Non-Profit Organizations Embrace the Social Web


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With surveys revealing that 98% of non-profit organizations have a Facebook presence, and 72% are establishing themselves on Twitter, it’s apparent that the non-profit sector is embracing the social web.

Regardless of size, all organizations can benefit from being engaged online. Success will come from locating your biggest needs, and creating a strategy that ensures you’re not extending your resources too far. Read on for some of the top ways non-profits are maximizing social media.

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Non-Profit Organizations Embrace the Social Web

  1. 1. Non-Profit OrganizationsWith surveys revealing that 98% of non-profit organizationshave a Facebook presence, and 72% are establishingthemselves on Twitter, it’s apparent that the non-profit sectoris embracing the social web.But with budget constraints and increasing organizational transparency, and put a human facecompetition for the time and money of prospective on the causes you support.donors and volunteers, how can you ensure yourorganization is getting the most out of social?Regardless of size, all organizations can benefit Recruit Volunteersfrom being engaged online. Success will comefrom locating your biggest needs, and creating a Social media gives you the opportunity to locatestrategy that ensures you’re not extending your and recruit a wide pool of volunteers.resources too far. Read on for some of the topways non-profits are maximizing social media. Many people are looking for the opportunity to become involved with their community, but simply waiting for the right event or cause. When a USGrow a Community volunteer organization wanted to attract more help for a special service day, they took their messageNot only does the social web provide opportunities to Twitter. By understanding and seeking out theirfor community building, it encourages it. target audiences, the group was able to tailor theOnline engagement is a powerful way to draw best content to pique community interest. Theconnections between people that may have never campaign was successful in attracting over 1000met, but share many of the same life experiences. volunteers who were new to the organization, andRecognizing the need for strong community bonds they also doubled their twitter followers, giving themwhen it comes to dealing with a disease, the an even larger pool to contact for future events.Diabetes Hands Foundation created TuDiabetes,a network that has over 13,000 members. Spreading messages about positive volunteerTuDiabetes serves as a forum for those with experiences might encourage other members ofdiabetes to discuss all aspects of living with the the community to seek out a rewarding volunteerdisease, allowing them to combat the isolation experience of their own. A recent study provedthat can come from having an illness and become that social media is effective in taking seemlya member of a larger, supportive group who are small, invisible actions and sharing them with bothdedicated to communal success. acquaintances and the world at large. When all of the efforts are grouped together, the volunteeringYou don’t need to create your own social network efforts are truly representative of how engagedto create an online community. Use existing communities are helping to combat disease,resources like your blog or Facebook and Twitter increase awareness surrounding environmentalaccounts to join in on conversations, share issues, and give a voice to those who arecontent, and answer questions. Becoming more otherwise suppressed.involved with your community will enhance yourwww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONSIncrease Donations Connect with Like-Minded OrganizationsThink of social media as an extension of all ofthose coffee meetings you attend with prospective Part of a National or International organization?donors – instead of meeting at your local cafe to Interested in learning more about what similardiscuss their interest in your cause, social media non-profits are doing for outreach and eventhelps you create bonds online, giving you the planning? Use the social web to develop contactspower to build strong relationships with more between branches of your organization, or evenpeople, regardless of time or location. create liaisons with a group that services another audience entirely. The most important part isRealizing they were advocating a lesser-known fostering connections that allow for a transfer ofcause, the Scleroderma Foundation was searching information and give you the opportunity to talkfor a unique way to strengthen their community about what practices work best so you can learnand raise awareness and funds. By using an from each other.innovative video sharing platform, the SclerodermaFoundation’s Walk for Cure has successfullymanaged to unify the community of people living Promote Eventswith this auto-immune disease. They also founda whole new audience who might have not Chances are your non-profit has a signature eventotherwise been aware of the disease. Thanks to that gets your volunteers and donors excitedrampant commenting and sharing, the foundation every year. Whether it’s a golf tournament, walk-has increased both their followers on Twitter and a-thon, or charity gala, wouldn’t it be great if youfans on Facebook. The campaign has already raised could attract an even larger following to increase$15,000, with one generous donor pledging to attendance and positively impact your fundraisingdonate $100 for every video uploaded to the site. efforts? Sharing messages on the social web is a great, inexpensive method to spread yourWhen it comes to fundraising via social media, event details to a much larger audience. Engageperseverance and consistency are key. You might with your usual cheerleaders on the social web,not raise thousands of dollars overnight, but with and before you know it, they’ll be spreading yourdedication to maintaining your social channels and message to their social networks – a whole realmgrowing effective relationships, you’re sure to see of co-workers, families, friends and acquaintancesreal results. that you may not have been reaching previously.Feeling inspired to enhance the online presence of yournot-for-profit organization?Contact us today to learn more about getting started with Salesforce Radian6, visit our website, or contact our sales team via email or telephone 1 888 672 3426.Copyright ©2012 Radian6