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There’s something charming about small businesses. Whether it’s a Mom and Pop shop tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, or a street vendor in a bustling metropolis, they recognize their regulars and often know their names. Social media can help your company get even closer to your customers, attract new ones, and grow your small business into a big business.

In light of quickly changing technology, businesses of all sizes have had to adapt their marketing strategies. You’ve seen the success larger companies have had by getting involved in social media – those same principles can be applied to smaller businesses too. No matter the size, location, or industry of your small business, here are some ideas for how you can use social to get a big break.

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Industry Application: Small Business

  1. 1. Small BusinessThere’s something charming about small businesses.Whether it’s a Mom & Pop shop tucked away in a quietneighbourhood, or a street vendor in a bustling metropolis,they recognize their regulars and often know their names.Social media can help your company get even a small business, so you want to make peoplecloser to your customers, attract new ones, and feel special so they’ll keep coming back. Repeatgrow your small business into a big business. customers have a huge impact of long-term sales, so it’s no surprise connecting with customers is theThere are lots of reasons why people shop small. top reason small businesses leverage social media.Customers can often discover unique, hard to It allows you to have direct conversations with yourfind items they wouldn’t be able to find in a box customers, just like you would in store, to buildstore. The welcoming environment creates a more better relationships with them.intimate and personalized shopping experience.And, let’s face it; small businesses are the Relish Gourmet Burgers grew out of the idea thatbackbone of local economy. $68 of every $100 customers want to be treated like friends. Theyspent at a locally owned business goes right back wanted to be able to “relish” their customersinto the community, so when people support small and personalize the dining experience. Insteadbusinesses, they feel good. of getting a number when you place your order, they ask you your name. They applied the samePeople already want your small business to welcoming technique through Twitter andsucceed. But they can’t help you succeed if they Facebook and experimented with social to get theirdon’t know you exist. In light of quickly changing recipe just right. Since opening the doors of theirtechnology, businesses of all sizes have had to first location in January 2010, they now have fiveadapt their marketing strategies. You’ve seen the locations with another three set to open in 2012.success larger companies have had by gettinginvolved in social media – those same principlescan be applied to smaller businesses too. No Attract New Customersmatter the size, location, or industry of your smallbusiness, here are some ideas for how you can use Finding new customers can be a challenge forsocial to get a big break. small business owners. How do you get your company name out there to bring in a steady stream of business so you can remain successful?Engage with Your Regulars Social media enables you to gain more exposure through word-of-mouth advertising. 75% of peopleBuilding a tight-knit community is arguably even don’t accept advertisements as truth, althoughmore important for small businesses than larger 90% of people believe brand recommendationsenterprises that can coast on greater brand from friends. Social allows you to get the word outawareness. Each and every customer counts for about your business and share customer referralswww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. SMALL BUSINESSwith a larger audience, helping you increase your Share Content that Encouragescustomer base. ConversationSocial media is a natural fit for Curtis Kimball’s Social media can help your small business stand out,small business. His Creme Brulee Cart started but don’t use it to aggressively plug your productswith a single torch and tiny push cart in a back or services. Instead, try creating and sharingalley of San Francisco, but he was able to drum interesting content that speaks to your audienceup excitement about his business through Twitter. and encourages conversation. Content creation canHe tweeted the location of the cart in real-time, establish you as a thought leader in your field soshared featured menu items and retweeted posts people will turn to your business—no matter howfrom people praising his delicious crème brule. small—for answers. Customer participation in thisIn doing so, he collected over 22,000 followers process makes people feel included and valued, too.and many new customers based on people’srecommendations. Other food carts, like Kogi BBQ One small business that hits the nail on the head isand Marination Mobile, have seen similar success Martell Home Builders. This small company grew toby leveraging social media. be the number one home builder in Atlantic Canada through its use of social media. They understandThank Your Fans that someone’s home is where their heart is, so they encourage people to play active roles in the home building process through social. The companyThe people who frequent your store recognize real regularly post photos of customers’ houses beinghuman beings are behind the business. You can built in what’s called a “99-day constructionfurther humanize your brand by taking the time countdown” to keep people updated on the statusto thank those who support you. Use social to of their house at all times. This eases the customer’sgive people what they can’t get anywhere else – mind, builds trust and excitement, and allows themexclusive offers and discounts that rewards to share the experience with family and friends.faithful customers. Martell Home Builders also frequently updates itsA great example of this is The Marsh Cafe. They blog with interesting articles, trade show boothtreated people’s Foursquare check-ins at their cafe interviews with experts on home building, andas a kind of loyalty card. They received mainstream recommended reading about design and coverage for their innovative social campaign Site visitors have the option to subscribe to the blog’s“Foursquare mayor drinks for free”. The promotion RSS feed, or get updates sent directly to their inbox.caused so much increased business, the cafe They also have links on their site to the companyhad to hire extra staff and extend their hours of Twitter (almost 12,500 followers), Facebook andoperation to keep up. YouTube pages where they share other great content. Moreover, they promote other small businesses, showcasing “hidden treasures” in the city.Interested in learning about how Salesforce Radian6 can help your small tomid-size business strengthen your community and generate more revenue?Contact us today to learn more about getting started with Salesforce Radian6, visit our website, or contact our sales team via email or telephone 1 888 672 3426.Copyright ©2012 Radian6