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Earth system science notes


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Earth system science notes

  1. 1. Earth System Science
  2. 2. What is a system?• An organized group of objects/components that interact• The Earth system involves the interaction and transfer of MATTER and ENERGY
  3. 3. OPEN SYSTEM CLOSED SYSTEM•Energy and matter are •Energy but NOTexchanged with matter is exchangedsurroundings. with surroundings•Example: Lake •Example: ClosedMichigan….How is Aquarium…How is thisenergy and matter different from the Laketransferred here? Michigan example?
  5. 5. • Read the material provided…Find out what each sphere is and write it in the appropriate place in your notes• FINAL QUESTIONS: Are each of the 4 spheres open or closed systems? Why? Is the entire Earth System open or closed? Why?
  6. 6. ASSIGNMENT: Foldable for the 4 “spheres” Geosphere-Hydrosphere-Atmosphere-Biosphere• Requirements are as follows… – On the cover-Title, 4 labeled flaps (one for each of the “spheres”) and Decoration/Illustrations – Inside: - On the flipside of each corresponding “sphere” write and illustrate what it is. – Underneath the flaps, describe and show how each of the spheres interacts or affects one of the other spheres. For example, the smoke from a forest fire in the biosphere will end up affecting the atmosphere. Winds will carry ash and smoke to other parts of the world.• Foldable should also be neat, have color, and be the result of effort.