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e – Branding


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An introduction to e-Branding

Published in: Business, Technology

e – Branding

  1. 1. e – BRANDING By : Rachna Panda
  2. 2.  What is e-Branding ?“e-branding” refers to the sum total of a company`s values, competencies, attitudes, vision, mission, personality and appearance that is projected to the audience online
  3. 3. Purpose of e-Branding 1. To create a direct relationship between Customer and brand owners (via internet) and engage the Customer
  4. 4. Purpose of e-Branding 2. Helps in better Brand recall which eventually results in better sales & Brand loyalty
  5. 5. Purpose of e-Branding 3.To strengthen
  6. 6. Purpose of e-Branding 4. To deliver
  7. 7.  Benefits of e-Branding • Easy to survive among competitors • Helps to build familiarity and loyalty from consumers • Convenient to gain reputation amongst customers • e-Brand becomes the digital asset for a company • Easy to expand customer relationship • Allows penetrating deep into the unsought market segments • Helps to be a part of the grand global internet community of the 21st century• Helps personalize the brand offerings to customers better than traditional methods of branding
  8. 8. EXAMPLES
  9. 9. THANK YOU 