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Konica Minolta


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Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.
Graphic Imaging Division

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Konica Minolta

  1. 1. Introduction of Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System Digital Color Printer LD-6501 Professional RIP PR-6500 Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc. Graphic Imaging Division The essentials of imaging
  2. 2. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Fundamental problems of electro-photo imaging system Electro-photo imaging Common problems of electro- Countermeasure taken mechanism. photo imaging system. in LD-6501. Electro static imaging system. Bad color consistency. In-line auto density control (Gamma Using positive, negative Highly effected by operating sensor, HV sensor) charges and discharge. environment. (Temperature & Environmental sensor feedback and humidity) select optimum values. Using high temperature for Limitation of paper medias New toner with lower melting point. the toner image fixing. especially coated paper. New design fixing unit to minimize temperature stress to paper. Paper transfer in complicated Bad front to back, page to page Newly developed ADU. (Paper edge & path in small machine. registration. centering sensors, registration rollers) Limitation of paper thickness. High stiffness toughness body frame. Image forming by particles Bad small font and thin line New mono-dispersed digital toner. (Toner). quality. Image edge treatment and smoothing Grainy image, bad gradation. functions. Unnecessary surface Oil-less toner makes offset print like glossiness by oil contained in image surface. toner for better fixing characteristics. 1
  3. 3. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Trend of printing industry 2
  4. 4. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Worldwide digital market trend Increase of print volume Typical print volume has Delivery time has been Would you like to by digital color printing. fallen down from 5,000. shortened. introduce +379% from 2000 to 2004 78% of 4-Color printing 33% of delivery time will digital printing system is now below 5,000. be less than 24 hrs. by within two years? 2005. CAP Ventures Strategies for Dialog, USA (US Printing market) Management Frank Romano, RIT Market research Source : Xerox Presentation, etc. 3
  5. 5. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Trend of printing industry Market Demand Your Feeling Just-in-time Industry competition Shorter delivery Price competition Shorter run length Decline of existing business Customized collateral Looking for new profitable business More creative Risk for new investment More responsive More profitable 4
  6. 6. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Merits of digital printing 5
  7. 7. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Merit of digital printing Time table to make 400 sheets of A3 One side prints (USA) Conventional Printing with CTP Process CTP CTP Plate Press Start Prin- Finish- Exposure Process Check Set-up -up ting ing Time 10min. 5min. 5min. 15min. 3min. 4min. 5min. Operator 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 Material $5.0 $0.4 - - $8.0 $12 - Labor $3.3 $1.7 $1.7 $10.0 $2.3 $2.5 $1.7 Digital Printing Offset Digital Process Start-up Printing & Print Print Finishing Total Production Time 48 min. 17 min. Time 4min. 13min. Total Cost $48.60 $45.70 Operator 1 1 Operation 7 steps 2 steps Material $0.1 $40.0 Labor $1.3 $4.3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Production Time (min.) Actual values are depend Digital Printing is faster, cost effective and with simple operation. upon the country. 6
  8. 8. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Merit of digital printing Digital printing area is expanded by value added applications  Better Conventional Printing Digital printing Digital by utilizing the feature, Quality short run such as variable printing, printing quick delivery, etc. 0 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 +++ 7
  9. 9. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Concept & features of LD-6501 & PR-6500 8
  10. 10. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Concept & Major Features Key Concept Digital Color Printer LD-6501 LD-6501 System is designed for Excellent performance with lower price range. Professional Digital Printing with Offset print like quality realized by new digital toner & software excellent productivity, machine designed for professional use. durability and quality required for Powerful options for professional use. the professional applications with affordable system price. High productivity 65 ppm. (A4 Color and B&W) Up to 300 g/m2 paper medias. Maximum paper size 330mm x 487mm from all trays. High durability body design. High precision paper transfer system for better F/B registration. Large LCD Display for easy operation. Professional RIP PR-6500 Optimized profile making for each type of objects contained in one job. RGB data handling. Excellent small font quality by edge treatment technology. 9
  11. 11. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Excellent performance with minimum investment 80 Maximum Productivity (ppm/A4) 70 LD-6500 60 50 40 0 100,000 200,000 300,000 System Price 10
  12. 12. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Excellent productivity for quick delivery Quick delivery is one of key issue of digital printing. LD-6500 has several features for high productivity & minimum downtime. Refill during printing Preview function Toner and paper can be refilled without Pre-check before printing printing down time. High capacity sheet feeder Double tray sheet feeder PF-601 can 65ppm (A4) Front Access stock maximum 6,000 A3 sheets. High productivity. Paper and Toner replacements and most Reprint without ripping Last minute color correction maintenance can be No waiting time. Color correction can be done by done from front side for Just start printing after checking Professional RIP PR-6500 and only selected speedy measures when with the first print unlike other color can be corrected by Device-link paper jamming or other printers that does re-RIP. editing software Colorcontrol-LM Lite2. trouble happen. 11
  13. 13. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 High durability for more and more business The printing system must be tough and reliable for commercial applications. Long Machine life 6 million prints or 5 years Heavy Duty Body Design and Long Life Consumables Use of high stiffness flame and double layered box structure prevent distortion and realize the high durability. Each parts are carefully designed for heavy duty use. Consumable parts such as Developer, Drum cartridge, Fixing rollers and so on have two times longer life as comparing to previous system, then realizes high reliability and cost- performance. 12
  14. 14. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Improved Color consistency Color consistency is an issue of that all Image correction commercial printers is interested in and unit concerning in digital system. We can not tell importance of color management without good color consistency. In-line image correction technology Auto density control (Gamma sensor, HV sensor) Auto registration adjustment (CMYK) Environmental sensor feed back and select optimum value. Selectable correction frequency and value. Environmental sensor 13
  15. 15. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Excellent Front/Back & Page/Page registration To get high quality finished products, the excellent registration is key issue. It also avoids complicated (adjustment) process at post-press section. Reinforced unit Flatter paper path Side 2 lens adjustment Easy operation from use mode LCT centering sensor (PF-601, LU-202) Newly developed ADU By increase number of resist roller and sensor makes excellent front and back registration. • Registration roller (front) Registration Loop • Leading edge sensor ADU Reverse Roller Center Position Detector • Registration roller (back) • ADU centering sensor 14
  16. 16. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Wide paper media compatibility & handling To create new business especially for Newly developed digital toner commercial applications, variation of Fine and mono-dispersed polymerized paper medias and accurate paper toner that have lower melting point transportation are very important. reduces fixing temperature and widen the coated paper compatibility. Paper thickness Conventional pulverized toner Up to 300g/m2 for single side printing. Up to 256g/m2 for duplex printing. Heat Roller Halogen Double Paper Feed Detection System Lamp Fixing Belt Sensor1 Paper Upper Pressure Air Assist function Roller and dehumidifying Detecting space Cooling Air unit in sheet feeder Lower Pass Sensor2 Pressure improve paper transfer Roller trouble such as double paper feed and paper Double Paper Feed Detector Newly designed fixing system waving. improves accuracy of paper feeding. realizes long life of fixing unit and the (PF-601) stable temperature expands coated paper compatibility. 15
  17. 17. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 System Configurations Post Inserter Output Tray Platen Cover PI-502 OT-502 OC-506 Booklet Finisher & Stacker FS-607 High Capacity Sheet Feeder LU-202 Dehumidifying Unit Buffer & Cooling Unit HT-503 RU-503 Digital Color Printer LD-6500 Professional RIP High Capacity Stacker Saddle stitch Finisher Double Tray High Capacity FS-503 SD-501 PR-6500 Sheet Feeder ICC Profile Maker PF-601 Buffer & Cooling Unit With Power Supply Colorcontrol-PM Lite Dehumidifying Unit RU-504 Device Link Profile Maker & Editor HT-504 Colorcontrol-LM Lite2 16
  18. 18. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 High quality - Newly developed polymerized digital toner New Polymerized Toner Newly developed mono-dispersed oil-less Fine & mono-dispersed polymerized toner makes following features : Offset print like glossiness – oil-less toner. (No unnecessary shiny glossiness in high toner amount area) Wider coated paper compatibility with lower melting point. (Better blister characteristics) Clear and sharp image quality. Better background fog. No wax mottle. Color material Conventional Pulverized Toner 6.5μm Large and wide dispersion Wax 17
  19. 19. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Importance of Color Management Digital printing BEFORE offset printing Proof Test marketing to decide the final quantity for offset printing Digital printing AFTER offset printing Additional print No waste stock & quick delivery In either case, the color matching to offset printing is very important ! 18
  20. 20. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 High quality - Professional RIP PR-6500 Image optimization for several types of images for every objects contained in one job to get the best output image quality. Each image can be optimized without any influence to other images. Device Link Profile for CMYK Image • Normal profile for CMYK images. • Or use of embedded profile by designer. Device Link Profile for RGB Image • Vivid and pure color. • Or use of embedded profile by designer. Device Link Profile for Graphic Image • Vivid color without color contamination. • Gradation with only original color. Device Link Profile for Text • 100% K image for black text. • Pure color text. 19
  21. 21. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 High quality – Professional RIP PR-6500 Edge treatment technology Small text and thin line quality are one of weak point of digital printing system. On Off Now the offset printing quality is realized by the edge treatment technologies of LD-6500.  Tine line enhancement -> The line becomes thin and sharp.  Reversed text enhancement -> The text becomes more clear.  Gray text outline enhancement -> The edge becomes smoother. 20
  22. 22. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Variable data printing – Professional RIP PR-6500 Variable printing is simple and easy and also makes possible replacement of texts, color and photos. It creates new value for digital printing. Professional Digital Color RIP Printer PR-6500 LD-6500 21
  23. 23. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 High quality booklet making 2 pages pagination & booklet printing Booklet print can be made by automatic imposition & booklet making function of LD-6500 with very simple operation. Post insert function Mixed media support function Pre-printed material (ex. Offset Paper supply tray is selectable print) can be inserted by post for each page. inserter PI-502. Front page For instance, front page from tray-1, main pages from tray-2 Post Inserter PI-502 and center spread page from Main pages tray-3, etc. Center spread 22
  24. 24. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major Features of LD-6500 System Advanced Quality Advanced Productivity Improved Color Consistency The highest productivity in this class No Halo Effect 65ppm(A4) for color and B/W No Wax Mottle Expand media weight up to 300g/m2 No Roller Mark Maximum duplex paper weight : 256g/m2 Smooth Gradation in Skin Tone Front Access for easy and smooth maintenance Improved B/W Image Quality Handles various CTP (prepress) file formats Excellent Small Font Quality RGB data handling The best optimization for each objects Advanced Reliability Advanced Features Heavy duty body Affordable initial investment cost Higher durability consumable parts Large touch panel for easy operation Air assist function and dehumidifying unit in sheet System line-ups for entry to professional feeder to prevent paper feed problems applications New ADU system for excellent front/back High quality saddle stitch booklet finisher with registration trimmer New fixing unit design to improve the durability Newly developed Oilless digital toner Spot color creation Variable print with PPML/VDX format 23
  25. 25. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 How to expand digital business 24
  26. 26. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major Applications for Digital Printing Some hints for customers who is studying to introduce digital system Applications Remarks Existing short run jobs coming from Most of LD customers who had been repro-houses start printers, Ad-agencies and clients. with this way. There is a lot of demands from existing clients when the repros introduce the digital system to them. Proof and sample making jobs especially Effective and low cost proof and sample books can be design check for catalogues, magazines made by Electro-photo printer. Faster output, easy both and publishing which have multiple side printing and low cost compare to inkjet proofing pages and two side printing. systems. The materials require frequent changes. Restaurant menus, color manuals, POPs, etc. Some digital printers focus only restaurant menu. The materials require faster delivery. Meeting materials, POPs, etc. Especially company meeting in foreign country. The materials require variable printing. Ticket numbering, bar codes, name in personal brochures, etc. Personal goods. (Very short run printing) Personal books, albums, calendars, name card with advertisement, etc.. Most important point is that to realize the merit of digital system and try to create new business which can be do only by digital. (Comments from many customers who made success with digital system.) 25
  27. 27. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 How to create digital business Common Enterprises Meeting documents, House magazines, Name cards Ad-agencies Insurance companies Personal plan, DM Commercial Car dealers Personal plan, DM Printers Supermarket POP, Price tags Restaurant Menus, Shop cards Introduction of Digital system & New business proposal Travel agencies Personal plan, DM Hotels Wedding invitation, Restaurant menus Cramming schools Personal text books Customer Repro & Printers New business Photo labs Personal albums, calendars, goods with Real estates Personal plan, DM Sales/Marketing Activity Manufacturers Manuals, House magazines Publishers, Magazines Book proof, Sample books Packaging Package samples Web-to-Print Private, Others etc., etc. 26
  28. 28. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 How to create digital business Some information on digital customers Country Customer Digital Applications Remarks China Repro Approaching 3000 restaurants for menu that is 4,000 prints/day 20 people revised every 6 months Estimated revenue : US$100K/mo. includes lamination. China Repro Short run jobs less than 400. Menus, brochures, 100,000 prints(A3)/mo. 20 people cards, training materials, calendar, etc. Est. revenue : US$40K/mo. Taiwan Small digital Meeting materials, Training materials for overseas 50,000 prints/mo. (20 jobs/day) printer companies, etc. ~100prints/job Est. revenue : US$20K/mo. Taiwan Mid publisher Booklet check proof (70%), Book product (30%) 12,000(A3) prints/mo. Est. proof cost saving : US$2K/mo. Est. revenue (book) : US$5K/mo. India Large printer No digital and outsourcing short run jobs. 150,000 prints/outsource/mo. Possible cost saving : US$45K/mo. India Mid repro Sample prints for advertisement. About 100 4,000 prints/outsource/day prints/job. News letter, Presentation, Brochure, Possible cost saving : US$30K/mo. Poster, etc. Now outsource to Indigo or offset. Singapore Large printer Normally 500prints/job. 1,000 is maximum. 80,000 (A3)/mo. Digital can print on plastic sheet & Yupo for small Est. revenue : US$32K/mo. lot printing previously done by UV offset. 27
  29. 29. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 How to create digital business Valuable Comments from Customers Expansion of offset printing business is not expected, it is just price competition. But, Digital business will be grow if we can utilize the merits such as Quick delivery, Low cost for small quantity and VDP. We had rejected small lot business before, but now the business is expanding after we introduce digital printing system. In the past, the brake even point between digital and offset was 300 prints/job, but now, it is increased to 800 prints/job for new customers who want quick delivery. We have more than 10 clients now with new proposal that can be done only by digital. Most important merit of digital printing is to meet the demand of quick delivery. It is important to increase the response rate in DM business, so we make design division and frequently have meeting with our clients. In general, tone jump and mottles in tint of digital print are inferior to offset print. Important thing is to realize the quality difference, then suggest new business to clients. Clients of digital print is different from offset, no meaning to compare the quality between digital and offset. We focus to get job like manuals that are frequently updated. All customers who are utilizing digital printing system realize the difference between digital & offset and trying to create new business with the merits of digital printing. 28
  30. 30. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Summary 29
  31. 31. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Summary LD-6501 is suitable system for Customer who wish to start digital printing business but still concerning risk of ROI and high initial investment.  Low system cost and upgradeability. Customer who want use the machine for proofing application first then expand the digital printing business.  Excellent software for proofing and upgradeability. Customer who does not accept copier image quality with very glossy image surface and bad small font quality. (They like Indigo quality, but the system is so expensive.)  Offset print like glossiness and excellent small font quality. Digital printing is the trend of printing industry. Film business will be gone sometime, but digital business will continue to grow. Only early starter can gain higher profitability for good ROI, easy to create new customers and good relation ship with them for continuous business. 30
  32. 32. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major specifications 31
  33. 33. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major Specifications – Printer Print Resolution 600×600 dpi (8bit), 600×1,800 dpi (smoothing) Digital Color Printer Memory DIMM 256 MB × 4 LD-6501 Paper Sizes Main Unit A5 – A3 (140 × 182 mm – 330 × 487 mm) Multi-bypass A6 – A3 (100 × 148 mm – 330 × 487 mm) Max. imaging area 318 x 480 mm Warm-up Time 7 minutes or less First-print Time Full Color 6.5 seconds or less B/W 5.0 seconds or less Print Speed Full Color 36ppm (A3), 41ppm (B4), 65ppm (A4), 65ppm (B5) B/W 36ppm (A3), 41ppm (B4), 65ppm (A4), 65ppm (B5) Paper Capacity (Main Unit) 500 × 3 sheets + 250 sheet multi-bypass Paper Weight Main Unit 64 – 209 g/m² (256 g/m² for A4 and larger sizes) Multi-bypass 64 – 300 g/m² Multiple Copy Up to 9,999 Power Requirement 240V / 15A Power Consumption 2.8 kW (main unit only) or less Dimensions (W × D × H) 786 × 992 × 1,056 mm Weight Approx. 360 kg (main unit only) 32
  34. 34. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major Specifications - Sheet Feeder High Capacity Sheet Feeder Double Tray High Capacity Sheet Feeder LU-202 PF-601 Number of tray Single Double Paper Capacity Up to 2,500 sheets (80g/m2) Max. 6,000 sheets - Up to 3,000 sheets x 2 Trays (80g/m2) Paper Weight 64 to 300 g/m2 Upper tray : 64 to 256 g/m2 Lower tray : 64 to 300 g/m2 Paper Size B5 to SRA3 (Max. 330 x 487mm) Upper tray : B6 to SRA3 (Max. 330 x 487 mm) Lower tray : Postcard to SRA3 (Max. 330 x 487 mm) Dehumidifying unit HT-503 HT-504 Dimension 710(W) x 693(D) x 417(H) mm 947(W) x 750(D) x 1,045(H) mm Weight Approx. 40 Kgs Approx. 170 Kgs 33
  35. 35. Konica Minolta Digital Color Printing System LD-6501/PR-6500 Major Specifications - Finisher Booklet Finisher Saddle Stitch Finisher FS-607 SD-501 Post Inserter High Capacity Stacker PI-502 FS-503 Booklet making A5 to SRA3, 60 to 105 g/m2, Max.20shts./book B5 to SRA3, 50 to 244 g/m2, Max. 50 sheets/book Flexible stapling position : 90~165mm Trimming N/A Max. 50 sheets x 2 (80g/m2) Folding function Multi center fold : 60 to 105g/m2, A4 to SRA3 Multi center fold : 50 to 244 g/m2, B5 to SRA3 Multi letter fold : 60 to 105g/m2, A4 & Letter Multi letter fold : 50 to 91 g/m2, A4 & Letter Max. 3 sheets Max. 5 sheets Post insertion Post inserter PI-502 N/A Tray1:A5~A4+, Tray2:A5~SRA3, 50~200g/m2, Max. 200 sheets/tray Mixed Media Support Every pages Cover & Center spread page Tray capacity 2,500 sheets (A4/80g/m2) Booklet tray : Max. 50 booklet+ (10 sheets/book) 1,500 sheets (A3/80g/m2) Sub tray: Postcard~SRA3, 50 to 300g/m2 Sub tray: Sheet print 200 sheets (80g/m2) FS-503: 3,000 sheets (A4/80g), 1,500 sheets (A3) Buffer pass unit - RU-503 (Buffer & Cooling pass) Dimension (mm) 424(W) x 656(D) x 990(H) 1,170(W) x 775(D) x 1,020(H) Weight Approx. 65 Kgs Approx. 263 Kgs 34