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Case Study / GNCGNC – Building healthier online communitiesThe Challenge                                            help t...
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GNC – Building Healthier Online Communities


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Armed with a winning social strategy and a fantastic leader, GNC has been able to build a strong community of customers, thought leaders and fitness professionals. The results have been truly inspirational. Learn more about what GNC has been doing and how they have been successful, in this case study.

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GNC – Building Healthier Online Communities

  1. 1. Case Study / GNCGNC – Building healthier online communitiesThe Challenge help to start a health and wellness plan. The team engages with people who have questions aboutGNC is the world’s largest vitamin & supplement products they should be using, or which brand toretailer, devoted exclusively to helping its customers try. GNC will even offer customers who are havinglive healthy and meet their fitness goals. They issues with a product the chance to try a similarunderstand that their customers are looking to product or receive store credit (via a gift card) tothem for the most recent scientific research and try something else if they choose. GNC wants tonew product developments. GNC knew that many ensure customers who have had a challengingof their customers and consumers in general experience give them a second or third look beforewere using social media to get answers to their they approach the competition. Listening for thathealth and wellness questions, make product point-of-need is critical for customer retention.recommendations and share their experiences.“Social media has given consumers the power toget answers and recommendations long before The Resultsthey step foot in the store to make a purchase,” GNC has built a strong and healthy online presence.explains Chris James, GNC’s Director of Social They have allowed consumers to gain access toMedia. Customers no longer have to come into the resources and experts, without ever leaving theirphysical store to get information and answers to computer. It has also allowed GNC to connect withtheir questions. GNC knew that conversations were their customers who take to social media to sharehappening online and they wanted to find a way to their inspirational stories. “It is truly amazing tobring these people together and help them find the have customers thank us for helping them lose 150right information at the right time. pounds”, says James, “I think it’s amazing that we have a chance to connect with our customers on this level, that we are a part of helping themThe Approach changes their lives for the better, and that we canGNC has started creating an online community share in the journey with them.”where consumers can get answers, share feedback Thanks to their ability to connect with theirand receive encouragement on their journey to audience, GNC has created a community of peopleadopt a healthier lifestyle. Using the Radian6 who are not only interested in their products,platform, the team at GNC listens for questions or but also invested in a lifetime of better health &concerns that relate to the products GNC carries wellness. And that makes it a big win for everyone.or people who are chatting online about looking forwww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6