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Tally notes


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these are basic tally tutorial based on the tally training conducted follow the slides one by one by making it full size if you have any problem regarding tally setup, or entries than please write to us your queries will be sold on immidiate basis

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Tally notes

  1. 1. TALLY BASICS (1) HOW TO SELECT COMPANY Open Tally > Gateway of Tally > Press F1 > Select Company
  2. 2. (2) HOW TO CHANGE PERIOD Gateway of Tally > Press Alt+F3 > Alter Select (or press A) > Select Company Financial Year From :1/4/2015 Books Beginning from : 1/4/2015 then ACCEPT (YES/NO)
  3. 3. (3) VOUCHER ENTRY Gateway of Tally Accounting Vouchers CHANGE DATE : Before entering any Voucherfirst changeDATE Press : F2
  5. 5. (4) HOW TO ENTER OPENING BALANCE Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Ledger Alter Enter Balance Accept
  6. 6. You can also CREATE Ledger by using same steps, only use create in place of Alter Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Ledger Create Enter Balance Accept
  7. 7. TRANSACTIONS ENTRY(VVN) Ques) Opening Balance as on 1/4/2015 is Rs. 150380/- 1. Fees Received from Students 3850/- (VVN: Rs 3000/- and Computer Fees :850/-) 2. Fees transfer to Bank Rs 3000/-
  8. 8. 3. Balance fees transfer to permanent Imprest Rs 850/- 4. Fees directly received from UBI Rs 475830/- VVN: Rs 400000/- and Computer Fees :75830/-
  9. 9. 5. Advance paid to Mrs Manisha (TGT) for Escorting Rs 8000/- 6. Electricity Bill Paid by Bank Rs. 184960/- (Cheque No. 34769)
  10. 10. 7. Amount paid under RTE Rs.4500/- to Ravi Shukla Class II C 8. Advance paid to Mr. Aman for purchasing Crafts Material Rs. 4000/-
  11. 11. 9. Advance Settlement :Bill submitted by Mrs. Manisha Rs. 7450/- under head Games & Sports . Balance amount received in Cash Rs. 550/- 10. Advance Settlement : Expenses incurred by Mr. Aman for Rs. 4380/- . Balance amount paid by Bank (cheque No. 73879)
  12. 12. TRIAL BALANCE Gateway of Tally Display Trail balance