thethat was spent on traditional marketing efforts context of this example, Steve was able to show a(outside of social media channels) to acquire 2500% return by using a simple ROI formula:new business within the specific market segment ROI % = (Return - Cost of investment) x 100for one of his clients. Then, using the power of Cost of investmentSalesforce Marketing Cloud, and the concepts helearned through traditional marketing efforts, he B2B lead generation in a social media environmentbegan to identify conversations occurring within can and has been achieved. Understanding costthe client’s target market and also used other to acquire, and customer lifetime value are twotechniques to listen in on conversations from key critical financial measurements in putting an ROI to social media efforts.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6