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Mińsk mazowiecki


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Mińsk mazowiecki

  1. 1.  Minsk Mazowiecki – A small city with very good conection to warsaw, and 38 181 citizens
  2. 2. The city get municipal lawIn 1421.The city has been bombarded in 1939 by a Germans, and in 1945 by USSR
  3. 3. Palace Dernałowiczów
  4. 4.  List of monuments and memorials that are of national Minsk Mazowiecki: Independence Monument, Monument Grey Ranks Insurgents Monument 1863, Monument to the Warsaw 1PLM (airmen), Monument to Pope John Paul II Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus Monument to the teachers and organizers of the secret teaching Boulders commemorate the schoolchildren who died for the freedom of their homeland in 1920, Soviet POWs, chestnut - Jozef Pilsudski mare , General Zygmunt Piasecki and the Warsaw Uprising.
  5. 5.  In Minsk there is a private Catholic college. The city itself is the owner of 6 kindergartens, 4 primary schools and 5 middle schools. Complement the state of many private kindergartens, school district and private- school Catholic. In Minsk there is also a Special Educational Centre and Clinic for Psychological and Pedagogical.
  6. 6.  Also we have an art school
  7. 7.  Minsk has signed a partnership agreement with the twin cities: Saint-Égrève (France) Telšiai (Lithuania) Krnov (Czech Republic) Pefki (Greece) Every year, young people come to Minsk with a Catholic parish in Orsha (Belarus). There are also other forms of cooperation with cities Borodjanka (Ukraine), Cori (Italy), Karben (Germany) and Łuchawica (Russia). Lacey (USA) is the sister city of Minsk.
  8. 8. Kamil Wieczorek And Maciek Korytkowski